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How to get rid of allergies at home?

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For effective treatment of Allergy, you can use simple materials at hand at home. These recipes in folk medicine, there are many.

Bay leaf Allergy

The leaves of Laurel since ancient times been used for the treatment of diseases of different nature. And even today, they continue to use for medicinal purposes.

A decoction of Bay leaf from allergies can be a serious competition even expensive modern medicines. It can be applied for treatment of young children. A Laurel decoction topically treated with designated symptoms of allergic rashes. Adults are recommended to take inside. With this method you can easily get rid of the itching and redness typical. If allergic rashes on the body is too extensive, make Bay baths.

Tincture of Bay leaves from allergies are also very effective. To get rid of the rash can lubricate the skin and Laurel oil. It can be made at home or purchase in a drugstore.

Eggshells from allergies

A great therapeutic effect can always be obtained by applying the egg shells against allergies. It is better to use white chicken shells. They need a good wash, remove the contents, and then dry thoroughly. Then the shell is crushed to obtain a powder in a coffee grinder.

How to take? So it is better digested, it added the usual lemon juice (4-6 drops will be sufficient), whereby the absorption of calcium we need to take increases. Adults should take 1 teaspoon with water (regardless of the meal). You can also take 0.5 teaspoon 2 times a day, or 0.3 tsp 3 times a day. This method can treat even small children, it is very important to follow the correct dosage.

Children's dosage:

  • Children from 6 months to a year — pinch fit on the tip of a knife.
  • Children from one year to two years — twice.
  • To seven years the child is given a half of a teaspoons of shell powder.
  • After 14 years and adults — a teaspoon a day (no more).

Treatment should continue for at least 1 month, it is better for 3-6

The result: eggshell takes away most of the allergic reactions, especially skin. A noticeable result is seen in young children.

Medicinal herbs for allergies

Common nettle growing on allotments and in gardens, is a perfect anti-allergic agent. It can be applied to children and the elderly. She has a remarkable restorative effect on the body, quickly restores metabolic processes, and also perfectly enhances immunity. Even an ordinary soup from young nettles is able to provide significant help in the treatment of allergies.

Grass succession the Allergy is also very useful. You can drink it in the form of decoctions to treat her rash.

Bath with a succession from allergies help to get rid of the strongest typical itching and redness after a few applications. A regular intake of broth for a long time in most cases allows you to completely get rid of this disease. It should also be noted that the unique medicinal properties of the series are only a year, so when buying it is important to pay attention to the date of collection. And the best to collect it.

Collection of herbs for allergies, consisting of fruits of rose hips, herb St. John's wort, centaury, dandelion root, corn silk and horsetail often recommended for use when running allergies. All these herbs are thoroughly mixed, pour boiling water and put in thermos. In the future, after insisting for 7 hours the resulting infusion is necessarily filtered, cooled. The gathering is taken orally for several months.

Camomile Allergy also gives a nice effect. For the treatment of various dermatitis you need to prepare an infusion of it in the following way. Should pour boiling water the grass, and then wait a homogeneous mass of petals. This mixture should be applied on areas with lesions. Also effective

Kalina from allergies. it is also very effective. For the treatment make an infusion of its young shoots, and take it inside. Usually only a couple of days to the disease has receded.

The primary manifestations of Allergy can be treated with simple flowers of calendula, peppermint leaf, celandine, viola tricolor, white dead-nettle and korotaniem. You can use a tincturefrom some single herb, and to make charges by mixing different herbs in equal quantities.

Such infusions is recommended to take several times a day, and always within a few months. Only with long-term use, the effect will be better. Some of these herbs are good for external use.

Oil Allergy

Today quite common aromatherapy and the use of various oils from allergies.

Efiren oil from allergies. Aromatherapy in this disease is based on calming oils such as Melissa, chamomile, lavender. On the basis of what type of Allergy in patients prescribed inhalation, baths, lotions, or lotions. To reduce stress recommend oils of bergamot, sandalwood, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose. They are commonly used for massage.

Black cumin oil allergies has a tremendous effect. This excellent tool has long been used to effectively combat all kinds of allergic reactions, especially seasonal manifested. Black cumin promotes rapid saturation of the body with essential fatty acids and activation of protective functions. For Allergy treatment can assist with inhalation. This grain is filled with water, insist. Then covered the top with a blanket and inhale vapour.

Olive oil Allergy is often recommended to use even the doctors. It contributes to the rapid excretion of various harmful substances. But it should be used always with caution as some people may be allergic itself olive oil.

Tea tree oil Allergy is used much more often. It is mixed with other oils or milk and take in a few days. It helps easily to get rid of skin manifestations, from allergic rhinitis.

Recipe of mash from allergies

If modern drugs do not help or are not suitable due to the characteristics of the human body, appoint mash from allergies. It is made of water or alcohol-based. This mash consists of a white clay, zinc oxide, glycerin, medical talc and starch. This drug can be purchased at the pharmacy, but if you want it, you can easily prepare at home. However, the composition is slightly different, but the effect of thisabsolutely will not change.

For making a mash distilled water mixed with ethyl alcohol. The resulting mixture will dissolve the cube benzocaine, add white clay and zinc oxide. In the absence of zinc, you can always use quality baby powder. The mixture was shaken for two minutes, and the drug is ready. So the efficiency was higher, you can add diphenhydramine. It relieves irritation, perfectly removes puffiness, redness, as well as significantly reduces the number of lesions.

Mummy from allergies

Shilajit is a surprisingly powerful tool against allergies. You need to use it for 20 days, so the effect was the greatest. For the treatment of allergic diseases Shilajit is added to cow milk fat or honey. It is taken 2 times a day. It should be noted that in some cases the throat and nostrils lubricated with a mixture that contains Shilajit. A good remedy is application of mumiye solution in water. It is prescribed not only for adults but also for young children. Recovery may require 1-3 treatment.

Soda Allergy

From the symptoms of allergies can be eliminated, and such material on hand like baking soda. To do this, one teaspoon of baking soda be sure to mix with a glass of quite warm water. Then, the resulting mixture is applied to the redness and rashes. Soda has a good and incomparable soothing anti-inflammatory effect, so when the regular repetition of this technique rashes disappear quickly.

Lemon juice Allergy

Some people in the treatment of such disease lemon juice can be used as an ingredient in the means of allergies. So, the above mentioned method of treatment of an egg shell means mixing egg powder with the lemon juice. This method is used by many, and quite successfully.