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Treatment of flat feet

Treatment of flat feet folk remedies

Treatment of flat feet exercises

Both folk and traditional medicine agree that for flat feet the main treatment is gymnastics. It will help to strengthen the weakened muscles and ligaments to normalize the blood circulation in the patients extremities. What exercises should I do to fight this unpleasant disease?

1. Pull back the socks stop, lying on his back. To perform the exercise at least 10 times for each leg.

2. Bend and unbend feet, lying on his back. Complete at least sixty times. The tempo is moderate.

3. Rotate ankle, do a circular motion, lying on his back. Do approximately 50 times.

4. Lying on your back and bending your knees, lift your heel from the floor at a time. Perform at least 50 times.

5. Lay on the floor a lot of small items. Sitting on a chair, try to lift their toes.

6. Roll down small, firm ball (tennis), raise his legs, holding his feet. It does not bend the knees.

7. Do squats and bending, standing on gymnastic stick or Hoop.

8. Jump up, standing on one foot, then on two.

9. Walk on the toes, on inner and outer side of the foot. Bend your knees and walk on his toes on the inclined surface.

It is also useful to walk barefoot on uneven surface: sea pebbles, the Mat with rubber studs, and so on.

Treatment of flat feet foot Spa

For the treatment of flatfoot folk medicine recommends to do foot bath with sea salt. They contribute to the strengthening of bones and muscles of the legs, relieve pain and relaxes. This is a very simple and useful procedure: dissolve in hot water and sea or table salt (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water) and soak feet in the solution for 15 minutes. Then you need to wipe your feet and lubricate them with a nourishing cream, massaging the foot. Such procedures will not only relieve the pain and help to normalize the blood circulation, but also improve your sleep.

It is good to do contrast baths: fill a basin with hot water and the second cold. You should first steam the leg for two to three minutes, and then cool them in cold water not more than 15 seconds. These trays make for 10 days, then need a month long break. The procedure is contraindicated for women during menstruation.

Also folk medicine recommends added to water infusions and decoctions of different medicinal plants. Brew pounds of oak bark in 5 l water. The broth needs to simmer at least 30 minutes, after which it was added to the bath.

You can lubricate the feet alcohol tincture Helichrysum. The inflorescences of the plants were dried in the oven, pour alcohol and leave for a couple of days. The recipe is also suitable for treating joint pain and sciatica.

Treatment of flat feet massage

Every person with flat feet can make yourself a simple massage that can ease the symptoms – leg pain and swelling. RUB the sole, starting from toes and ending with the ankle, for about a minute. Then mash the base of the toes and the heel with both hands. Intensely stroking the foot from all sides, starting from the toes. Each activity must last at least minutes. Then grasping the leg near the ankle and deeply massaged, directing movement to the knee joint and back to the ankle joint. Repeat the steps 10 times, after repeating them on the other foot. In this way massage and thigh, from the knee joint and ending in the groin area.

To strengthen the muscles that support the foot arch, bend, turn inside and unbend foot; slide and extend your fingers, slide the foot of one foot along the Shin of the other.

Treatment of flat feet lotions and compresses

Some healers used to treat flat feet all sorts of lotions and compresses. Good relieving the pain, is wormwood. Its leaves washed and applied to the feet, shaking his from the top with a soft cloth. This tool will also provide the analgesic effect in cases of injuries, strained tendons and sprains.

If the flat becomes the cause of severe pain in the legs, interfering with normal life, apply to the feet of this mixture: tincture of iodine (3 %) and lemon juice combined in a ratio of 1:1, add two crushed aspirin and mix. On top of the slurry is necessary to cover with film wrap and wrap a woolen scarf. Do these packs are only three days in a row, and then have a week break. Iodine should be exclusivelythree percent, because otherwise you may get burned.