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What can I eat lactating mother?

The breastfeeding is the time when the woman begins to carefully reflect on our own diet. In this regard, there is a lot of questions about what is possible and what products are banned. Most women come to the conclusion that it is best to stick to a strict diet. However, there is no such product that can eat mom and every kid in the world will arise in him a negative reaction.

There are just certain foods that in the presence of individual predisposition of the mother and child can cause negative effects. Therefore, in order to avoid allergic reactions, the woman tries to restrict your diet.

Known to every young mother prohibitions on the use, for example, cabbage or cucumbers – at this point in time do not apply. Experts on breastfeeding clearly that is necessary is what is required by the body. He alone will tell you what products to refrain. It will also be able to provide adequate nutrition to the child and not to inflict harm in the form of allergic reactions.

If you really want something, you can try, the important thing is to know the sense of proportion and do not forget to track the behavior of the crumbs. If the skin has any rashes or observed violations of the gastrointestinal tract of the child, you need to reflect on what is the product of so-called risk groups could cause a similar reaction. Having identified the culprit, you need to take time off from its use. Why? Just because a high probability that after a very short time response of the child to this component will be radically different. Often those foods that cause allergies in the first three months of life, well absorbed by the baby to six-month age.

Is it possible with breastfeeding, there are cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes?

Most women are of this opinion: should abandon the cucumber, cabbage and zucchini because they are provocateurs flatulence, and thus contribute to the strengthening of colic in infants. The explanation is simple: they slabach, as they have a lot of fiber. Whether so it actually?

Do not buy tomatoes skinned, with obvious white streaks that are visible on the slice. If you press the vegetable with your finger and it will dent if you hit it on the floor or wall and it will bounce and will not change shape, it means only one thing – tomato is rich in nutrients, and chemicals. From its use should be abandoned.

Can a nursing mother beer, juice, tea, coffee, kvass, compote?

Drinks is a separate topic that interests many mothers practicing breastfeeding:

Is it possible milk, ice cream, eggs?

  • Milk. A clear opinion about can nursing mothers to drink milk does not exist. Some doctors argue that it can in a small amount to add to tea or porridge. Other doctors are of the opinion that if the baby is no allergic to the protein part of the milk, the drink his mother. To decide whether to include in the diet milk and products on its basis, women need to drink milk, after feeding to watch the baby. If you suddenly found the rash, then, at least for a week should give up milk. The rash goes – so there is a need for analysis. In that case, if it is positive, the milk will have to abstain.
  • Ice cream. Allergic reaction to cow protein automatically imposes a ban on the consumption of ice cream. In addition, most manufacturers add this dainty palm oil, which has a negative impact on the human body.
  • Palm oil has a harm for the reason that it is a carcinogen and many countries in the world have already abandoned its use in the food industry. However, in Russia it is not forbidden, and every year it exports to the country amounted to several hundred thousand tons. That is ice cream, and margarine are the main sources of this harmful substance. Also it is part of any baking and even dairy products (sour cream, goat's milk cheese). Despite the fact that information about the content in products of palm oil should be reflected on the label,many manufacturers deliberately silent about it, thus tricking buyers.

    • Can the eggs. To unsubscribe from this product is not worth it, but only if the baby is no allergic reaction to chicken protein. Figure it can also passing blood. If everything is in order, it is permissible to eat one fresh egg per day. To determine the quality, just omit the egg in a glass filled with water. The egg sank – so there can be. A breastfeeding woman should not be included in the diet untested eggs. Before cooking they need to be washed.

    Can seeds and nuts?

    It is known that nuts and seeds are powerful allergens. Therefore, to protect yourself and your baby, you shouldn't eat in a day more than 3 nuts. You can often hear recommendations for increasing the consumption of a woman of walnuts to improve lactation. Indeed, they are able to stimulate milk production and also be a source of vitamins and vegetable fats. However, all should be careful, this is especially true in the case if the child is still very young.

    Seeds often cause allergies in those children whose mothers provide a response to the pollen of various grasses. If such reactions were noticed, a bit to chew sunflower seeds.

    So lactation is not a reason for denying yourself absolutely everything. Naturally, it is necessary to limit such harmful foods like: coffee, alcohol, sausage, etc. But they are harmful not only during feeding but also in everyday life. As for the other foods, to enter them it is possible and necessary, but you must do it gently and not more than one new component a day.