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How to cure diabetes at home?

A list of the best products

Jerusalem artichoke diabetes

As alternative variants of the name this plant is called earthen pear, Jerusalem artichokes or sun roots. For patients with diabetes Jerusalem artichoke is of interest not only as a rich and low-calorie source of vitamin and mineral substances, macro – and microelements, food fibers, organic and amino acids.

More importantly, it contains a special polysaccharide, in which a large number is composed of molecules of fructose – inulin. This kind of organic substitute for insulin. Its content in the earth pear is 80%.

Inulin has the following effects: once in the body, he split with the formation of small amounts of fructose, subsequently penetrating into the blood. It is a helpful sugar, which is necessary for the normal course of metabolic processes and the more familiar glucose in case of diabetes mellitus absorbed partially or not accepted by the body. Part of the amount of fructose is converted into glucose, the rest in its original form is in the liver. Here it promotes the formation of glycogen.

With type I disease, the inclusion in the diet of artichoke reduces blood sugar, since fructose can penetrate the cell wall without insulin. In late-onset form of the disease, the use of plants gives a different effect: the level of glucose returns to normal, aided by fiber that slows the entry of glucose and facilitating its rapid removal. If glucose is constantly decreasing, the pancreas gradually begins to produce insulin, reducing the need for injections.

Such a beneficial effect on the health of the patient with diabetes is doing the Jerusalem artichoke is an indispensable vegetable in the menu of these people. Besides contraindications to its use limited to persons with individual intolerance of this product. When a large amount of consumption may experience flatulence.

sposoby upotrebleniya topinambura vkluchaut primenenie ego v syrom, tushenom, varenom, zharenom i lubyh drugih vozmozhnyh vidah. bolshe vsego poleznyh svojstv sohranyaetsya v rastenii, ne proshedshem termicheskuu obrabotku, naprimer, v sostave ovoshnyh salatov.

recept: promytye i ochishennye klubni topinambura, ogurec, redisku i zelen izmelchit i polit olivkovym maslom.

korica pri saharnom diabete

eta pryanost okazyvaet mnogoplanovoe blagotvornoe vozdejstvie na organizm ludej, stradaushih dannym zabolevaniem. v sostav koricy vhodit fenol, kotoryj sodejstvuet snizheniu urovnya glukozy v krovi. pri ezhednevnom dobavlenii pryanosti v bluda uzhe cherez mesyac soderzhanie glukozy snizitsya na 30%.

svojstva dannoj specii pozvolyaut ej umenshat vospalitelnye processy vnutri organizma, kotorye chasto voznikaut pri saharnom diabete. krome togo, korica normalizuet obmennye processy, pomogaet snizit izbytochnyj ves, sprovocirovannyj saharnym diabetom.

vvodit koricu v racion rekomenduetsya s dozy v 1 gramm, postepenno dovodya ee upotreblenie do 5 g. pryanost mozhno dobavlyat v razlichnye bluda, sedat kotorye sleduet v pervuu ochered dlya usileniya lechebnogo vozdejstviya specii. vazhno uchityvat, chto korica obladaet gipoglikemicheskimi svojstvami tolko pervye 5 chasov posle prigotovleniya edy, poetomu ee nuzhno sedat srazu po prigotovlenii.

predlagaem recept napitka, blagotvorno vliyaushego na sostoyanie bolnyh saharnym diabetom: 2 chajnye lozhki naturalnogo zhidkogo meda smeshivaut s chajnoj lozhechkoj molotoj koricy, dolivaut massu goryachej vodoj nizhe 60 gradusov do polnogo stakana. nastoyav polchasa, napitok otpravlyaut na 12 chasov v holodilnik. pered zavtrakom vypivaut polovinu normy, a ostalnoe upotreblyaut pered snom.

koricu ne sleduet prinimat beremennym i kormyashim materyam, ludyam s gipertonicheskoj boleznu, allergiej na speciu, krovotecheniyami, rakom pishevaritelnyh organov, pri zaporah.

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imbir pri saharnom diabete

koren etogo rasteniya okazyvaet kompleksnoe vozdejstvie na organizm blagodarya vhodyashim v ego sostav 400 poleznym veshestvam, nezamenimym aminokislotam, postupaushim tolko iz pishi. imbir prinimaet aktivnoeparticipation in all metabolic processes of the body, improving and normalizing them. It lowers bad cholesterol, regulates fat metabolism, helping to reduce sugar, especially for diabetics.

Along the way, the use of ginger can stimulate circulation, relieve spasms, to treat skin and ulcer diseases, to provide antibacterial and tonic effect.

Use of ginger to enrich the diet the diet of patients with diabetes with nutrients and give dishes a rich taste. The constant use of this plant allows to reduce the weight that is often aggravating the disease condition. The spice you add when cooking and cook it separately.

Recipe tea: a Small piece of the rhizome is cleaned and leave for an hour in cold water. Then it rubbed, put in a thermos and pour boiling water. Ready to drink, take three times a day for half an hour before meals adding it to regular tea.

Add ginger to the diet of only those patients with diabetes who do not use glucose-lowering medication, because the herb may increase the effects of drugs and lead to too strong and sharp to reduce sugar content. Treatment ginger should be agreed with your doctor-endocrinologist. You should check the reaction of the body spice is an allergic product. It cannot be taken in the presence of cardiac disorders, hypertension , and elevated temperature.

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Bay leaf diabetes

The use of this plant due to its ability to reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood, reduce weight, fight with weak immunity and metabolic disorders that accompany diabetes.

The greatest number of nutrients found in fresh or slightly dried leaves of the Laurel, it is recommended to choose for therapeutic purposes. The plant is used as seasoning to dishes, and preparing teas and infusions. Treatment Bay leaf depends on the stage of the disease and the desired result, but its duration should not exceed 23 days. The use of drugs based on this plant should be agreed with experts and accompanied by the permanent control of the sugar levels because their hypoglycemicproperties are quite high.

Give methods of preparation of decoction and infusion of Laurel leaves:

  • A dozen leaves pour 3 tbsp. boiling water and insist 3 hours. Take half a Cup three times a day half an hour before meals.
  • 15 leaves of plants dipped in 300 ml. of water and boil for 5 minutes. The infusion together with the Bay leaves pour into a thermos and insist approximately 4 hours, strain. Taking small doses during the day, while the drink will not be used. After three days of admission comes a two-week break after which repeat the course again.

Use Bay leaf is not at the severe stage of diabetes, the presence of diseases associated with the kidneys, liver, heart or peptic ulcer disease. In pregnant women this plant is in constant use may cause the tone of the uterus, which threatens miscarriage. People suffering from constipation or poor blood clotting, you should be wary of drugs on the basis of the spice. When violations of the dosage and admission rules plants may experience bleeding.

Flax seeds diabetes

The composition of this medium, rich in fatty acids and polimineral, fiber and vitamins, has a healing effect on the entire body. Diabetes flax seeds help to reduce the sugar content, strengthen the immune system and normalize the activities of the various systems.

A decoction of flax seeds

5 cups of water will need 5 tablespoons of seeds. Mix two ingredients, they are put on fire and boil 10 minutes on low heat. Insist hour and then filtered. Drink the infusion during the month, taking half a glass three times a day.

People suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, kidney stones, uterine fibroids, polycystic, of endometriose or having a history of predisposition to prostate cancer should abandon plans to undergo treatment using flax seed. This also applies to pregnant and lactating women. All others should agree to this treatment as a doctor.

Oil diabetes

List of oils:

No oils of vegetable or animal origin in the human diet is not complete. But diabetics should stick to the diet, so they are forced to limit the use of these products. Daily intake of oil should notto exceed the level of 40 g, and preference should be given to those product types in which the content of healthy unsaturated fats most strong.

Butter does not contain carbohydrates, and therefore does not directly influence the level of blood sugar. Nevertheless, it is a lot of lipids that makes to restrict the normal use of this product to a minimum. Better to take it not in the sandwiches, and adding to already prepared food.

Flaxseed oil

Flax seed oil is much richer with useful substances and it is recommended for patients with diabetes. Regular consumption of dishes with the addition of this product can serve as an effective measure for the prevention of diseases of the endocrine system and diabetes.

Its application is demonstrated for people who already suffer from these diseases. In this case, it is easily digestible and useful linseed oil will help to adjust fat metabolism, reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetic neuropathy, improve weight. Fatty omega-3 and -6 acids are used for prevention of strokes, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease.

Flaxseed oil is not recommended to be subjected to heat treatment. It should be added to cooked foods to enhance the healing effect. Contraindications to the use of this product is fully consistent with what was transferred to flax.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also one of the most preferred products of this group. Its usefulness is due to the large content of vitamin E, the percentage is the product of olives is the highest. This substance is valued for its antioxidant properties, the ability to positively affect blood vessels and protect the cardiovascular system from many diseases.

Special fats included in olive oil help to support optimal sugar balance, thus being a cure and a prophylactic.

The use of olive oil is very wide, it is added to ready meals, as well as used for baking, frying and stewing. Even sandwiches can be useful, if you do not brush them with butter, and moisten with olive. But we should not forget about the daily norm of consumption of this product, which depends on the type of diabetes and can vary between 5 and 7 teaspoons. A more accurate dosage will indicate the attending physician after analysis of the patient's condition.

Oil pumpkin

Pumpkin oil is richbiologically active substances such as vitamins B, C, P, flavonoids, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, Tocopherols, zinc, phospholipids and other valuable elements. Such a rich and diverse composition allows this product to provide the body with rejuvenating, restorative and immune-boosting effects, to reduce the concentration of cholesterol, to resist infectious diseases, improve metabolic processes, reduce weight and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil of pumpkin seeds added to salads, sauces, cold dishes, they are sprinkled ready stewed dishes of vegetables and meat to give them a spicy taste and increase the useful properties of the final product.

With all the positive properties of this product is its systematic application should be discussed with the doctor as not all patients with diabetes, its use is permitted. This rule is true for people suffering from calculous cholecystitis.

Stone oil

Stone oil is one of the exotic means of dealing with the manifestations of diabetes. The substance is extracted from rock crevices. It usually has a yellowish tone and is an extensive list of its constituent salts of the rocks. This explains the efficiency of stone oil in the treatment of many diseases, the ability to heal wounds, burns, cuts, to deal with tumors and skin lesions.

Early treatment of diabetes average weight 1 g of oil stone and dissolve in 2 litres of water. Such dose take about 3 days, the rest 80sutok concentration increase to 3 grams per 2 liters. Ready to drink drink a glass three times a day before meals. For the complete course will require about 70 g of oil stone, but the purchase should be slightly more.

Treatment with the help of this tool will be a success only in the case of dieting and the constant (weekly) monitoring the level of sugar. The diet should be tailored to the fact that not all foods you can eat during the taking of the stone of oil. Menu it is recommended to check with your doctor, he should discuss the need to receive insulin during the course.

Sunflower oil

This product is more familiar, but no less popular and useful. It consists of numerous nutrients, vitamins A, E, F, D. the Lack of recent research scientists contributes to the increase in the risk of diabetes type II. In reasonable quantitiesthe inclusion of crude sunflower oil in the finished dish, or replace animal fats will bring only benefits, but because of the high calorie content it can not be used too often or in large amounts. Daily intake should not exceed 20 g.

Juices diabetes

List of oils:

People suffering from diabetes are forced to pay careful attention to the selection of diet. Juices should be its integral part, but not all of them. The best are freshly squeezed drinks with a low percentage of calories and carbohydrates. The effect of various juices can vary: some help a little to reduce the level of sugar, others strengthen the body as a whole or reduce the symptoms of complications of diabetes.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice - one of the most recommended drinks diabetes. It contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, malic acid and citric acid, so its use has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, cardiac, digestive system. All this is true only for well-ripened tomato fruits, so juicing choose them.

There are a number of contraindications, in which use of the drink from the tomatoes should be discarded. These include gout, gallstones and kidney stone disease. This is because the fruit contained in the substances may contribute to the formation of purines.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is a great additional preventive and therapeutic agent from caused by diabetes complications. It is proved that the systematic use of the drink of the pomegranate improves the condition of vessels, the probability of occurrence of atherosclerosis, decreases bad cholesterol, starts to be absorbed more slowly, the stroke risk becomes smaller.

To improve sour taste of pomegranate juice, you can add a little honey, but then the number of drink drink should be reduced. Completely abandon the intake of pomegranate juice will have patients with peptic ulcer or gastritis with high acidity. Everyone else is also not recommended to take the juice of pomegranate a long time.


The juice of Jerusalem artichoke contains all the positive properties of this plant in a concentrated form. This explains its high efficiency in improving the condition of patients with diabetes. The juice of Jerusalem artichoke prepared just before use. For this the tubers of the plant are washed, cleaned, crushed, of them squeeze about half a Cup of this healing drink and drink it before meal time. Frequency – 3 times a day. The duration of intake should not exceed 2 weeks, followed by a break of ten days, after which the course is repeated.

Drink from the tubers of the Jerusalem artichoke not only reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood, but will greatly reduce the acidity of gastric juice and cope with the manifestations of heartburn.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is used to strengthen the body and reduce the symptoms of diabetes symptoms. This drink plenty of vitamins and minerals, as well as an abundance of phytochemicals. This composition allows the drink to possess antioxidant properties, to serve as a therapeutic and preventive measure against diseases of the cardiovascular system, poor vision, skin lesions, high cholesterol. Carrot juice is a product which carbohydrates are absorbed slowly, thereby slowing the absorption of glucose and normalizing blood sugar.

Often carrot juice is prepared with the help of a blender or juicer. It is used in the composition of the drinks from the number of juices to improve their taste and increase the healing effect. In normal doses it is completely safe.

Potato juice

Potato juice – not the most pleasant taste, but this is more than kompensiruet its healing properties. It helps to cope with the manifestations of diabetes, diseases of the liver and kidney, peptic ulcer disease and hypertension. The juice from the tubers of the potato contains elements such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, allowing this drink to lower blood pressure, strengthen blood vessels, heart muscle, and to cleanse and strengthen the body in General.

For the preparation of the drug for two potato and RUB the pulp is passed through cheesecloth. The resulting juice drink a quarter Cup for half an hour before meals. Length of use is about three weeks and can resume after a two-week break.

The drink can be diluted with an equal amount of water or mix with other juices in a ratio of 1:4.

Beet juice

Beet juice patients with diabetes should be consumed with caution. On the one hand is effective remedy forhypertension, peptic ulcer disease, metabolic abnormalities, anemia, and other diseases. On the other hand, vegetables is sucrose, which may adversely affect the health of patients with diabetes. Therefore, treatment of beet juice should be made after consultation with a doctor and in strict compliance with the indicated dosage.

Best properties of beet juice are manifested in the interaction with the drinks of other vegetables, e.g. carrot and cucumber.

Rosehip diabetes

With the help of medicines prepared from this plant, are struggling with the symptoms of the disease and its complications. The berries are used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and increase the protective properties of the organism, the flowers are used for getting rid of inflammation, stems effectively cope with sciatica, and the root successfully treats heart disease.

The members of the plant variety, includes vitamin C and B, A, K, P and PP, sugar, organic acids, fatty oil, pectin, flavonoids. Among trace elements included in the active ingredients of the rosehip, it should be noted calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. The concentration of nutrients depends on the type of plants and locations.

By using tools based on rose diabetics can solve a number of problems caused by this disease:

  • The weakening of the immune system. The appearance of infectious or viral diseases may lead to deterioration of health of people with diabetes.
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  • High blood pressure. Changes in this indicator are bad for the blood vessels making them less elastic and prone to destruction.
  • The high content of cholesterol. The use of the hips will help to bring his levels back to normal, simultaneously clearing and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

  • Fatigue, low tonus of the organism.
  • Obstruction of outflow of urine and bile.
  • The formation of stones, the accumulation of toxins.

Broth hips

Fresh or dried crushed rose hips in the amount of three tablespoons pour half liter of hot water and warm up a quarter of an hour in a water bath. The resulting liquid raw materials are poured into a thermos and insist another day. Take the remedy half an hour before meals twice a day.

Patients with diabetes should start treatment rosehip fruit with care and only after approval of the funds with the doctor. If you have a history of hyperacidity, peptic ulcer or other gastrointestinal diseases from the use of plants should be abandoned.

Green tea in diabetes

According to nutritionists, it is one of the most preferred drinks in this disease. Regular consumption of green tea contributes to the resolution of the indicators of sugar content, improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Included in the beverage composition of substances, among them theanine, caffeine, catechin, helps to get rid of visceral fat accumulates usually near the internal organs. Green tea is effective against manifestations of hypertension in the fight against obesity.

People with diabetes are advised to drink about 4 cups of green tea per day without sugar or milk.

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Elderly patients should not consume this beverage too often, it can lead to the deterioration of the joints. People suffering from disorders of the kidneys, diagnosed with gout, calculi, exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, gastritis with high temperature green tea should be abandoned.

Treatment baking soda

This method has been used doctors early XX century. Cases are known when the introduction of baking soda intravenously allowed to bring patients out of comas. It is proved that sodium bicarbonate can help to alleviate the condition of the patient with chronic kidney disease, and this means the tool should be effective and other metabolic disorders.

According to some scientists, diabetes is a consequence of the increased acidity of the liver. It is believed that the body is overloaded with waste of life, constantly in need of cleaning, and high acidity the liver cannot cleanse properly. This leads to the fact that the pancreas gradually stops in the right amounts to produce insulin. It follows that baking soda to neutralize excess acidity, you can reduce the risk of diabetes and other such diseases.

Recipe: boil a glass of milk and pour in a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. Stir the mixture and leave onheat for a few minutes, and then cool. Drink a glass daily.

You can use this tool impossible for people with low acidity of the stomach and malignant tumors. The rest of the patients before treatment should be consult a doctor.

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Herbs recommended for diabetes

All medicinal plants according to the method of effects on the body can be divided into two groups:

  1. Herbs containing various insulin-like compounds that help to regulate glucose levels in the blood.

  2. Plants that contribute to the normalization of the body by cleansing it from toxins, strengthening the immune system and stimulating activities of systems and organs.

Herbs from the first group can serve as the main means for the treatment of diabetes, especially when combined use of physical activity and diet.

For the preparation of healing potions, you can use various medicinal plants, but should consider the impact:

The use of these plants should take into account that not all of them equally well interact with each other, so sometimes it is better to buy an already balanced charges.

Useful vegetables and fruits for diabetes

These products are an important part of the diet of people suffering from this disease, because they provide a source of vitamins and fiber. The selection of vegetables and fruits should be approached carefully and enter in the menu only those whose glycemic index does not exceed the figure of 70. It is important to remember that this figure may increase after the heat treatment, so it is possible these products are encouraged to eat raw. To prevent a sharp jump in sugar experts suggest to eat first meals with a low glycemic index, and then higher.


Cabbage fits perfectly into the diet of people with diabetes. All species of this valuable vegetable – cabbage, cauliflower, red, broccoli, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts and Savoy – have a unique and very useful effects on the body. Taste and healing qualities they are not inferior to sauerkraut, which is also recommended for use.


Beets are permitted in small quantities due to its high content of sucrose, get rid of that can, provari this product. Given the many useful components of this vegetable, completely abandon its use is not necessary.


Pumpkin is included in the list recommended to eat vegetables, thanks to large content of useful substances in its composition. It can be consumed in any form, but especially useful is the raw product, which is often added to salads.


The eggplants attract diabetics primarily for their low calorie, high fiber. With regular use of the dishes from this vegetable (at least 2 times a week), can talk about its ability to reduce sugar levels, cholesterol levels, normalize heart activity and withdraw the excess fluid. The best ways of cooking eggplantsthe boiling and stewing.


Seaweed copes well with the elimination of the complications of diabetes like atherosclerosis, increase in cholesterol, vision loss, decreased immunity. As a food and medicinal product can be used fresh and dry leaves of kelp. The cooking method has little effect on the maintenance of numerous nutrients in this algae.


Apples savory varieties should be on the table every day. They can be eaten without any processing or added to fruit and vegetable salads, cook with them, drinks and jams. Apples baked is also allowed to use, but you should consider changing the glycemic index.


Pomegranate is known for its ability to strengthen the immune system, rid the body of steroid plaques and improve the exchange processes. A great variety of useful substances in the composition of this product, attracts attention. People with diabetes are recommended to choose sour varieties of pomegranate.


Kiwi is very valuable for diabetics product, which is essential for them folic acid, minerals and vitamins. The consumption of this fruit helps to replace the sweets under the ban. Fruits contain an optimal amount of sugar that does not cause a rapid insulin spike and does not interfere in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Kiwi fruit promotes weight loss.