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Treatment of bleeding folk remedies

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Treatment of uterine bleeding orange peel

There are many effective folk recipes to stop uterine bleeding.

  1. A good remedy is a decoction of orange peels. For its preparation it is necessary to clear 6-7 oranges and boil skins in 1.5 l of water. After some time, the amount of liquid is reduced to 500 ml. of the Broth is removed from heat, mixed with sugar and drink for one and a half tablespoons three times a day.

  2. Use in the treatment and cloves. 200 g of clove leaf pour boiling water (250 ml) and boil it. A decoction should drink a tablespoon three times a day. The tool not only helps stop uterine bleeding, but also strengthens the uterine wall.

  3. Folk medicine also recommends that for treatment of uterine bleeding apply viburnum ordinary. To prepare the medicine in two ways: 1) through cheesecloth to squeeze the juice and mix with sugar in a ratio of 1:2; drink three times a day, diluting 2-3 tablespoons of juice in a glass of water; 2) berries dried and brewed in a thermos (4 tablespoons berries 500 ml), drink infusion is necessary for the day.

  4. Bleeding dried nettle leaves and brew a tablespoon in a Cup of boiling water. The drug should be boiled for about 10 minutes on low heat. Then the broth studyat the tail and take a tablespoon five times a day.

  5. Useful for uterine bleeding brew in a Cup of boiling water 20 grams of the herb cat's paw. Medicine need a tablespoon every 1.5 hours until the bleeding stops.

  6. It is recommended to brew the herb called "shepherd's purse". A Cup of boiling water put a tablespoon of dry raw material, cover and leave to infuse for one hour. Medicine drink a tablespoon three times a day before meals. This tool is contraindicated in pregnancy and thrombophlebitis.

  7. Folk healers have long been used to stop strong uterine bleeding nuts, cedar pine. Shell peanuts (1 Cup), pour a liter of water evaporated duringthree hours. 100 ml of the broth need to drink three times a day.

  8. Treat bleeding and yarrow. The grass dried, ground and brewed in one Cup of boiling water a couple of teaspoons. You need to wait an hour, then strain and drink a quarter Cup 4 times a day (before meals).

Also for uterine bleeding to do douching with warm boiled water, adding the tool recommended by the doctor. The woman lies on her back, placed under the buttocks of the ship, bends his legs and spreads his thighs. After douching the patient needs to rest. At pregnancy to carry out this procedure is not recommended.

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Treatment of epistaxis ointment from pork lard and the roots of calamus

For nosebleed should sit on a couch or chair, throw back your head, wet in hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab, squeeze and put in a nostril. To the nose it is recommended to apply cold (ice or cold wet towel).

If the bleeding has not stopped folk medicine advises to use the ointment from pork lard and calamus root. A teaspoon of roots crushed and mixed with pork lard or vaseline (50g). The mucous membrane of the nose should be lubricated with ointment two to three times a day. Similarly prepare an ointment from the other hemostatic plants (Polygonum pepper, nettle, viburnum ordinary, yarrow, Burnet, shepherd's purse, etc.).

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Treatment of bleeding from the anus

Bleeding from the back passage can be a warning signal of dangerous diseases (cancer, hemorrhoids, trauma, and sores of the intestine), so be sure to go to the doctor. Such bleeding cannot be treated independently, but after consultations as tools you can use several popular recipes.

Hemorrhoidal bleedingstop lotions with calendula. Also use the ointment with horse chestnut: they dried the hemorrhoidal lump. It is also useful to brew a oak bark and infuse chamomile medicinal. These funds are used for baths and washing. Another treatment for hemorrhoids bleeding are steam trays of garlic.

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