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Vitamins for eye (drops and lutein) – what are the best?

The fact that vitamins, minerals and many other valuable components and substances necessary for eye health, has long been known. Worldwide quite has deservedly received the proliferation of Biological Active Additives (BAA) and vitamin-mineral complexes for restoration of visual functions.

Numerous studies are the best proof that the termination or reduction of the use vitamin complexes and nutritional supplements associated with increased likelihood of subsequent formation of eye diseases.

Thus, the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients (e.g., lutein or zeaxanthin) is essential for maintaining eye health because they help fight serious problems: dysfunction of dark adaptation, visual fatigue, decreased visual acuity and changes associated with age. Learn more about vitamins for eyes next.

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What vitamins for eyes better? What criteria should be selected?

Vitamins for eyes can be produced not only in the form of tablets, but the quality drops (about them later). If we talk about tablets means that they rank as such categories of drugs as biologically active food supplements and special vitamin-mineral complexes for maintaining visual acuity.

Daily using medicines manufactured in pill form, it is necessary to consider what their effect will spread to the whole body. That is, we can talk not only about the positive effect and negative effect (e.g., Allergy or hypervitaminosis). In this regard, vitamins designed to improve vision or struggle with eye problems, it is not recommended to apply together with multivitamin complexes, as well as in case of intolerance of certain components.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for vision usually contain the following substances:

  • Retinol, or vitamin a, which is essential for the visual process, because it is a component of eye pigment called rhodopsin. He begins to be consumed even at the slightest stimulation of the cells (sticks), which is highlydegree of sensitivity to light. Thus, vitamin a deficiency provokes the reduction of visual acuity, for example, of dark adaptation. People with such a deviation should pay special attention to the presence of retinol vitamins for eyes;
  • Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C that everyone needs to strengthen the walls of eye blood vessels and capillaries. Their durability depends directly on the getting power the tissues of the eye, deficiency of vitamin C, there is a risk of intraocular hemorrhage. Ascorbic acid, however, is present in almost all vitamin complexes to the eye, but to check it will not be superfluous;
  • B vitamins are characterized by high antioxidant activity and are involved in every stage of the process of formation of visual impulse (with vitamin A). In addition, b vitamins play a major role in metabolism of nerve tissue in General (as is known, the retina its structure is neural tissue). So those people who have such problems need to pay special attention to the presence of vitamin b in the vitamins for eyes;
  • Tocopherol, or vitamin E, gives you the ability to stabilize cell membranes, it also has antioxidant properties. Therefore it provides the eye tissues protection from unwanted effects of ultraviolet rays, and too bright lighting.
Vitamins to improve vision will also contain the list of its components carotenoids. These substances represent a natural light filters visual apparatus of each person. The list of carotenoids include lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthin.

In addition, one of the important components of vitamin supplements for eyesight recovery should be considered as certain trace elements, namely zinc, selenium, copper and chromium. They are composed of tissues of the eye and guarantee their timely regeneration and normal metabolism. Another common and necessary component of vitamins for eyes is taurine. He is part of many medicines to maintain the visual acuity. Taurine is a unique amino acid that provides reception and processing of the photosignals our visual apparatus.

Bilberry extract containing the list of components of a substance anthocyanins, which are characterized not only antioxidant but also angioprotective properties is a guaranteeversatile positive effects on tissues of the eyes and visual acuity. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the raw materials used in the manufacturing process of vitamins for the eyes, because only the certificate of product quality will guarantee the presence of beneficial and active ingredients at the vitamin complex.

In addition, it is necessary to consider, in what form are the active substance. Thus, a significant part of medicines contains lutein as of the ether, and not in a free form. But it is proven that for optimal absorption by the body lutein ester must quickly and easily converted into a free form component and this would not be possible without the presence in the person of fatty foods. So it is important to ask the pharmacist what kind of forms of matter is that you acquire vitamins for the eyes.

It is very important to pay attention to the percentage of active ingredients in dietary Supplements to strengthen the view. About 70% of the budget (but quite hyped) drugs with blueberry extract contain much fewer anthocyanins than required in accordance with the norms daily use of the presented substances.

In addition, you must pay attention to the standards within the production:

  • International GMP - "Good Manufacturing Practice";
  • The quality control system ISO 9001.

Preference it is recommended to give such vitamin complexes in the production of which used only proven components and the free lutein, which, in turn, is produced using a modern method called "microencapsulation". This technology is a guarantee for easy absorption and maintain active characteristics throughout the shelf life.

The most widely known and popular are vitamins produced in pill: "Lutein Complex", "Blueberry Forte", "Vitrum vision"and"Anthocyan Forte". What you should know about vitamins for eyes that are issued in the form of drops? Read more in our material.

Vitamins for eye drops

Vitamin and vascular eye drops used in the prevention of age-related destructive and degenerative changes in the anterior regions of the organ of vision (namely, the cornea and the lens). We are talking about diseases such as cataracts,scarring and corneal opacity, keratitis, and also about conditions after contusion of the eyeball. Most often, the use of vitamin and vascular drops for eyes in these cases is a long time. Depending on the disease, the use of drops may not only be preventive in nature (in case of cataract, angiopathy of the retina), and restoring (if keratitis or hemorrhage).

In the list of components of the vitamin drops for eyes usually includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals that optimize visual function. Depending on the General orientation of the treatment algorithm, the active substance acceptable to combine. At the same time, the indispensable and the most important vitamins for the eyes applied in drops, should be considered as vitamin a, C, E, b vitamins, and the minerals calcium and zinc, and lutein pigment.

Special note is vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, which allows as quickly as possible to inhibit the development of corneal dystrophy. A consequence of the lack of this element can be overly active secretion of tears, rupture of blood vessels in eyeballs, "blindness", recurrent eye fatigue. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) are also used in the production of such droplets, improves blood flow to the optic nerve.

Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, is remarkable in that it takes part in cell metabolism, any dysfunctional processes in which be a catalyst for the formation of conjunctivitis and inflammation of the optic nerve. Vitamin B12, also called cyanocobalamin, is responsible for creating red blood cells, insufficient amount leads to premature aging of the eye, their constant slezotechenii and increase the dullness of view.

In the selection process vitamin drops, the doctor will draw attention to the need for the presence in their composition of calcium and zinc. The first is needed in order to strengthen eye tissues and is indispensable for all forms of myopia. The need for the second arises in case of cataract or glaucoma, because only the zinc in this situation will be able to prevent further adverse effects in the body.

Experts have proven that vitamin eye drops are much more popular in the treatment and prevention of eye disease than tablet means. This is because the first act much faster and more efficient. But it is not recommended to self-prescribe yourself any medication without consulting with your doctor. No matter how harmless did not seem drops, self-medication can lead to completely opposite effect– new vision problems and their subsequent exacerbation.

The use of vitamin drops is not always constant, as mentioned earlier. In some cases, therapy is conducted in courses with mandatory breaks for one or two months. Eye drops with vitamin complexes combine a huge amount of nutrients and have a wide radius of action. They prevent and cure the disorders, but also provide an opportunity to slow down aging or to get rid of existing eye problems.

A list of the most effective vitamin drops for vision:

  • Riboflavin, which is used in case of constant eyestrain, deterioration of visual functions, as well as for healing wounds that were triggered by other eye drops, injuries or burns. When excessive strain on the eyes this drug allows to relieve stress and improve visual function. In the presence of conjunctivitis presents drops help to eliminate the inflammatory process in a few days;

  • "Taufon"is used for injuries of the cornea, in the case of cataracts, weakening of visual function and"night blindness". Described drops will be indispensable to relieve fatigue and uncomfortable sensations in the eye area. "Taufon"is quickly and effectively help to neutralize the effects of the syndrome of"dry eye", inflammation and redness. It will also provide additional support for the eyes in the case of periodic long-stay behind the computer monitor;
  • "Sancutary (Singatulin", "Catalin", "Twinax") ophthalmologists prescribed under prevention and recovery for cataract. Their use marks the optimization of visual functions after two weeks. Also, these vitamin drops fight inflammation and provide the opportunity to get rid of the "flies" before the eyes of more serious phenomena that occur with cataract;
  • "Vitaphakol", "Catachrom Vitaphakol", "Catachrom" is vitamins for eyes that use to treat cataracts in the primary stages of the disease. They have a subsidiary rather than a therapeutic effect. However, these drops perfectly cleans the lens and neutralize the dryness in the eyes;
  • "A good cough medicine", "Octile", "Prenatal" are assigned to those who are faced with tearing and redness of the eye in the flowering period of plants and any other allergic reactions. Positive effect is noted after two or three days – disappears not only tearing, but also burning, and discomfort. These dropsliterally indispensable in the treatment of conjunctivitis of allergic origin;
  • "Ifinal", "hi-chrome" has gained wide popularity due to the fact that allow to eliminate the excessive fatigue of the eye, allergic conjunctivitis and irritation of the mucous membrane. Presented vitamin drops neutralize any Allergy symptoms already through two-three days after beginning of their application. They had a great struggle with dry eyes, burning and cutting sensations, eliminate fatigue and irritation after prolonged use the monitor of laptop or computer;
  • "Visionex", "Okovit", "Mytilene Forte"and"Focus" are different in that each of these means has at least one natural plant extract. It's parsley, blueberries, carrots or black currants. In the course of treatment is given vitamin drops significant vision improvement, to reduce the likelihood of development of eye diseases in the future. In addition to the restoration of visual function, there has been a General improvement in health.

What can you say about the eye vitamins that contain lutein? We will describe next.

Vitamins for eyes with lutein

One of the most effective tools for problems with visual functions is lutein. It is an antioxidant that belongs to the category of pigments-carotenoids and provides for staining of the yellow spot of the retina. Presents part is responsible in the human body for the clarity and quality of vision. Lutein accumulates in the region of the macula and is a protective barrier. Thanks to him the pernicious influence of solar radiation, and blue part of the spectrum becomes much weaker. This kind of light is extremely dangerous, if the patient was already or there is still damage to the retina. Lutein also acts in such a way that 80% of the screen the rays from the Central region of the retina.

Also described component is characterized by significant energy, thereby preventing the lens opacity and damage any of the components of the retina. The most significant concentration of lutein is from the area of the macula and the lens. In addition, it is needed in the ciliary body, iris and choroid of the eye. In this regard, lutein deficiency threatens not just the formation of age-related macular degeneration, but with an increased risk of developing other serious eyediseases – glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic angiopathy.

Lutein-Complex. The most popular vitamin preparation containing lutein, is "Lutein-Complex". It is active in biological terms, the medicament in the list of ingredients which included substances such as lutein, bilberry extract, vitamins (A, C, E), taurine and some trace elements such as zinc, selenium and copper. All the components of this drug provides increased visual acuity in the framework of frequent eye strain, optimize blood circulation and give an opportunity to strengthen the capillaries of the eyes, and also have a pronounced antioxidant effect. Due to this slows the formation of degenerative and destructive changes of the eye that are caused by natural aging.

"Lutein-Complex"is best suitable in the treatment of the reduction of visual acuity in conditions of heavy loads on visual function. We are talking about computer vision syndrome, long stay in conditions of bright or intense sunlight, as well as driving a car.

This vitamin complex is also necessary for the prevention of vascular pathologies of the eye in patients who have reached the age of 50 years. In particular, this cataract, glaucoma, degenerative changes in the retina, as well as dysfunction of twilight vision or"night blindness".

The drug is used inside, during or immediately after eating the food, one tablet twice or thrice a day, depending on the severity of the disease. In this case it should drink plenty of fluids, preferably normal clean water. You should not use "Lutein-Complex" hypersensitive to any component of vitamins.

Kuwait Lutein. Another vitamin complex, which contains lutein, is "Kuwait Lutein"or"Lutein Forte Kuwait".

All of its components to optimize the functional state of eyes:

  • Give the opportunity to normalize the visual acuity;
  • Normalize metabolic processes in the tissues of the eye.

Because lutein and trace minerals such as zinc and selenium, represent a powerful antioxidants, they provide the eyes protection from the negative effects of free radicals and intense solar rays that damage the sensory cells of the retina. Course the use of this vitamin greatly reduces the likelihood of forming age-related macular degeneration (i.e., reduction and depletion of yellow spots), and cataracts, and all that is associated with the clouding of the lens.

Presented medicinalthe tool is used inside, after eating one tablet twice a day. The drug need to drink a significant amount of water at room temperature. It is undesirable to use it if you are sensitive to existing components, as well as children under the age of 12 years.

This is likely to create allergic reactions. When consuming those doses of the drug, which was initially recommended, an overdose does not occur. In case of accidental intake of a large quantity of pills be sure to wash out the stomach and use of sorbent (activated carbon). In order to avoid any unwanted effects, not recommended simultaneous use of a multivitamin with other drugs.

It is very important to adhere to the prescribed therapeutic scheme. Vitamins for eyes "Kuwait Lutein" may use even those who are sick with diabetes and celiac disease (gluten intolerance). The drug should be stored at room temperature, in a place which is inaccessible to Pets and children. But can we assume that these vitamins are best?

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The best vitamins for eyes

The best and effective vitamins for eyes is considered the drug Agel SEE. All components of this product are kept alive and bio-available form. Technology suspended gel allows you to deliver the body good for the eyes components to the maximum extent quickly. Also, this product ensures excellent bio-availability, that is, the almost complete absorption of nutrients – up to 98-99%. The indicator indicates that the tool is four times more effective than preformed vitamin or capsule.

Along with great taste, the body receives the necessary nutrition and constant protection for the eyes. Even so he deserves the title best, but this is not all his benefits.

In the list of ingredients Agel SEE included:

  • Beta-carotene;
  • Zinc;
  • Bilberry fruit extract;
  • Grape seed extract;
  • The category of B vitamins (B9, B6, B12, E);
  • Lutein.
Auxiliary components of the plan are distilled water, fructose, seed oil of safflower, flavor and aromaSupplement pineapple-strawberry (natural origin), citric acid, xanthan and guar gum, and potassium sorbate. Thus, it is Agel SEE is a complete and balanced package of proven components that are "working" bundle.

Another tangible advantage of these vitamins for eyes should be considered a low glycemic index. Does not make sense to increase the content of glucose in blood, especially such products that are intended to help in the struggle for their own health. Agel SEE has been designed so that all components in its composition, was helpful. It contains only ingredients of plant origin, it includes no gluten and similar products.

Vitamins for eyes Agel SEE has been specially designed to support the optimum level of humidity of the mucous membranes of the eye. This gives you the opportunity to ensure their normal operation. After all, if the eyes moisturized sufficiently, the tissue can be damaged and cause a serious breach in the functioning of the organs of vision. But eating Agel SEE, can not be afraid, because the eyes will always be perfectly hydrated.

As stated previously, in the composition of Agel SEE is beta-carotene. The positive impact of the presented component on visual functions has been proven by numerous studies. This nutrient, characterized by jirorastvorimogo. That is why excessive doses of beta-carotene should be avoided. However, vitamins Agel SEE is designed to ensure the body is balanced with other nutrients, the ratio of beta-carotene than guarantee long-term protective effect.

If to speak about other parts, the concentrate of berries of bilberry, grape seed, and lutein create the perfect protection for sensitive tissues and gives them the most powerful antioxidants, which particularly need to support the ideal health of the eye. For example, the seed extract of grapes, which for hundreds of years used in traditional medicine of India to treat all kinds of ailments.

Experts have proven that the antioxidants of natural origin from the extract of grape seed is 50 times more powerful than vitamin E. besides, they are much more effective than beta-carotene. Nutrients the seeds of grapes, which remain in the bloodstream for three days, increase the ratio of the proanthocyanidins, thereby strengthening the capillaries and creates the possibility of improving blood circulation.

Bilberry fruit extract is indispensable, because it allows you to maintain a perfect vision and have always been used for these purposes.Bilberries contain protoanemonin, flavonoids and tannins.

They act as antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and slow the aging process. In addition, the use of blueberries gives you the opportunity to prevent or treat diseases of the eye, e.g., retinal detachment. In some situations, the blueberries used in the treatment of conjunctivitis. That's what makes Agel SEE the best vitamin product for eye on the modern pharmaceutical market.

It is impossible to ignore and folic acid – B9 – which is essential to maintain the optimum performance of the immune system:

  • Improves and regulates the process of hematopoiesis;
  • Adjusts the balance of white blood cells;
  • Involved in the creation of red blood cells;
  • Helps metabolism of proteins, which is also needed to maintain the 100% view.

Being a part of chromosomes, folic acid is one of the most important factors of regeneration and cell division. Under its influence decreases the ratio of cholesterol in the blood. Vitamin B9 participates in ensuring optimal growth, development and maintenance of a healthy vision throughout life.

All this makes the eye vitamins Agel SEE the most effective and has no competition. This product deserves the title of best, and because ophthalmologists more often prescribed it to his patients who want to live a full and healthy life.

*Manual food Supplement Kuwait® Forte

egtyareva Marina Vitalievna, ophthalmologist, optometrist