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Treatment of food poisoning

Treatment of food poisoning folk remedies

Treatment of food poisoning yarrow and wormwood

Wonderful folk remedy treatment food poisoning is a decoction of yarrow and wormwood. You need to mix evenly chopped grass, yarrow and wormwood. Brewing required a tablespoon of raw materials and half a liter of boiling water. You should give the broth a little brew. All of the filtered drug is recommended to drink five receptions.

Also poisoning treated with yellow dock. Brew 30 g the roots of sorrel in a pint of boiling water all day and drink down his throat. Help and an infusion of sorrel and the mountaineer snake. To brew a liter of boiling water should 50 g the roots of sorrel, as much of the rhizome of Polygonum. Drink a decoction should be for four hours during the day.

Treatment of food poisoning chamomile and mallow

Flowers have always served the people not only for decoration, but also for the recovery, including for the treatment of food poisoning. We give you examples of recipes, based on camomile, mallow and dandelion.

Dried flowers of chamomile should be diluted with hot water. Make the tool you need 100 g in the course of the day.

Infusion of plantain, chamomile, St. John's wort, agrimony and peppermint: for brewing the infusion half a liter of boiling water you will need 20 g the mixed components. Allow it to infuse.

To brew a decoction of dandelion in a glass of water need 6 g crushed flowers and leaves of the plant. You need to boil the part and let stand. The drug is recommended to drink filtered thrice before eating.

For brewing of mallow in a Cup of boiling water needed 10 g of her flowers. Better to drink in small portions several times a day.

Treatment for food poisoning mint and chicory

Mint not only soothes but also heals digestive disorders. Steep mint in boiling water and drink peppermint tea every hour.

Also treated with infusion of mint and cornflowers. Need 80 g mint leaves and20 g herbs centaury. Components to mix and pour a liter of water. Drink composition should be in three doses half an hour before meals.

Useful tea from lemon balm. For brewing two cups of hot water required 40 g dry lemon balm herb. The tool will continue to rise. It is recommended to drink for four doses before meals

You can also 20 g dried flowers and herbs chicory brew in a Cup of boiling water and let stand all night. To drink infusion is necessary for half an hour before each meal. The dose is a quarter Cup.

To prepare ginger tea you will need 10 g crushed ginger and a Cup of boiling water. The composition should allow to stand. Make the tool should be a tablespoon every hour.

Treatment of food poisoning fennel and nettles

If poisoned berries or mushrooms, take a decoction of fennel. You can take and fresh and dry herbs as well as seeds and stems. Need 20–30 g powder dill 0.5 ml of water, which must long to boil, to insist. The decoction should be strained to take half a Cup in the morning, afternoon and evening.

It can be treated and elecampane. To brew a Cup of boiling water will need 40 g pre-crushed root of elecampane. Broth need to give a little brew. and drink for four stages before meals.

For infusions of celery required a glass of boiled water at room temperature and 40 g grind the root of a plant. Composition will continue to rise. Drink the tool is required for 3 admission.

For brewing infusion of nettle is required 7 g the leaves and the Cup of boiling water. The tool should allow to brew and drink it thrice.

Treatment of food poisoning is berries

Since ancient times poisoning was treated with blackberries. To brew a Cup of boiling water will need a BlackBerry branch with leaves. The broth should boil, cool and drink immediately.

For walnut liqueur at home kit need 5 unripe chopped nuts and half a liter of vodka. The composition must be closed tightly in a jar and leave in a cool place. Aftertwo weeks in half a liter of boiling water should dissolve a Cup of sugar, pour in the walnut tincture. If poisoning is recommended to take remedy of a teaspoon every half hour. You can breed 10 g the infusion in warm water and then drink.

For another medicinal decoction necessary 20 g bilberry fruit and a glass of boiling water. Means you need to drink per day in small portions.

Treatment of food poisoning improvised means

Often when food poisoning person needs to urgently take action, but not at hand the necessary medicines. Here are a few ways that will help to ease the symptoms of poisoning in the home.

Method 1: in a liter of warm water to dissolve 40 g sugar, 6 g salt and 6 g soda to drink for 2-3 hours.

Method 2: to a starch solution will need 6 g potato starch and a glass of water at room temperature. The part you need to drink in one go.

Method 3: a pack of gelatin dissolve in a glass of warm water and drink.

Method 4: in a glass of warm water to dissolve 10 g Apple cider vinegar and drink.

Method 5: separate the yolks from the whites of three eggs, whip and drink.