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Treatment of lymphadenitis

Treatment lymphadenitis folk remedies

Very often, especially in the early stages, the disease can stop or completely cured using folk remedies and methods of treatment of lymphadenitis. Give a few recipes of traditional medicine, which will help at the right time.

Treatment lymphadenitis tortilla onions, infusion of fir and raspberry

When inflammation of the lymph nodes you can try to apply to painful areas of the cake archery. Bake in the oven unpeeled onion until soft, remove the husk, grind the onion to a state of pulp, add 1 tbsp. of pharmaceutical tar, thoroughly stir, apply the resulting mass in a cloth and apply on the inflamed lymph nodes.

To enhance the effect of this treatment should take an infusion: take 1 kg of shoots of the fir and 1 kg of roots of raspberry, dry them, grind dry ingredients into powder, mix thoroughly. In an enamel bowl put a layer of the mixture, the top layer of sugar, then a layer of honey. Alternate all this several times. 1.5 kg of the powder is taken 1 kg sugar and 500 g of honey. Then pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 24 hours. Then put the pan in a water bath and withstand 8 hours. Allow to stand for 48 hours in a warm place. Strain all through cheesecloth, eat 4 times a day before meals for 1 teaspoon.

A good Supplement to the treatment the use of cod-liver oil internally and externally in the form of compresses on the lymph nodes.

Treatment lymphadenitis rosin and kerosene

Rosin. When inflammation of the lymph nodes you can use the following method: melt a small piece of rosin technical and fry the resulting slurry in vegetable oil. To take a medium onion, chop it , grate 1/4 of the soap. In hot rosin add the onion, soap, all carefully mix before reception of homogeneous mass. The mixture should be used in compresses on the sore spot. This procedure, for greater efficiency, you can add a treatment of calcium chloride.

Kerosene. For the treatment of lymphadenitis, traditional medicine recommends the use of purified kerosene. You should drink 1 tbsp. l. of kerosene in the morning before Breakfast, then just eat a littlea piece of bread. The swelling goes down.

Treatment lymphadenitis herbs

Recipe 1. In the treatment of lymphadenitis folk remedies you can apply a collection of herbs. You need to grind in a coffee grinder 3 parts wormwood, 2 parts oregano, 2 parts Hypericum 2 parts of bees, part 1 lnjanki, 1 part thyme, 1 part herbs Chernogolovka, 2 parts of knotweed and add 6 parts of leaves of a birch. Usage: 2 tbsp mixture brew in one night 1 l of boiling water, drain. To drink as a tea throughout the day.

Recipe 2. Enlarged and swollen lymph nodes can be treated and in this way take is equal to the number of motherboards, of walnut leaves and mistletoe brew and give infusions. Grass dry and warm to put on the sore spot. Do not keep the compress for more than three hours.

Recipe 3. nabrat100 pieces of the tips of young pines (to do this in late may), very finely chopped. Pour the mass of two liters of water. Bring to boil, then 2 hours to keep on very low heat. All drain, to the obtained infusion, add one liter of water and 200 grams sugar. Put the broth on the fire, bring to a boil. Then leave on low heat for 2 hours. Make the broth 1 tablespoon 1 time per day.

All the suggested recipes help to alleviate this disease, but only at the initial stage of development. In that case, if the disease is started, it is necessary to consult a doctor.