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Lymphostasis treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of lymphostasis.

Take one onion of medium size, bake it in the oven, then peel and add one spoonful of tar, which you can buy at the pharmacy.

This composition spread on a cloth and apply on the affected area. And in the morning, after you take off the poultice, eat one teaspoon of honey and Royal jelly. At night again, repeat the process with a compress. Be sure to buy some products of the bee production, it will significantly accelerate the treatment of lymphedema. Course national treatment of lymphostasis of the tool should continue for one or two months.

Treatment of lymphostasis plantain

There is a good folk remedy for getting rid of the lymphedema. For the treatment of lymphedema, take two tablespoons of leaves of plantain, which you can buy at the pharmacy. If you picked in the garden, it must be dried and milled. Then pour the two tablespoons of chopped plantain two cups of boiling water overnight. Allow the composition to infuse over night.

Then, the next morning, strain the broth. Take four times a day for half an hour before meals for one hundred milliliters. Also in the morning before eating, you should consume one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of Royal jelly, this will greatly enhance and speed up the process of treatment of lymphostasis. The course of this national treatment should be continued for one to two months.

Treatment of lymphostasis herbs

To treat lymphedema by using herbs, you need to do a little broth. Take the following herbs in equal proportions: immortelle flowers sand, the same amount of grams of grass gustotsvetkovogo Astragalus, and add fifty grams of thallus Icelandic moss, and twenty grams of oak bark, twenty grams of birch bark, twenty grams of the fruit of the horse chestnut. Don't forget before mixing grind all the herbs.

Mix all the ingredients and two tablespoons of the finished mixture of herbs pour boiling water two cups. The composition cook for about five minutes. Letit brew broth until then, until it cools, then strain. To use the tool recommended four times a day for a hundred milliliters.

Treatment of lymphostasis garlic

Take garlic, wash, clean and run it through a meat grinder. You will need two hundred and fifty grams of minced garlic. Pour honey liquid consistency (three hundred and fifty grams). Mix all and allow to steep for weeks.

Take three times a day an hour before meals for one tablespoon. Treated so within sixty days.