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Impotence in men

Causes, signs and treatment of impotence in men


Description of the disease

Impotence in men is a pathological condition which is based on the violation of the physiological ability of the penis to come into a state of erection (sexual arousal), or to maintain it for the time sufficient for sexual intercourse (coitus). The most modern and correct name of this condition from a medical point of view, is erectile dysfunction. If you decrypt both of these medical term into two words, understandable for the average person, without additional, in-depth searches of information, they may be called impotence.

But erectile dysfunction in understanding different people can have such different limit and justification that it has forced experts to standardize some of the criteria for identifying the true problems. You need to understand that the verge of norm and pathology is very thin and can radically differ in the understanding of many men. The fact that some consider erectile dysfunction, others can compare with the top sexual health. Another important point among the common characteristics of this problem is its delicacy.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction, trying any way to hide his sexual inadequacy. Some simple silence, others exaggerated their sexual health in vivid detail. The only thing that unites these two groups is that the real truth about health and disease so no one knows. It turns out closed circuit to break you can help only professionals.

His appearance causes the release of hormonal biologically active substances that lead to relaxation of the sphincters and venous sinuses of the penis. The result is a stimulation of the blood flow to them increase the length, thickness and hardened consistency. Maintaining the penis in this condition depends on many factors, but in most cases is determined by individual characteristics.

Disorders erectile ability can occur at any of its levels that formed the basis for the basic classification of impotence. Its main types are:

  1. Organic – due to a violation of the conduct and the implementation of sexual arousal or impulse. This means that men experiencing sexual attraction but not its realization in the form of erection;

  2. Psychogenic – a violation of the formation of the excitation pulse, which is primary in the launch of erectile ability;

  3. Combined – a combination of organic and psychogenic mechanisms of erectile dysfunction. The most common, since both give rise to each other's development.

Signs and symptoms of impotence

Depending on when experiencing impotence, it can be primary and secondary. In the first case, an erection in boys does not occur at all. In the second it took place, but over time weak or missing. Before the description of the symptoms, it is important to the selection of so-called physiological or age-related impotence, which develops with age. Clear edges to denote impotence does not exist, as a man at any age continues to be a man in the full sense of the word. The main symptoms that should raise concern are:

  1. The reduction or absence of erectile ability. This means that men of reproductive age suffering from impotence are not able to bring the penis in a state of tension, despite a strong desire;

  2. The defective erection, the penis increases in size, but can not achieve necessary for sexual intercourse consistency.

  3. The inability to hold erections for the time necessary for normal duration of sexual intercourse, especially when unmet ejaculation;

  4. Prematureejaculation, which occurs in aging men with extensive sexual experience;

  5. The lack of morning or night involuntary erections;

  6. The reduction or complete absence of libido (sexual desire) and related impotence.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is enough to have one of these symptoms. The greater their number is, the harder it is to resolve the mechanisms of development. There are cases when the impotence is temporary or regular nature, as a logical result of physiological changes in the male body. It is worth noting about them.

  1. Cannot be considered as impotence decrease in erectile function due to excessive sexual activity. Under conditions of constant irritation of the receptor structures of the brain, venous sinuses of the penis and zamechatelnogo apparatus is the development of resistance with absolute immunity to any irritating effects. The duration of this state can reach different times and depends primarily from the transferred loads. The higher they are, the longer erectile dysfunction. After a certain time all by itself restored;

  2. Premature ejaculation in men leading irregular sexual life, which often becomes the reason for the failure to bring the sexual act to the desired conclusion. The normalization of sexual relations leads to the rapid elimination of this unpleasant features. If not, you have to look for the causes of unpleasant condition;

  3. The decline of sexual power in men, whose age beyond the reproductive. It is important to consider is a gradual age-related decline, but not complete loss of erectile abilities.

All of these States do not require complex medical interventions, as are reversible or are a natural age-related changes in the male body. Important in the confirmation of impotence as a medical problem, it is the emergence of these symptoms that were not previously observed and stored for a long time. Short-term erectile dysfunction may also be a normal variant due to transient hormonal changes from male genitals.

Causes of impotence

Impotence in men refers to those conditions that may bea separate disease, and one of the many symptoms of various pathological conditions. The reasons for its emergence more than enough. They can influence any of the levels and mechanisms to bring the penis to a state of persistent erection. Given that this is a very delicate and complex system, it is often exposed to the negative influences. These include:

  1. Psychological impotence;

  2. Physical stress;

  3. Diseases of the endocrine system;

  4. Neurological disorders;

  5. Diabetes, obesity and emaciation;

  6. The defeat of the vascular system;

  7. Heart disease and hypertension;

  8. Severe liver with hepatic insufficiency;

  9. Intoxication and harmful habits (alcohol abuse, Smoking, drug abuse);

  10. Diseases and injuries of the male genital organs;

  11. Drug impotence;

  12. Failure to comply with the culture of natural sex and abuse of his substitutes.

Psychological impotence

Psychological impotence is one of the most frequent causes of development of sexual weakness in young, physically strong and somatically healthy men. It occurs on the background of psycho-emotional disorders and stress. It can be persistent stressful working conditions or nervousness. Up to a certain time they did not manifest itself. But there comes a time when excess adrenaline causes either burned natural sex hormones, or become insensitive receptors in the sphincters of the cavernous sinuses of the penis.

The second point, psychogenic impotence is its periodicity. It occurs suddenly, it is possible to tell, on the background of complete well-being and is characterized by unpredictability. In some cases, it alone passes, wearing of short duration. Such situations may include psychological discomfort and tension that is felt by the man before intercourse. Naturally, in such circumstances, neither of which erection can not be discussed. As well as impotence. Because erectile function in normal conditions preserved. Sometimes cause psychogenic conditional impotence may be the lack of sexual attraction to certain women.

Physicalstrain no one has yet added health, especially men. Erection and later after her sexual act are very energy intensive processes that require the original stamina. If a man consumes its energy resource, this will impact on his erectile abilities. Gemodinamicheski lifestyle also has a negative impact on them.

Endocrine disorders. All endocrine glands are interrelated in complex reactions. In respect of impotence, this primarily relates to the testes, which are a source of testosterone – the only natural engine of masculinity. Normal blood provides not only a strong libido but also enhances metabolic processes in all organs, making the life energy of men is practically inexhaustible. In violation of its synthesis may play a role thyroid disease, pituitary and adrenal glands, which are responsible for the launch and direct the maintenance of this process.

Neurological disorders. Organic or functional lesions of the nervous system in the form of cerebrovascular disorders, tumors of the brain, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, injury, flaccid paralysis, large hernia and diseases of the spinal cord and its nerve roots can lead to impaired relaxation of the sphincter of the corpora cavernosa. This is the reason organic impotence, which is persistent as a symptom of specific diseases.

Diabetes with disorders of body weight. Excess glucose blood results and the defeat of the two components normal erectile abilities: neural and vascular. Diabetic neuropathy decreases the sensitivity of the receptor structures that slows down the blood supply of the penis. Diabetic angiopathy is the basis of the fact that the choroid plexus of the cavernous bodies is just not able to take the necessary for erection amount of blood. Disorders of lipid metabolism also violate erection, so as to play a role in the synthesis of testosterone.

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The defeat of blood vessels atherosclerosis is the actual cause of impotence in men. Although the maintain an erection the main role belongs to the venous vessels, the arteries carry the blood flow to them. So they lose, especially when Leriche's syndrome and atherosclerosis of the aorta will inevitably affect erectile abilities. The same applies to heart disease andhypertension, which lead to a decrease in blood flow in the cavernous body.

Liver disease in the usual form of toxic or viral hepatitis does not lead to impotence. The cause may be the progressive drop in synthetic function of the liver cells. This leads to decreased production of testosterone precursors that are getting in the testicles should be this hormone. The result is testosterone deficiency impotence.

Bad habits for a long time remain in the shadow against the erectile abilities of men. Sometimes they on the contrary reinforce them. But it is strictly temporary in nature. If you ignore the cautionary rules that in adulthood, you can feel the consequences of their negative actions. Alcohol directly affects the synthesis of sex hormones and of nicotinic effects lead to a breach of the vascular component of erection.

Diseases of the male genitalia are an important cause of organic impotence, which is poorly amenable to correction. These include acute and chronic prostatitis, orchitis, orchiepididymitis, zestoretic, benign prostate hyperplasia, cancer pathology of this zone. Any inflammation will sooner or later lead to scarring, poor circulation and functions of the inflamed organ. Given their anatomical proximity, impotence is a common ending of this kind of diseases.

Self-satisfaction leads to impotence!

Self-satisfaction leads to of impotence are mixed, the psycho-organic nature. It is impossible to consider self-gratification is absolutely useless and harmful process. In normal circumstances, it must be present, but not often. After a long period of abstinence and lack of sex also do not carry health benefits. But in those critical moments and should help self-gratification.

But if it acquires the character of a complete substitute for a healthy sexual relationship, then sooner or later it will affect erectile abilities. The fact is that the self-excitation of the receptor structures of the penis only mimics the sexual act, leading to defective ejaculation. The permanent stagnation of sperm causes a decrease in testicular function and as a result impotence.

At what age comes impotence?

The answer to this question, sooner or later, looking for each man. This is a very painful subject, asin fact, normal erectile ability is one of the factors of self-sufficiency any man. Each nature has their resource of sexual possibilities, which is in the process of life can be either saved or lost in the networks of poor lifestyle and disease. Therefore, age norms for impotence does not exist.

From the point of view of the purpose of erection as a physiological condition, problems with it should not arise since puberty to preserve the possibility of fertility.

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Impotence at a young age

Impotence at a young age definitely can not be a normal variant. Even if it is short-lived. Especially when there is no it connection with excessive sexual activity. Young men with no diseases of the genital organs or severe extragenital pathology, impotence is conditional and is often psychogenic. It is not as dangerous as organic and relatively favorably corrected. The main thing is not ashamed of this problem, and to promptly contact a specialist. Otherwise, over time it will turn into organic. And deal with it – is much harder.

Impotence in older men is a very ambiguous concept. What is the age group can be attributed in this framework, it is very hard to say. But for illustration and clarity of understanding of the facets of norm and pathology is necessary to consider some statistics. Scientists determined that about 50 percent of men over the age of 50 years in varying degrees, suffer from erectile disorders. All other incidence of impotence by age groups move in the direction of its reduction in men younger than age and is increased in older persons. we are Talking only about the weakening of sexual health, not about its absence. So, age barrier, which is normal there should be no manifestations of impotence, or they are of short duration is 50 years of age. Proof of this are the thoughts of the majority of female respondents of different age groups who do not perceive older men as a lover.

How to treat impotence?

The eliminate impotence in some cases become difficult. This applies, first and foremost, its organic nature. In the case of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, the situation is much simpler. You need to consider every detail, eliminatingall causes of development problems, and only then proceed to specific events.

Typical errors of young men with psychogenic impotence in addressing the disorder:

  1. The reluctance to establish contact with a sexual partner;

  2. Hiding your problem;

  3. Early application of pharmacological and mechanical methods of treatment;

  4. Disregard the General rules of healthy lifestyle;

  5. Waiver specialized medical care.

In order to get that erection that is lost or to complete the primary, when psychogenic impotence, you must perform the whole complex of actions:

  1. Normalization of sleep, work and rest. Of course, this is not always feasible because of the vital necessity forced many men to work with the harm to the body. You should try as much as possible correctly to build your regime, because sexual health is worth a lot.

  2. Healthy eating. Food should be hearty, nutritious high protein, vitamins of different groups, minerals and other nutrients. A variety of diet meat, eggs, dairy products (yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese), vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs, grains and nuts definitely have a positive impact on erection.

  3. The elimination of the psychological barrier. If impotence caused by fear of possible dissatisfaction with the sexual partner, the result of premature ejaculation, the solution is to build full understanding between the partners. All sexual relations should be only open. Making love people should not be afraid or ashamed of each other. The only way to get a real erection and a complete feeling of orgasm.

  4. Sex-therapy. This method is very suitable in cases of psychogenic impotence, caused by the weakening of the libido to particular women. Most often this happens in couples when the time ruthlessly destroys all sexual attraction between loving people. This treatment should be a woman by awakening in his male desire. For this to be a favorable leisure environment, followed by a visual review of man of all the erogenous zones of a woman and her genitals. In any case it is impossible to prevent tactile contact during this process. It may take a little time tooriginated the super-high libido that restores erection and stored in subcortical areas of the brain.

  5. Psychotherapy. If it is impossible to cope with psychogenic impotence light therapy will completely eliminate the unpleasant problem.

Treatment of organic impotence depends on the cause of its development and should be selected strictly individually. Unfortunately, methods not so much.

Other methods in the vacuum traction of the penis, which is the attraction of blood to the cavernous bodies, are rarely used, although yield a certain result. Surgical treatment of impotence involves prosthetic corpus cavernosum of the penis flexible implants, which are becoming given to them the situation. These methods of treatment are extreme measures.

Diet impotence

Diet impotence plays an important role in the treatment. Nutrition should be balanced, use the products must have regenerating properties, for example, these properties are whey, sour goat's milk (can be regular milk, but not the action) honey, millet, vegetable oil, tomatoes, brewer's yeast, carrots, rose hips, celery, garlic and onion.

Dried figs also help to increase sexual power of men. For cooking this means you will need: dried dates, almonds, pistachios, seeds quince. All of these ingredients to grind together in equal parts and use this tool for about 100 g a day.

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It is possible to advise, from which you should refrain: first, of course, from Smoking and alcohol, and products made from white flour and white sugar.

Prevention of impotence

The whole complex of preventive measures is reduced to that volume:

  1. Normalization of lifestyle: work, diet, rest, exercise, healthy sleep;

  2. Refusal of harmful habits: alcohol, Smoking, addiction;

  3. The rejection terminatedsexual intercourse as the only method of contraception;

  4. The rejection of abuse-gratification;

  5. Treatment and prevention of somatic disorders and diseases: neurological, cardiac, vascular, hepatic, endocrine;

  6. Timely treatment of diseases of the reproductive organs: prostatitis, adenoma, orchiepididymitis;

  7. Prevent injury to the genital organs, especially of the corpora cavernosa of the penis;

  8. Regular sexual life;

  9. The rejection of promiscuity;

  10. Timely awareness and treatment of problems with erectile ability;

  11. Right sexual and emotional relationship with the sexual partner.

In addition, to prevent such failures, it is necessary to use plants with bio-stimulating effect, as well as preparations of them. Some of those plants: Siberian ginseng, maral root, aralia, Golden root, Chinese Magnolia vine, sea-buckthorn berries, rose hipsand nuts. And how much should be consumed vegetable oil.

Herbs and plants to increase potency

These contains vitamin E, which is so necessary for men's health. These herbal medicines will reduce the possibility of trouble in sexual terms – as a young age and to old age.