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The most severe case of nicotine addiction that I have ever encountered

Of course, in this thread I should start with confirmation of their competence. Yes, I'm really not a doctor. But in this area I can consider myself an expert. All my life I couldn't live without cigarettes and was considered a heavy smoker. Thirty-three years I threw money on cigarettes and smoked incessantly. In recent years, I smoked sixty cigarettes a day. And in particularly stressful days, or one hundred cigarettes. In all my life I tried many times to quit Smoking. Once I managed not to smoke for six months. But this time I literally went crazy, tried to stay close to those who smoke to catch the familiar smell of smoke. And still continued to ride in Smoking cars. For most smokers, the problem consists in the question whether he will be able to live up to such point or he'll quit sooner. I also reached a point where Smoking is just killing me. I had a constant headache, accompanied by endless coughing. I felt a continuous throbbing in the vein vertically in the center of the forehead, and genuinely believed that at any moment my head can burst blood vessels and I'll die of a brain hemorrhage. This bothered me, but didn't stop.

Eventually I reached a point when it stopped trying to quit Smoking. But no matter, I was convinced that the Smoking brings me pleasure. Some smokers believe that the casual fag will give them a lot of pleasant emotions. But I don't suffer such illusions. I always hated the taste and smell of cigarettes, but believed that they help me to relax. They gave me courage and confidence, and always when I tried to quit, I was miserable and could not imagine a life full of pleasures, without a cigarette. In the end, my wife decided to send me to a hypnotherapist. I've always thought of a hypnotherapist and hypnosis extremely skeptical. I imagined the man standing like Svengali, piercing eyes and a swinging pendulum. I had all those usual illusions about Smoking that every smoker, except for one: I knew that I was not weak-willed people. I've always been able to control all their feelings and all situations, but cigarette took me. I believed that hypnosis involves violence against the will, and although not let what is happening (like most smokers, I really wanted to quit), but figured no one would be able to fool me and prove that needs in Smoking I have not.

The session was still a waste of time for me. The hypnotherapist tried to make me lift my arms and do various other things. It turned out that nothing really happens: I have not lost consciousness, is not immersed in TRANS (at least, I didn'tthat is what happened). And yet I not only stopped Smoking after the hypnosis session, but concluded that this process (including the period of withdrawal).

I want to warn you that before you run to a hypnotherapist, there's something you need to clarify yourself. Hypnotherapy is a means of communication. After receiving the wrong message, you do not quit. I certainly don't want to criticize the doctor to whom I asked and besides, if he did not it at the moment, I'd be dead already. And I don't want to seem like a person that attacks hypnotherapy, on the contrary, I am hypnosis in their consultations. But only my deliverance from Smoking has occurred not because of the hypnosis, but in spite of it. Hypnotherapy – the power of suggestion and a powerful force that can be used for both good and harm. Never go to a hypnotherapist, if it was not recommended to you by someone you respect and who you believe.

For many years when I was a smoker, I considered myself very addicted to cigarettes. I knew that it's easier for me to die than to live without cigarettes. Sometimes in the moment, some people ask me, do I have sudden severe pain. I tell them that I never do this. Rather, I no longer had them, and I live a wonderful life. If I died from Smoking, I would, of course, is not complaining. I was very happy, although the most amazing thing that happened to me in life, relief from this nightmare, from bondage, forcing me to go through life systematically destroying my body and paying big money for this dubious privilege.

I would like to place at once all points over "i": I am not some mystical figure.

I certainly don't believe in fairies, witches and wizards. I am very skeptical about these kind of things. But happened to me the magic, otherwise it will not name. I was in detail and very carefully study about hypnosis and Smoking. But nowhere I could not find the answer to the question, why this time was so easy to quit Smoking. There was no depression and anxiety.

All this took me a lot of time. Wrong I just got access to this thread. Instead of trying to figure out why it was so easy, it was necessary to understand why smokers are so hard to quit Smoking. What is the reason and that does not allow them to do it. Smokers are afraid that in the period of withdrawal waiting for their terrible suffering and pain, but, Recalling his period of withdrawal, I can safely say that none of this ever happened. I don't suffer any physical pain. All the suffering was in my head. At the moment I'm constantly helping to get rid ofSmoking to other people,and it fails, I have helped heal thousands of people. I want to say most importantly: there is no incorrigible smokers. In my practice I have not met such a smoker who would like me, or at least considered themselves the same as I do during my addiction. Anyone can quit Smoking and make it very easy. Generally, Smoking makes us fear.Fear that we will lose something important and necessary. But when you finally quit Smoking, all that will remain is the question, why did you take so long smoked and ever smoked.

And now I would like to warn you. As the "Easy way" involves only two reasons for possible failure:

Failure to follow instructions

Some people really don't like my categorical recommendations. For example, I ask the people I work with, not to reduce the amount of consumed cigarettes, not to use such methods of quitting Smoking like the patch or gum. Especially anything that contains nicotine. I urge to remember these recommendations, because I know where it may lead. Yes, of course, there are people who have benefited from this kind of, but they quit Smoking in spite of these tricks, not because of him. There are people who can make love standing on the mound, but it's not the most pleasant way of entertainment. All I say to you, has one goal: to make quitting Smoking easy, and thus ensure success.

The inability to understand

Don't believe everything in this issue. Allow yourself to think and to question not only everything I say, but all your thoughts and opinion, which we all impose on society. Those who believe Smoking is a harmless habit, is to think, if it's a habit, why then is it so difficult to get rid of? Why, despite the fact that this habit is costing us so dearly, we still continue to smoke?

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