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Treatment of leukoplakia of folk remedies

Treatment of leukoplakia oil

Somehow one woman, at the age of faced with this disease as leukoplakia. No medications helped, and the itching and pain was strong. A friend told her about one very simple, popular method of treatment of leukoplakia. When leukoplakia you just need to wash with only cold water without the use of any tools. Will also help lubricate sore spots with sunflower oil.

With a strong stage of leukoplakia will help you tampons that are soaked in this oil.

If you have used the ointments prescribed by doctors, you probably felt a burning sensation and itching when used. Such same effect as olive oil. But unrefined sunflower oil does not cause these sensations.

During leukoplakia (with some localization), there is a feeling of saltiness in the mouth. To get rid of this taste take one hundred grams of wheat, wash it , fill with water, but not as to completely cover the wheat. On top put soaked in water the cloth. It must pass through the air. Through the day you have the grain will sprout. In the summer they grow faster, and in the winter will sprout in two days or a little earlier. Take sprouted wheat, wash, grind in a meat grinder and pour boiling water over wheat.

After some time you can add one teaspoon oil and one teaspoon of honey for 1 serving. Before you use this composition, after not eating for four hours. Treated so every morning. The composition helps to restore the functioning of the kidneys and intestines.

Treatment of leukoplakia

One reader,a young girl who underwent a serious operation at the woman, and then began to struggle with various diseases of the genital organs. She treated leukoplakia the following folk remedy.

Of leukoplakia, take the herb of marigold it marigold, and herb St. John's wort. Brew to wash each and every day, alternating one after the other. Then she began to use the drug "Prednisone". But, unfortunately, all these recipes are relieved from itching for a while, and the disease after some time returned again.

Once she was advised to use the ointment "Flucinar". Itmedication is a great help in disorders of the reproductive organs. Ointment you can buy at the pharmacy.