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Treatment of red lichen in humans

Treatment of red lichen will directly depend on the condition of the patient, severity of existing dermatosis and from the location of outbreak of rashes.

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Treatment of red lichen modern methods

Treatment of lichen planus on the skin

Most often the treatment of lichen planus on the skin is not possible, because the disease after a certain period of time passes alone. To relieve itching or to accelerate the recovery process of the skin, the doctor may recommend ointments, with members of their staff corticosteroid hormones. They will need to be applied to the problem areas two times a day. It is hormonal ointments are considered the most effective agents for the treatment of lichen planus that is localized on the skin.

Except hormonal ointments, a specialist may assign other modern means for the local application of ointment "Protopic"part of it a and Tacrolimus ointment"Elidel" Pimecrolimus.

Hypertrophic lichen planus in some cases requires the introduction of injection with corticosteroid hormones, as local therapy is not enough. The medication is injected directly into the affected area. Such drugs can act Acetonide, Triamcinolone, etc.

If the treatment of red lichen gives the desired effect, then doctors most often recommend therapy Acitretin.

The most severe cases of lichen planus are treated by taking tablet forms of corticosteroids. For example, it may be the Prednisone. The therapeutic course ranges from 3 weeks to 1.5 months. Perhaps a course of phototherapy, the procedures are performed up to 3 times a week.

How can I ease the itching?

Often it gives the patient itching lichen planus expressed concern. In order to normalize their condition and to get rid of discomfort, apply to the skin cream, emollient andmoisturizing effect.

If the itching continues to bother, you should consult with a specialist on this subject. The doctor will advise medicines which are suitable for a given patient. It may be antihistamines, for example, Suprastin.

Treatment of lichen planus in the mouth

When eruptions appear in the oral cavity, but they do not cause any discomfort and do not affect the quality of life, treatment is not required.

Treatment should begin with the moment when the rashes turn into sores and prevent the normal ingestion of food and water. They can cause fairly pronounced pain, to suffer which should not be. The doctors most often in such situations, recommend the administration of corticosteroid hormones and the course of laser therapy. If the drugs are inside, the laser cauterizes education outside.

Although scientific evidence regarding the treatment of lichen planus drug Elidel with no pimecrolimus, however, many specialists recommend their patients to get rid of the rash in the mouth.

Dermatologist with detection of lichen planus in the oral cavity is mandatory recommends that the patient visit the dentist for the purposes of consultation. The fact that the disease is often provoked by mechanical trauma of the oral mucosa. They can be caused by sharp edges of teeth or dentures, a dental stone. Moreover, one cannot exclude the development of inflammation because of allergic reactions to the components included in the composition of the installed seals or dentures.

The dentist is able to relieve the existing problems and the red lichen in the mouth will pass without taking any drugs.

Treatment of lichen planus in the genital area and anus

To bring a man from lesions in the area of anus and in the genital area are also used salves with corticosteroid hormones (Clobetasol, Triamcinolone) and tacrolimus (Protopic).

At occurrence of painful sensations during intimacy caused by ringworm, it is possible to use a lubricant with lidocaine, on the basis of water.

Sometimes the red shingles leaves behind adhesions. They are removed when the condition is resolved.

Treatment of lichen planus on the scalp and on the nails

When the disease is localized to the scalp, therapy should start as soon as possible. This is because there is a risk of hair loss in the affected area without possibility of their subsequent recovery.

The nails and skin of the head treated with corticosteroids. Theirapplied either topically as ointments or injections with these drugs, introducing them to the affected area.

In severe disease may be oral corticosteroids.

On topic: the Treatment of lichen in the home

Treatment of red lichen folk remedies

  • Church incense. Folk healers recommend to treat red ringworm remedy based on Church incense. Equal amounts (50 grams) it is mixed with aloe juice and crushed garlic, then add one egg yolk and all a good whisk with a fork. This tool is suitable for outdoor use – they lubricate the affected ringworm place. Keep the medication in the refrigerator and before use vzbaltyvayut.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Used in the treatment of lichen planus Apple cider vinegar undiluted. This folk remedy used as a lotion, applying to the affected area with a cotton swab soaked in vinegar for 10 minutes. A day recommended 4-6 treatments. Apple cider vinegar is not the only means suitable for lotions. You can substitute cranberry or viburnum juice.
  • Sea buckthorn oil is also considered to be a good folk remedy for the treatment of lichen planus. It is used for lotions: a small piece of gauze moistened with oil and applied to the affected area of the skin or mucous membrane. Duration – from half an hour to an hour. Suitable sea buckthorn oil for internal use: on an empty stomach in the morning need to eat half a teaspoon.
  • Beet. It is also recommended to impose on licinia plaque grated beets, wrapping on top of the bandage. When the material dries, the dressing should be replaced with fresh. The procedure should be repeated until then, until ringworm will not work.
  • Hardening. It is also useful hardening at a red lichen: dousing with cold water will not only strengthen immunity, but also improves oxygen supply to the affected tissues.
  • Birch tar. Another effective ointment against the red lichen is birch tar (150 g), mixed with the yolks of two eggs and fresh cream(100 g).

  • Calendula. Special attention is given calendula, herbal teas, infusions and alcoholic tinctures which have long been used for the treatment of lichen planus. Alcohol tincture you can buy in a pharmacy, and infusion to prepare, brew in a Cup of boiling water two tablespoons of minced raw. This infusion is used for lotions.

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