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Causes of dry mouth

One of the frequent complaints in many diseases is dry mouth. It can be diseases of the digestive system, acute pathology of celiac organs requiring surgical treatment, diseases of the heart and nervous system, metabolic and endocrine disorders and diabetes. The detail and correct interpretation of this symptom could be one of the main diagnostic criteria for a thought-provoking idea about the correct diagnosis.

There are situations in which dry mouth appears only in the morning. It usually tells about the problems related to local causes or is a natural manifestation of the external influences on the body. Dry mouth in the morning, go away on their own after some time after waking up. Because the main mechanism of its occurrence – the mechanical dryness of the air during sleep if mouth breathing (snoring, problems with nasal breathing). Almost always after drinking alcoholic beverages in the morning there is dry mouth.

Dry mouth night

Night dry mouth requires a finer granularity, because the causes of its appearance more serious compared to the morning. It can be as banal drying of the mucosa in air or overeating at night, and diseases of the nervous system. At night the secretion of saliva is reduced, each person, and when disturbed innervation of the salivary glands, this process is disrupted to an even greater extent. Sometimes permanent night dry mouth is evidence of chronic diseases of internal organs.

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Other symptoms of dry mouth

It is unacceptable to consider only one dry mouth. Be sure to pay attention to other symptoms that can accompany it . The correct interpretation of combinations of symptoms with the dry mouth helps in determining the true cause of their appearance.


If dry mouth is accompanied by General weakness, you can say one thing: the causes of its origin are clearly serious origin. This is especially true with their constant progression. Such patients must be fully examined. Because in the end, it can be identified even the most dangerous disease in the initial stage of its development, which will serve asa good precondition for their treatment.

Weakness, combined with the dry mouth happens in diseases of the Central and peripheral nervous system, intoxication external origin, the toxicity of the cancer and pyogenic origin. In the same way capable of infectious and viral diseases, diseases of the blood system (anemia, leukemia, lymphoma). Cancer patients after aggressive chemotherapy or surgical treatment might feel weakness, combined with dryness of the mouth.

White language

Speak the language – it is a mirror of the abdominal cavity. Indeed, the nature of the tongue coating can be a lot to learn about the digestive system. Usually these changes are combined with the dry mouth. This combination of symptoms can be indicative of diseases of the esophagus, stomach and intestines. These include: gastritis and gastroduodenitis, gastroezofagealna-reflux disease and reflux-ezofagit, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, colitis and enterocolitis.

If severe pain in the abdomen combined with the dry mouth and white coating on the tongue is a reliable sign of a catastrophe in the abdomen. Such diseases include appendicitis and its complications, simple and stone, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and pancreatic necrosis, intestinal obstruction and perforated ulcer (duodenal ulcer). In such situations, it is not necessary to wait for improvement. Treatment should be urgent and may require surgery.

Bitter taste in the mouth

The origin of bitterness in the mouth, combined with dryness can be guilty of two mechanisms. The first, associated with disruption of the biliary system, the second, dysfunction of the stomach in terms of the secretion of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid. In both these situations there is a delay or bile, or sour foods. The result of this stagnation becomes the absorption of their degradation products in the blood that affect qualitative and quantitative characteristics of saliva. The bitter components are deposited directly in the mucous membranes. The causative diseases can be acute and chronic cholecystitis, dyskinesia of the biliary system, with bile stasis, chronic viral and toxic hepatitis, peptic ulcer and gastritis, a chronic disease of the pancreas, causing violation of the outflow of bile.


The combination of dry mouth with nausea – not a rare phenomenon. Common causes for themcombinations are intestinal infections and food poisoning. They can occur even before the appearance of the developed clinical picture of diarrhea and vomiting. Sometimes dry mouth with nausea arise in the ordinary consequence of errors in diet or overeating.

Clearly regarded such a combination of complaints is impossible. Must be evaluated and additional symptoms such as abdominal pain, disorders of stool and digestion. Probably can only say one thing – a combination of nausea with dryness of the mouth is evidence of problems with the digestive system.


If dry mouth is attached dizziness, it is always an alarming signal. Because it tells about the involvement of the brain and the failure of the automatic mechanisms of regulation of its blood supply. This is possible either in the primary diseases of the brain, accompanied by dry mouth and dizziness, or any other diseases that are caused by dehydration or intoxication.

In the first case the appearance of a disturbing combination of symptoms is the result of direct disruption of the brain, and as a consequence, it is impossible to maintain the body in an upright position. This disturbed the process of normal salivary flow, which is manifested by dryness of the mouth. Secondary changes in the body that are not associated with the brain, there by reducing circulating blood volume, causing reduced blood supply. While there are those pathological processes that are characteristic of the primary lesion of the brain.

Frequent urination

Dry mouth and frequent urination makes you think about two things. In the first case we are talking about diseases of the kidneys. Chronic inflammatory lesions of these organs are directly connected with the water balance in the body, defining a sense of thirst and the amount of daily urine. In the second case we are talking about diabetes.

The mechanism of combination of symptoms of dry mouth with frequent urination can be explained as follows. The increase of glycemia (the amount of sugar in the blood) leads to an increase in osmotic pressure of blood. As a result, a constant pull fluid from the cells into the bloodstream. The increase in fluid volume in the blood causes the sensation of thirst and dry mucous membranes, at the same time causing the kidneys to remove excess fluid from the body.

Dry mouth during pregnancy

Normal course of pregnancy rarely accompany painful symptoms.During this period, pregnant women may experience any complaints, but they are of a temporary nature, without disturbing the General condition of women. Periodic dry mouth during pregnancy is no exception. But if this symptom becomes a protracted and progressive course, it is always the alarm. It may indicate malnutrition and water regime pregnant, worsening of any chronic disease.

But you need not be afraid so much of these States as threatening toxicity. If it occurs in the first half of pregnancy, it's not so bad. But late toxicosis (gestosis) is always a matter of concern for the life of the mother and her baby. Therefore, every pregnant woman should know that dry mouth, combined with nausea, vomiting, swelling and high blood pressure is the first call of preeclampsia. Wait self-improvement of the condition is not necessary. Be sure to seek medical help at a fertility clinic.