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Intoxication of the body with cancer

Chemotherapy is the most common method of effective treatment of cancer. This method allows you to influence the development of various malignant tumors by the toxins and vegetable poisons, as these substances are perfectly destroy cancer cells. However, they also affects the human organism, leading to intoxication.

Intoxication is a inevitable part of a single process of treatment of malignant tumors. All incoming poisons affect the viability of not only the threat of cancer cells, but in liver, heart, brain, circulatory, and endocrine system in General. To date, developed a range of specific actions aimed at rapidly reducing the quantity of poisons and toxins that when injected into the patient per cycle of treatment.

As a rule, the poisons for the destruction of cancer cells is carried out in a special way, gradually increasing the dosage. Usually by the middle of the process their number is 30 drops a day, and then starts a consistent reduction to the original level. Doctors usually play it safe and give the patient a week break between each session.

Such a program can significantly reduce the dosage of poisons to fully control the intoxication of the organism in cancer. It should be noted that when excessive intoxication doctors often interrupt the course of treatment, which means that all previous methods of poison were unfounded.

How does intoxication of the body with cancer?

Typically, in the course of treatment of malignant tumors manifested all the signs of poisoning the body, due to the fact that poisons do not act only on cancer cells, but also affect the body as a whole, detrimental, affecting all systems. It should be mentioned that even in the second stage of cancer the patient is so weakened that susceptible to various diseases. The main issue of the body is the constant lack of oxygen.

Along with this, the dangerous cancer cells absorb the largest part of various trace elements and glucose. In most cases, these patients lose their appetite and complain of digestive problems. That's why they dramatically lose weight, look malnourished and very weak.

For the second and third stage of cancer is characterized by severe headaches. increased susceptibility to stress and depression, there are changes in the composition of the blood, and marked degeneration of the myocardium. In addition to these common featuresthe formation of cancer tumors in each patient may be other symptoms of intoxication, depending on where specifically localized to the tumor.

How to reduce the toxicity of the body for cancer?

Along with medication appointments, get rid of intoxication during and after cancer treatment is possible at home through traditional methods. During the week breaks can be slow use special methods of cleaning the body to eliminate toxins gradually without unnecessary stress on the body. You can prepare medicinal tinctures from herbs, of course, after consultation with your doctor.

A decoction of flax seed is excellent. You need to take 1.5 tbsp of seeds to one Cup of boiling water, after 10 minutes of cooking, add 2 tsp. of sea buckthorn. In the broth you can put a little honey to taste. Such a tool should drink every 2 hours for 100 ml and a full glass before bed.

You can prepare a not very pleasant taste, but unbelievably effective herbal tea. Good grind 5 pine needles, onion peels from three bulbs and 2 dry fruit of the wild rose. The resulting mixture should pour a glass of boiling water and let stand. During the day it is a wonderful tool you should drink in small portions.

To get rid of toxicity in the home, it is recommended to do enemas. For example, for preparing a coffee enema you need to take 3 tablespoons of organic coffee to 500 ml of water. The mixture boil, and then well filtered. Next, add one Cup of plain water and 100 ml of infusion of chamomile. This unusual beautifully enema stimulates the liver without affecting the heart. what is important for the weakened organism.

You can prepare a milk enema. In order to take 1 tsp. of baking soda, 1 tsp. tincture of garlic and 1 liter of whey. These ingredients are mixed and heated before the mixture boils remove from heat, to preserve the maximum of useful properties.

In addition to using traditional methods to remove toxicity, it is desirable to include in the daily diet juice a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Good options in Oncology can be noted sea buckthorn, grapefruit and tangerine juices. Because they have high acidity, to drink they need to be diluted or small doses.

In addition to a correct balanced diet, such patients it is recommended that forces you to practice a healthy lifestyle, gradually increasing activity. Firststart with short walks, then you can add fitness classes in a lightweight form. Once the appetite starts to recover, exercise may increase to a small increased sweating. It is no secret that since then good display a variety of toxins from the body.

Intoxication in the treatment of cancer is inevitable. Therefore it is necessary to organize lifestyle, diet and a positive attitude. With a strong desire for the speedy recovery process of intoxication will be completed quickly.