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Asthma treatment folk remedies

Salt lamp and halotherapy in asthma

The positive effect of saline inhalation in bronchial asthma is undeniable. The only thing that is not conducive to their wide application – the moist air entering the bronchi and provoke their spasm and phlegm. These deficiencies are deprived of methods such as halotherapy and the use of salt lamps.

Treatment in natural salt caves is not available to all asthmatics. To make them create artificial conditions identical to those created by nature. This is the salt chambers, which is a premises in which with the help of the halogen generator atomizes a specially prepared salt particles. The air is ionized, which improves the condition of patients with asthma.

The results of treatment in halochamber:

  • Improving bronchial drainage and expectoration of sputum;
  • Reduces the intensity of inflammation;
  • Healthier microflora of the respiratory system due to the bactericidal effect;
  • Restores the immune system of the patient;
  • A large number of patients is cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, normalization of sleep.

Salt therapy can be taken not only with asthma, but use for prevention of respiratory pathologies in workers of hazardous industries, children and adults with allergic manifestations, for people living in the regions affected by the environment.

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Same effect, only in a less pronounced degree, have a salt lamp created on the basis of Himalayan salt aged over 250 million years. The salt lamp emit during operation, negative ions, allowing you to clean indoor air, to prevent asthma, reduce the concentration of mould fungi and microorganisms.

How to choose a salt lamp?

For optimal validity, it is important to choose a quality salt lamp. For this you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • For rooms with a volume up to 15 m2 enough lamp up to 3 kg weight. Large area of the room requires that you purchase a bulb weighing up to 5 kg. Very large room for quality air treatment can require purchasing multiple copies. You can place one salt lamp near chair or bed in which the patient is located.

  • You need to choose a crystalno cracks, chips, or other damage. Allowed microfractures of natural origin that most often occurs in rough crystals.
  • Accessories salt lamps must be resistant, durable and high quality, without defects, distortions. It is desirable that the lamp was mounted on a long stand.
  • It is advisable to purchase a lamp that meets the aesthetic requirements, quality after grinding, although it is in principle secondary.

It is not desirable to place the lamp in a humid environment, wipe of the dust with a wet cloth. After drying, the lamp retains its valuable properties.


To prevent the occurrence of the disease or development of complications, apply primary and secondary prevention. At risk are smokers with the experience, patients with manifestation of Allergy or atopic dermatitis, those who have a family predisposition to the disease, persons with harmful production conditions.

Primary prevention for vulnerable groups:

  • Reducing contact with allergens;
  • Strict observance of sanitary measures for the maintenance of residential and business premises;
  • The change of residence to a more prosperous ecological regions;
  • Healthy eating;
  • Avoiding harmful habits (Smoking, alcohol);
  • Approval dosage the medication with your doctor.

Secondary prevention to alleviate the condition of patients with bronchial asthma, prevention of asthma attacks and progression of the disease:

  • Thorough cleaning of the home from items that can focus the dust: carpets, old furniture and mattresses, stuffed toys and heavy Drapes, old books, potted plants, replacement of bed linen and towels at the brand new;
  • Strict hygiene requirements for the cleaning of residential and office premises: the rejection of household chemical use for cleaning just baby soap and microfiber wipes and towels.
  • Replacement of old Windows on new, sealed.
  • Buy air conditioner with the ionizer for the prevention of entry to the premises of the pollen of flowering plants;
  • Combating clutter space, the development of mould and fungus;
  • Waiver of the maintenance of Pets, aquarium fish;
  • Exception menu, food flavorings, preservatives, allergens;
  • Smoking cessation;
  • Control over the condition of the air in the room by collecting samples.

These measures of prevention of relapse will be even more effective with careful compliance with doctor's recommendations, use breathing exercises, regular sanatorium treatment on the profile of the disease.