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High temperature

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High temperature is often the first symptom of many serious diseases, so you need to be especially careful in cases of even a slight rise in temperature. Normal body temperature is considered to 36,6° C. the High temperature often indicates colds, viral infections, flu, rheumatism, inflammation of internal organs. Timely diagnosis and treatment of these diseases may save you from serious complications. In children the temperature may rise during the period of growth of milk teeth.

High temperature is a response of human organism to the ingress of various infections, viruses that can cause disease or decline of the immune system of a person. High temperature by itself is not a disease - it is a sign or symptom of the disease. The immune system is designed so that when ingested pathogens, the blood is ejected a large number of protective cells, leukocytes that eliminate the source of infection, but at the same time increasing the body temperature. Therefore it is very important to diagnose and eliminate the root cause that caused this symptom. Qualified in a timely manner and this can only be done by a doctor, but before his arrival there are some tips that need to be applied at high temperature.

A temperature rise should be alerted because this is a serious symptom that may hide a serious illness. Even if at high temperature there is no longer any signs of the disease, should be very seriously treat this condition, especially in children.

Children and adults should be alerted especially frequent fever. This may indicate a pathological decrease in immunity or development of chronic disease.

Timely access to a doctor, diagnosis and treatment can warn of this and prevent many unpleasant diseases. There are 2 cases in which it is necessary to go to the doctors:

1. If the temperature rise is accompanied byspasms, severe headaches, disorder of consciousness, tightness of breath.

2. The temperature rose above 39 degrees.

How to measure temperature?

The easiest way to determine if everything is okay in the body or not is to measure the temperature in the armpit. To draw the right conclusions from the obtained data it is necessary to know a few features of our body.

1. The range of normal body temperature from 36.4 to 36.9 degrees. So if you're on the thermometer you'll see the numbers are different from 36,6 should not immediately sound the alarm and call an ambulance.

2. Body temperature fluctuates during the day. The lowest temperature in the morning from 4 to 6 hours, and highest during the evening hours from 16 to 18.

3. Different body areas have different "normal" temperature. For example, the stop is 20 – 24 degrees.

If fever persists for more than 7 days, you have to go to the doctors to identify the causes of such a situation. It is very risky to attempt to lower the body temperature, if it lasts for more than 7 – 10 days. In this case, the body develops an inflammatory process, it may be as bronchitisand blood poisoning And to identify the location of the inflammatory process and its cause of occurrence is possible only in a medical establishment.

The causes of high temperature

In the vast majority of cases, causes high body temperature external of the viruses and bacteria that penetrated the body, and over time, and their metabolic products. As soon as the human body detects the invasion of bacteria and viruses the major organs begin to develop special proteins – pyrogenic. These proteins are the trigger, which starts the process of raising the temperature of the body. Due to this aktiviziruyutsya natural protection, and to be precise – protein antibodies and interferon.

Interferon is a special protein designed to fight harmful microorganisms. The higher the temperature of the body, the more it is produced. Artificially lowering body temperature, we reduce the production and activity of interferon. In this case, the arena of combating microorganisms out antibodies to them we owe the recovery, but much later. Most effectively the body fights disease at 39degrees.

Another result of high temperature is dehydration, so you need to give the patient to drink plenty of liquids. The best remedy in this case are decoctions of herbs with anti-inflammatory effect or tea with lemon, raspberries, fresh fruit juices.

What not to do at a high temperature

  1. If the temperature rose in an adult, if the patient has no pathological and chronic diseases, it is not necessary to bring down the antipyretic drugs or by other means, if it does not exceed 38°C-39°C. the Body needs to deal with the temperature alone, if the temperature strays, then it gives the green light infection and lead to complications that can lead to reception of antibiotics.

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  3. At the elevated temperature of the body is not necessary to use any tools that can also raise body temperature. So if there is increased temperature do not make alcohol compresses, mustard plasters to the steam room and drink hot drinks, and especially should not drink alcohol.

  4. At high temperatures, the body is cooled by sweating. With offices the body cooled naturally, so do not cover with warm blankets adults, and especially children, this prevents the body to cool naturally.

  5. Not worth the extra to heat the room and humidify the air. Excessively moistened air, often accompanied by infection enters the lungs, which in the case of nasal congestion, breathing through my mouth. It is fraught with complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Also too moist air breaks the perspiration, and the body cannot cool off on their own. The optimum air temperature is 22°C - 24°C, while if a person is hot and at this temperature, it is not necessary to cover.

  6. At the temperature necessary to consume as much liquid as possible. When the temperature is useful to drink fruit drinks, for example, lingonberry or cranberry, most importantly, the drinks were not too sweet. The best drink is mineral water. The sweet drink causes harmful bacteria is supported by glucose, which leads to pyelonephritis orcystitis.

  7. Wiping vodka, rubbing alcohol or vinegar is not only useful but also very harmful. The point here is not that through the skin can get alcohol in the blood, it just absorbs a tiny amount, and that the alcoholic vapours may cause dizziness and fainting. In addition, the alcohol evaporates from the body surface immediately, which leads to rapid cooling of the body, and it is very harmful. The body has even more warmed up, starts shaking, the man loses the last of his strength and energy.

How to reduce the temperature at home?

To reduce costs the temperature, if it rises to 40°C or if the temperature of 38-38,5°C lasting several days.

  1. You should consume more liquid at room temperature.

  2. Lower temperature is possible if the foot bath of cold water.

  3. Decreasing temperature contribute to cold compresses. Cold towels should be put on the forehead, neck, wrist, underarms, or groin

  4. At elevated body temperature, wipe the body with warm water 27-35°C. start Wiping from the face are transferred to the hands, and then wiping his feet.

  5. To reduce fever, you can take a bath. Good effect gives a dip in the tub on the belt, and the upper part of the body wiping water not only cools the body but the toxins are removed. Optimal water temperature is at 35-35,5°C. Lowers the temperature of the body and the cooling bath, for a start, the patient takes a warm bath and gradually added cold water, the temperature decreases to 30° C.

  6. You need to be on bed rest. The patient should not be a synthetic clothing, cotton underwear is the best, it provides the best absorbency. Underwear should be changed as often as possible.

The most effective way of lowering the temperature is thermoregulation, which is expressed in sweating. It helps to get rid of chills and muscle pain.

At high temperature (37 – 39 degrees) most useful to stay in bed. Wear pajamas made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen) and drink the liquid – it is best herbal teas with lemon. Of power is necessary to exclude heavy foods (fatty, fried, spicy) to give preference to fruits and vegetables.

The patient must be isolated from the rest of the family, in order to avoid infection in case of suspicion of viral and infectious diseases. If the temperature is low, to37,7°, it is not recommended to knock her antipyretic agents, in this period, the body must overcome disease. In any case before the arrival of the doctor should not take antibiotics as they may be powerless in this case, but harm the immune system, thus only exacerbating the disease.

During this period the food should be light – fruit puree, vegetable soup, baked apples or potatoes. Further diet will be determined by the doctor. If the patient does not want to, so it should be the body, don't rape the food. If you are in the mood you can even starve during the day.

If the temperature is very high, before the arrival of the doctor should be given an antipyretic and to make the patient cold compresses with vinegar and water (1:1) pulsation of the arms, legs, head. They must often change, so they didn't give a warming effect.

If the situation is not critical then you can take a cool bath (34 – 36 degrees) or to perform the wrapping with a wet sheet.

In the 19th century medical luminaries believed that high temperature is helpful for the body. With the invention of aspirin, and excessive is its benefits, began an active struggle with increased body temperature. But scientists have proved that at higher temperatures included protective functions of the body and recovery is faster, thus there is the release of toxins, and infectious diseases are less contagious. Therefore, over-zealous lowering the temperature may not only help but also hurt.