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Treatment of arthritis folk remedies

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Treatment of arthritis potato tincture

To prepare the infusion take one potato, grind on a grater and pour a glass of kefir.

You need to drink the following:

  • in the first 10 days take daily;
  • in the second 10 days, take a day;
  • the next 10 days, take every 2 days

Total course of people's arthritis treatment is 2 months. The pain from arthritis go away quite a long time, but over time can come back, so from time to time it is possible to carry out a preventive course.

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Effective treatment of arthritis

The man sick leg arthritis. The pain was so strong that he could not walk down the stairs. Made a compress for his folk prescription treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and the next day the pain was gone. The only drawback is that after the compress remain blisters, as it did this poultice at night and not for 2 hours, as expected. For this reason, he received severe burns, which took place only 2 weeks. But this poultice put him on his feet in just one night!

And it's not the only case. Once he got back, he was suffering from sciatica. Did the same compress – and the next morning went to the cottage to work!

To make the compress, take a handful of flowers of a Buttercup and RUB them to give juice (dry herb for treatment of arthritis is not necessary). Apply them to the affected area, the top cover with polyethylene and secure with a bandage. The compress should be kept 1-2 hours, depending on the severity of the arthritis. The compress will leave a small burn on the skin, where a day may blister. Blisters are painless, though they do not scare you. They held their own, in any case do not puncture them. In the next few days objazyvaet the skin with gauze, as the blisters are wet. As the blisters will pass, and arthritis will disappear. If the day after compress the blisters appear,repeat the poultice.

Exercise for arthritis

Woman sex life suffered from arthritis, and her arthritis has become a normal way of life. But one day, her one person was advised to walk on his knees, supposedly this is the best preventive exercise from arthritis. She decided to try it, not like the woman because the rest of my life to live with arthritis. The day had to pass for 400 steps, it is, of course, more than 50 could not do, and what forces she was worth the 50 steps! But, like any exercise, the woman began to add a few steps daily, bringing that number up to 400. After a year of such exercises pain in knee joints, she stopped.

Now the woman bought a Palace and every day goes on it for half an hour. At the same time and now walks on all fours because it's good for the spine. Also lies back and bends the knees 50 times.

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Arthritis treatment with Apple cider vinegar

If you have arthritis and pain in all parts of the body, you should take Apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon in a glass of water. Take the remedy 3-5 times a day, preferably before meals.

Treatment of arthritis folk remedies lasts from two to four weeks. If you have a sick stomach, such as gastritis or an ulcer, decrease the concentration of vinegar by half. However, in this case, the recovery will slow down.

When taking Apple cider vinegar in large quantities due to a fast healing of the body. The pain will quickly go away and you will feel much better, but in the end the disease will completely disappear.

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Treatment of arthritis Bay leaf

Pretty good helps with arthritis decoction of Bay leaf. To do this, take a pack of Bay leaf and half put in the pan. Pour 300 ml of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. After wrap better and allow to steep for three hours.

After 3 hours, filter and drink before sleeping. And so 3 days in a row. Do not drink the last potion, don't be lazy and every day, prepare a new one. In a week we need to repeat the course. From the very beginning of a course repeated in a year.

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Treatment of arthritis juices

A very good treatment for arthritis are the following juices:

  • the juice of carrot, beet and cucumber in the ratio 10:3:3;
  • the juice of carrots, cabbage and lettuce in the ratio 8:4:4;
  • the juice of carrots and spinach in a ratio of 10:6.

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Relieve pain juice of turnip with honey, grapefruit and Apple. You can also dilute 2 teaspoons of cranberries in a glass of water.

Centrifugal honey is a treatment for many diseases, and one of them is arthritis. This honey can be used as supplementary folk remedy for treating arthritis. You can just eat 50 grams 3 times a day with milk or tea.

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