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How to treat sciatic nerve?

Modern treatment of the sciatic nerve involves a number of measures not only medical, but also surgical in nature. While recovery stages are similar, as in inflammation and the pinching of this part of the sacral plexus.

Medical methods

In pharmacological treatment using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs type. It is also an effective muscle relaxant and as an additional measure, the vitamins. On sacral area applied creams and gels, having irritating effect. They relieve pain and reduce spastic syndrome.

The best results may be achieved when used together with such drugs as "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac"and"Ortofen". However, the presented tools can provide irritant effect on the gastric mucosa, and kidneys and reduce blood clotting. In this regard, their use should be limited.

In turn, other non-steroidal drugs, for example, "Movalis", "Arcoxia"and"Nimesulide" do not provoke the rapid irritation of the digestive tract. In this regard, acceptable to their prolonged use. With a very rapid build-up of pain and inflammation may prescription steroid hormonal agents. However, this is justified only in short courses because these tools reduce pain, but do not fight the cause of inflammation. Besides, their use is characterized by a significant number of side effects and contraindications.

The most commonly used vitamins are those that belong to the group b, e.g., B12 and vitamin E.

Equally useful would be to use:

  • vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • drugs that improve metabolism and blood circulation;
  • remedies that relax the muscles.

Surgical methods

Surgery is necessary in cases when any other methods of influence do not exert the proper influence and evident painful syndrome becomes chronic. In addition, no operation is necessary in case of severe disruption of the functioning of the pelvic organs (e.g., urinary system).

In cases where the hernia is in the region of the intervertebral disc presses on the sciatic nerve root, fix it is possible only operation. It's called "laminectomy discectomy" and is used inother cases, in the treatment of the described part of the sacral plexus.

This operation can be carried out with application of General or local anesthesia. Within the intervention specialist cuts out the part of the herniated disc, which causes a pinched in region of the sciatic nerve. This operation is especially effective when the main symptom are painful sensations in the legs.

Modern surgical methods used less frequently include:

  • microdiscectomy (shown in pinched nerve in pregnant women);
  • vertebroplasty (desirable to carry out the people older than 60 years);
  • intra disk used electrothermal therapy;
  • radiofrequency thermal annuloplasty type;
  • puncture laser diskectomy (the most accurate and inexpensive method of surgery);
  • percutaneous automated discectomy;
  • facetectomy.

Other treatments

There are also a number of additional measures:

  • Massage. Massage should be carried out after subsiding of the acute process. This has a positive effect on reducing pain, increasing the degree of conductivity of the damaged nerve, the optimization of the supply of blood and lymph flow. In addition, massage prevents hypotrophic processes in the muscles.
  • Hot compress: it is also Shown the use of warming compresses, therapy, electro or phonophoresis. In a joint application of medicines and vitamins, in combination with physiological treatments, their effectiveness greatly increases.
  • Physical education. Speaking of physical therapy, it should be noted and its performance. After the discovery of the causes of inflammation in the sciatic nerve, the patient is individually selected programme, including a number of exercises. Some of them should be performed in the first days since the discovery of the disease, while in bed.

As how to recover from physical activity, should increase the load. Recommended by experts and classes in the pool. This is because water reduces pain and muscle spasms, and facilitates the processmovement.

Exclusively outside the period of exacerbation is recommended sanatorium or resort treatment of inflammation or pinching of the sciatic nerve.

Particularly effective should be considered:

  • mud treatment;
  • therapy with water using radon, hydrogen sulphide and pearl baths;
  • the implementation of the courses traction under water.

Climatic treatment always has a positive effect on strengthening immunity, reducing the frequency of colds, which is very important in case of problems with the sciatic nerve. In turn, there is improvement in mood and appearance positive attitude, which is equally important for recovery.

To self-medicate or resort to any folk methods of treatment without prior consultation with a specialist when the sciatic nerve pinching is impossible. Summarizing all the information presented, it should be noted that with the rapid beginning of treatment, the process is short and takes not more than a month. In this case, will go solely on conservative therapy.

In a situation of chronic or acute inflammation of the treatment will be much longer and may even involve surgery. Full recovery after that can be achieved only in conditions of sanatorium treatment.