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Treatment laryngotracheitis

Treatment laryngotracheitis folk remedies and methods

Treatment laryngotracheitis onions

The healing properties of onions have been known to people since ancient times. Only the development of science has shown that treatment of various infectious diseases contribute to phytoncides – biologically active substances. When laryngotracheitis and other respiratory diseases (bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis) must breathe in phytoncides, produced by the onion. To do this, a medium-sized onion grind using a fine grater. Cover your head with a towel, place the bowl of grated onion to his mouth and inhale as deeply as possible. Before the procedure, secure the towel to volatile for a long. Onions will surely make you cry, but it's an extremely effective tool, especially if you carry out the procedure regularly.

Onions can be consumed as a decoction. Cook it quite easy: finely chop one small onion, RUB with sugar (2 teaspoons) and pour a glass of water. On a slow fire cure boil until thickening, then drink a teaspoon every hour.

Treatment laryngotracheitis honey

For anybody not a secret that from time immemorial the best remedy against diseases of the throat was honey. On its basis it is possible to cook a variety of medicinal drugs that can help with laryngotracheitis.

For example, mix three tablespoons of honey with carrot juice (250 ml) and drink in several stages, making small throat. This is a delicious and healthy folk remedy will relieve pain and inflammation.

Beautiful and effective folk remedy treatment of laryngotracheitis is cooked in honey and ginger root. You will need to grind 100 g ginger root and fill it with honey (300 g). Boil medicine should be about five minutes, stirring constantly. Add this "jam" in hot tea before bed and feel relief.

For the treatment and prevention of laryngotracheitis is also well suited radish juice. To drink it regularly.

Treatment laryngotracheitis herbs

We give some proven folk recipes for the treatment of laryngotracheitis using a variety of herbs and other plants.

Method 1. Grass Hypericum perforatum should be dried and grind. In boiling water (120 ml) brew three tablespoons of herbs and steep in a thermos or under a cover for two hours. Strain the infusion and drink daily, one throat (30 ml). Taking medication before eating, about 20 minutes. Suitable for treatment is also the herb rosemary, marjoram, mother and stepmother, or plantain leaves.

Method 2. To prepare this potion, you will need the leaves mother and stepmother and marshmallow root combine with licorice root, the fruits of fennel and flowers of mullein scepter-shaped. Take the dried ingredients in the ratio 4:4:3:2:2. They must grind and mix well. One tablespoon of the collection placed in a glass of cold boiled water and cover with a lid. So the medicine should stand for about two hours, after which it should boil. When the broth is cold, strain it and drink in small SIPS throughout the day.

Method 3. Besides herbs you can use in the treatment of a decoction of garlic. Peel five garlic cloves and crush them using spadefoot toad. The resulting slurry mix with milk (300 ml) and boil. After the broth has cooled slightly, it can be considered ready to eat. You need to drink a spoon of this medication up to six times a day.

Method 4. Effective remedy for cough associated with laryngotracheitis are apricot kernels. They shoot the film, after the kernels dried and ground into powder. In hot tea or milk dissolve half a teaspoon of this powder and drink it three to four times a day.