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Lymph nodes

Lymph nodes treatment of folk remedies

Treatment lymph nodes herbs

If you have a inflamed neck lymph nodes, you can use the following folk remedies: take celandine, wash it, wait until it dries, then crush it to release the juice, and this juice, add the alcohol at the rate of one tablespoon juice, one tablespoon of alcohol. Take gauze, wet it in hot water, soak in the resulting infusion, and this gauze tie neck. Over the top tie a scarf to warm the neck. This compress is before bedtime. This folk method from the lymph nodes will help you to heal, and sore throat.

You can also use another method: take one tablespoon of crushed leaves and bark of common hazel. Pour this composition with boiling water (one Cup) and let steep for half an hour. This decoction is taken three times a day for ¼ Cup before meals.

Treatment inflammation of the lymph nodes collecting herbs

Take three pieces of BlackBerry leaves, two parts of birch leaves (silver birch), one part of rhizomes of couch grass, one part grass Boudreau, one part of flowers of immortelle, the two parts of the green stalks of rye. Mix all the ingredients and two tablespoons of composition pour half a liter of water. Boil the decoction for two hours on low heat. Then the composition of the strain and drink one-third of a Cup after meals three times a day.

The duration of this course of people's treatment of the lymph nodes is twelve days. In this case, your throat will quickly recover, but you do the procedure until the last day. Then you need to take a break and repeat a twelve course of treatment to finally kill the disease.

Treatment inflammation of the lymph nodes with onions and oil

Head of technical resin, melt a piece of it. Then take a small onion and fry it in vegetable oil, then chop the grated soap. Rosin should be hot, stir into it shredded soap, and onion. Mix all the ingredients to make the mass the consistency of sour cream. Do with this mixture compresses to the affected by the diseaseplaces when going to bed.

Also use the following folk method of treatment of lymph nodes. Take leaves, nuts, grass, yarrow, grass, mistletoe, marjoram. All take in equal proportions, mix and boil. Then take a rag of linen and soak it in this broth, a little squeeze and put it as a compress on the sore spot. The course of treatment lasts as long as completely not cure the lymph nodes.

Swollen lymph nodes

Take one hundred grams of resin fifty grams of lubricating oil, one teaspoon of copper sulfate and one hundred grams of beeswax, and fifty grams of strawberry soap. All mix and put in an enamel saucepan, boil in a water bath for ten minutes on low heat until the composition is completely dissolved. After that, the mass should cool down.

You get the composition of the black color, which needs to be put on the sore spots, on top put a plastic and tie it all with a bandage. So keep the compress during the day, and then clear and repeat the procedure. This poultice is made within fourteen days, with each day you need to make a new mixture.

There is another recipe of traditional medicine for the treatment of lymph nodes. Take the leaves of walnut, chamomile and mistletoe, all in equal proportions. Brew and raw press, and then attach to the sore lymph nodes, while it is still warm. This compress is held for two hours.

Tumors of the cervical lymph nodes treatment white wine

Take one liter of white wine, one tablespoon of sour sorrel, all this will boil in an enamel saucepan for five minutes, and then remove the cookware from the heat and let the composition is infused for half an hour. To drain the composition is not necessary, simply apply the compress to the lymph nodes.