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Properties and applications of zabrus

What is zabrus?

Zabrus is a product of beekeeping. Get it by cutting a strip of the upper lids from sealed honeycomb. What is the difference zabrus wax? First and foremost is, of course, composition. When the honeycomb is sealed, and the honey is much more aromatic. This occurs as a result of the fact that seal honeycomb bees secrete a special substance, it includes a secret wax and salivary glands of bees, propolis and pollen. In the end its composition zabrus is superior to wax. If you use these products together, it enhanced the therapeutic effect.

Properties zabrus

Studies have shown that zabrus is effective in the treatment of bacterial and viral diseases of nasopharynx and upper respiratory tract, does not cause allergic reactions. If you just chew zabrus, then there is profuse salivation, which increases the secretory and motor function of the stomach.

According to the American doctor D. Jarvis, if to chew zabrus, it produces immunity to diseases of the respiratory tract, it is able to persist for four years. If to give to children to chew comb capping or honeycomb once a day beginning in the fall, at a time when they go to school, and until June, with each meal to eat two teaspoons of honey, the infectious diseases they are not terrible.

The use of zabrus

If you follow the recommendations of doctors, it is recommended to chew comb capping one tablespoon 4 times a day for 5-10 minutes. It is not necessary to fear of overdose or accidental ingestion, if swallowed, it will only benefit him in the mucosa.

With a strong cold zabrus is useful to chew every hour with a duration of 15 minutes. Usually passes in 3-4 hours. If worried about sinusitis, zabrus is useful to chew every hour with a duration of 15 minutes for 4-6 hours. For getting rid of this disease lack one course of treatment. In order to prevent recurrence it is recommended for weeks to chew zabrus once a day.

If you want to get rid of such ailments like: asthma, hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, chew the wax caps once a day.

During exacerbation of the disease it is best to do more than approximately 5 times overday the first two days. Then the procedure can be reduced to 3 times a day.

With the help of zabrus one can get rid of diseases such as stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, sore throat.

As a rule, the inflammation of the sinuses occurs quite rapidly, and without treatment then you can not do. Therefore, it is recommended to chew comb capping every hour for 10-15 minutes, repeat 4-6 hours after chewing the contents better spit it out, usually the nose is cleaned, the pain disappears. In order to avoid the recurrence of the disease, it is recommended to chew comb capping for weeks.

Contraindications zabrus

Contraindications have zabrus virtually absent, and very rare. Not terrible, and overdose, as their healing effect it transfers to the stomach and improves the secretory and motor functions of the stomach, including its beneficial effect on the mucosa.