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Treatment of angina folk remedies

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Effective treatment of angina

There is a very easy, accessible, cheap and, most importantly, very effective for the treatment of angina and any other inflammation of the throat. And it propolis! Propolis – the most effective folk remedy for sore throat at any stage of the disease. There are two ways of the use of propolis:

1. It is best to make a tincture of propolisthat you have propolis in liquid form. Then you can just spread it over the inflamed areas of the throat, and all. The pain will go away instantly, although it burns a little. To prepare the tincture dissolve in 100 grams of alcohol 10-30 grams of propolis, depending on the concentration. Pre-propolis should be crushed, the best way to do this is to freeze the propolis, and then just crush with a hammer. Insist need 1-2 weeks in a dark place.

2. Easier way: you just need after a meal, chew a bit of propolis, approximately 2 grams. Per day is around five to six grams. This propolis should cause burning in the mouth. If not, then propolis substandard and appropriate treatment.

A simple but effective way to relieve throat pain!

About this method, I told one of my friends, who for a few years at the first sign of a sore throat saved just this way. And he says it is very effective relieves pain in the throat!

The recipe is simple. In a glass of plain water, pour 2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar (you can feel to either reduce or even increase the dosage of Apple cider vinegar). And this structure needs to gargle as often as possible, every 1-2 hours. While half a Cup of leaves for gargling, and the other half need a drink.

To enhance the effect, you can even put a few drops of iodine. Try this simple method with strong pain in the throat and you too will see that the method is really effective. Especially significant relief the next day!

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The treatment of angina beets and lemon

src="/all/images/26-0.jpg">As told us one of the readers, she in childhood glands are swollen, and mom started to treat it with folk remedies. She made a mush of the usual red beets with a grater, and then filled it with boiling water in the ratio 1:1. The top is tightly covered with a lid, and insist 6 hours.

This infusion gargle every 2 hours. To enhance the effect, you can add one tablespoon 6% vinegar. Now our reader for 45 years, and operations as it was not, and never will be!

In addition, a sore throat can be cured with lemon. You only need 3 lemons large size, although instead of lemon you can also use grapefruit. From each lemon (or grapefruit), you will need to make the juice. Through the juicer, only bones don't forget to remove the. First lemon juice drink in the morning or evening. On the second evening or the next day, respectively. Also on the third day.

So to repeat several days in a row and you have a sore throat will be much faster and most importantly is without complications!

The treatment of angina by inhalation

The grandmother of one of our readers effectively treated for angina, bronchitis and darkening in the lungs by means of inhalation of the lungs. In a liter of boiling water, she added one tablespoon of tincture of propolis, top wrapped with a towel so that couples are not left to the side. In the center leaving a small hole through which to breathe through the mouth. While inhaling hold your breath for a few seconds to healing minerals of propolis deposited on the entire area of the lungs. After two to four sessions will be allocated sputum.

To prepare a tincture of propolis have a quarter of rubbing alcohol to put propolis around a matchbox and insist 14 days.

How to conduct inhalation? - manual here!

Treatment for sore throat

As one grandmother told me the recipe of traditional medicine, how to treat sore throat and voice loss with sore throat. If this ailment helps to the infusion of elecampane. Take 50 grams of roots elecampane, pour half a liter of vodka and insist 3 days. Need about a third of a teaspoon to pour in the throat so that the infusion covered the left and right tonsils. A little cough. To drink water is impossible, it is also advisable to speak with anyone that day.The procedure to do every hour until your health is restored.

Treatment for sore throat compress

Walnut garlic. If you have a strong sore throat, but you don't have the necessary means to help regular crunches. Pour a handful of crackers with boiling water and add the head of garlic. When they are soaked with water, drain, and croutons with garlic quickly put in a cotton stocking or sock.

After that, just attach it to the throat, and hold until pain. It is desirable to make a poultice for the night, other than it being very much burned. After 23 treatments!

Ash. If your house has a stove, more efficiently instead of croutons to use in the treatment of angina ash. The neck wound a woolen scarf, and go to sleep. But the next morning you most likely will already be healthy!

Cabbage. Kale quickly takes the heat and relieves pain. You can just every 2 hours to make a new cabbage leaf to the throat and bronchi, winding wool scarf. Or for more serious compress need to make cabbage mush and also be applied as a compress.

A list of the best home remedies from sore throats

The treatment of angina nut

For the treatment of frequent sore throat and sore throat will help the walnut. One walnut need exactly divided into 2 parts, choose the walnut in the shell, press mashed garlic. Then applied to the palms of the thumb (after the lower phalanges) and fasten with a bandage for a few hours.

Modern methods of treatment of angina

Types and methods of treatment:

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