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Treatment of lactose in the home

Lactostasis – this stagnation of milk in the breast of lactating women. Appears lactose painful seals in the breast, and is characterized by rapid complications. So to get rid of stagnation immediately after the appearance of his first symptoms, otherwise, the pathological process spreads to the whole mammary gland. A nursing woman may not immediately draw attention to the fact that her breast is something wrong. In the end, breast every hour will become more and more tense, the skin will become pale in color, the nipple can get sucked. This will be a direct obstacle to the feeding of the baby. In the end, the chest will not be efficiently discharged, and therefore, the lactose will only intensify.

If the stagnation of milk emerged recently, we can try to Express milk in the shower. From heat the milk ducts to expand, and milk will be easier to get out. Hardened lumps in the breast need easy to massage the chest pressure should not be. Movements should be directed from the chest to the nipple. Rough pressing is not valid, because they are able to provoke the escalation of lactose and can cause complications.

After getting out of the shower, you need to put the baby to the breast, so he finished off the remnants of milk. To worry about the fact that the baby will remain nanacarmine not worth it. The fact that the residual milk in its composition contains more protein and biologically active substances, and in the first portions of milk, on the contrary, more fat.

Pumping in the shower is an effective method of preventing the development of mastitis and get rid of the lactose. Carry out the procedure should be at least 3 times a day. The rest of the time, before feeding, just to the Breasts warm diaper.

Sometimes a milk stasis is formed due to insufficient lactation. It can trigger factors such as: too narrow mammary ducts, constant stress, in which resides a young mother, fear of loss of milk, exhaustion, etc. to Help deal with the problem is warming up the chest before each applying child. On the mammary gland need to put a warm cloth.

If after the baby is weaned, it stays true to the power, then to ignore this symptom is impossible. You need to stand under a warm shower and Express the unfinished milk. By the next feeding it will arrive again, and the baby will not get hungry.

When pumping in the shower does not give a positive result, and the swelling does not go away, then you can use a moistcool napkins, which impose on the chest. You can also dampen the cloth with camphor oil (but not alcohol) and apply it to the breast, for a quarter of an hour. Then the pumping procedure should be repeated.

You can also use a compress with saline solution. In a glass of water diluted with a teaspoon of salt, moistened with her napkin and lay down on his chest, removing it only after complete drying. This procedure will allow to get rid of swelling. It is also possible to impregnate the cloth with 25%-th solution of sulfate magnesia, which is sold in pharmacies. Before feeding, the Breasts should be rinsed with boiled water.

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Self breast massage at home

Self-massage allows you to prevent lactostasis mastitis in, but only when timely and proper application of this effective method of treatment. The movement should be gentle and careful, to touch the breast should be very careful not to hurt her.

The chest is easy to stroke, RUB and knead. The force applied should not be. The direction of movement: from the chest to the areola.

Before the massage, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. For treatments you can use massage oil.

The technique of the procedure:

  • Pumping movements to move over the breast in the direction from top to bottom.
  • Pressing lightly on the breast, you need a circular motion to gradually move from the wide part of the breast to the nipple.
  • Torso and shake hands chest.
  • Without a break, squeeze the nipples with your fingers, gently twist them. This action can be executed only in the case when no cracks.
  • Stroke the chest with your hands from chest to nipples.
  • After a massage it is good to take a warm shower, pushing on his chest lightly. If desired, the entire procedure of massage, you can spend under water jets.

How to breastfeed in order to prevent the development of lactostasis and mastitis

To prevent the development of lactose for the first 6 weeks after birth into the light, his need to feed on demand. When the baby learns to drink more milk, the intervals between feedings can be increased. After the child reaches the age of 3 months, attach it to the chest should be not more than 8 times a day, and at night to take a break in 6 hours.

During feeding, the woman should ensure that the child is fully seized with the mouth areola of the nipple. This will allow him to better empty the breast and get to the so-called "hind" milk, which is the most effective prevention of lactostasis.

If you have a tendency to lactose, then you need during the feeding process, several times to change position. Best sucked the milk from that part of the breast where your baby's chin.

What poses need to select while breastfeeding:

  • The baby's head lies on the elbow of her mother. When this position is best emptied the lower and lateral lobes of the breast, but the lactose can be formed in the upper part of the chest.
  • The baby is under the armpit of his mother, lying on the pillow. His head aimed towards the knees of a woman. In this position, well beyond the milk of the outer parts of the upper part of the chest.
  • A woman to lie with my head on the pillow, her shoulders are below. The child lies on the elbow of the mother, as in a cradle. This position facilitates the emptying of the lateral lobes of the breast.
  • The woman hangs over the baby. In this position the milk comes out of all of the lobes of the breast evenly.

If you have a tendency to stagnant processes, then posture should be changed as often as possible.

Rules Express breast milk

Before pumping, you must wash your hands with soap and water and thoroughly rinse the chest. This is done in order to avoid infection inside the breast via microtrauma in the skin.

Right breast grab his right hand and left breast with her left hand. The thumb should be placed on top, and the palm and other fingers should be placed under the breast. The other hand should not remain idle – it perform massage.Be sure to study the parts of the seal, moving from the chest to the nipple.

If a woman develops mastitis, to delay going to the doctor should not be. This disease is not to try to cure their own, since it requires the use of antibiotics, and often surgical intervention.

To prevent the development of mastitis, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the chest and promptly treat cracked nipples. It is through them into the mammary gland penetrate pathogenic microorganisms and begin to multiply there.

Methods of folk medicine for the treatment of lactose

To any method of traditional medicine should be treated with extreme caution. Before you decide to experience a particular method of treatment should consult a doctor. Otherwise you can cause serious harm to their own health and to trigger the development of mastitis.

The most common methods of treatment and prevention of lactose used in the nation are:

  • The imposition on the patient's chest cabbage leaf. Before use it you need a good stretch. The sheet is fixed with a bandage or a bra and leave on the breast for 2 hours. After this time the sheet need to be replaced.
  • Bandages soaked in chamomile extract. For its preparation you need to brew 2 tablespoons of flowers in 250 ml of boiling water, wait until cool, moistened in a warm solution of fabric and attach to the breast. Leave the bandage on the skin until then, until it is completely dry. When painful sensations in the chest have a high intensity before applying the dressing, it can be cooled. This procedure quickly reduces swelling and soothes the pain.

  • A cake made of onions and honey. For its preparation you need to chop the onion, mix the resulting slurry with liquid honey in equal proportions and add flour to form a pancake. It is applied to the chest for 60 minutes. To further insulate the compress should not be. To avoid staining of underwear, you can put in your bra plastic bag.
  • Curd cake. You need to take cheese, put it on a cloth and applied to the diseased breast. Stand the cake for 1-2 hours. During this time, you will be able to reduce swelling. The procedure can be performed several times a day.
  • Wrap with baked onion. For its preparation you need to grind the roasted onion, put the pulp on the fabric andattach it to your chest for a couple of hours.
  • Poultice with Flaxseed meal. For its preparation you need to grind flax seed in a coffee grinder, adding water to obtain a slurry. Spread it on a napkin, which is placed on the chest. Warm compress should not be. The exposure time of the bandage 1-2 hours.
  • Poultice with grated raw potato. The tubers need to RUB on a grater, resulting slurry is applied to the Breasts and leave for 2 hours. The potatoes can be replaced with raw beets.
  • There is also a recipe for the brew, which can be used inside and make him bandage. Method of preparation: grind the citrus peel (2 tablespoons), add grated licorice root (2 tsp), pour 750 ml of boiling water. Wait until the infusion has cooled, divide it into 2 equal parts. Half of infusion drink during the day, and the other half of the infusion to make a moist compresses.
  • For lotions, you can use the mixture of herbs: eucalyptus leaves, grass clover, Japanese Sophora. All components take in equal parts, to get the total weight 4 tbsp. spoon collection. This volume of boiling water (250 ml), and insist filter. Then added to the infusion 100 g butter, heat the mixture on the stove, stirred, and cooled in the form of heat applied to the chest in the form of lotions.

To begin the treatment immediately as soon as the first signs of stagnation of milk. To prevent the development of lactose, you need to properly attach the baby to the breast, avoid stress, not to SuperCool the chest.