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How to treat the flu at home

About how to treat the flu, the patient will be told on the doctor. As a rule, the infection is responding to therapy as an outpatient and does not require hospitalization of the patient. The placement of a person in a hospital is required only in severe disease with complications. So for those who are wondering how to treat the flu at home, we offer the most effective homemade recipes.

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How to treat the flu with pine cones?

The collection of cones held in may-June necessary green pine cones that have not opened. The diameter of the cones should not be more than four inches.

After collecting the raw material was washed thoroughly under running water, divide each lump into four pieces and fill them a glass container (you can use a quart jar). Pour a forty alcoholic solution or vodka to the brim, insist in a cool place, without access of sun rays within 14 days.

At the expiration of the fixed term, filter the tincture through cheesecloth folded in four and pour into a container with tinted walls. The tincture is ready for use.

Pine tincture – an excellent tool for the prevention of SARS and influenza in the autumn-winter period, make it start in October and continue until April. In the preventive purposes it is sufficient to drink a teaspoon per day in pure form or dissolving it in warm water. At the first sign of the disease the dosage is doubled, the frequency is increased to three times a day on an empty stomach. Children are given half of the adult norms, as well as three times a day.

Another reason for the necessity of continuous drinking – intoxication by influenza viruses, and the removal of toxins is carried out with the fluid. Sweating and releasing of toxins from urine is necessary to cleanse the body and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Since the flu is often accompanied by nasal congestion and runny nose, and cough, there is a need for additional fluid intake to thin the mucus and facilitate its discharge, excretion of phlegm from the lungs.

Influenza vitamin drink

A warm drink from the berries and twigs of currant – good folk remedy for the treatment of flu and colds. In the summer you can drink cooled blackcurrant compote for the winter, you can store the dry twigs of currant and cook one broth. For its preparation take a handful of twigs and a liter of hot water, for taste and aroma you can add some berries (which can be stored frozen from the summer). Vegetable raw material is poured with water and bring to a boil, then lower the fire and cook three to four hours. To drink a decoction of currant need in the form of heat via the two glasses before going to sleep, for taste can be dissolved in the drink a little honey. The treatment is carried out in the first days of the disease.

Rosehip with berries

Dried berries rose hips crushed, immersed in an enamel pan and pour cold water, bring to a boil. After ten minutes remove from heat and leave to infuse for ten hours. Then the infusion is filtered through folded cheesecloth after it is ready for use.

The beverage not only helps prevent dehydration during illness but is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of influenza. The broth can be enriched with raspberries, currants, add honey to taste. Clean broth you can drink six glasses a day, drink with honey and berries take three glasses a day servings of half a Cup.

How to treat the flu with modern means?

Modern drugs effectively fight the flu. Do not forget that, first and foremost, the flu does not need antibiotics, and antiviral drugs (influenza is a virus and not a bacterium). Read more about treatment of influenza >