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Treatment of pneumonia with folk remedies

Treatment pneumonia honey and birch buds

This method of flow suitable for the treatment of pneumonia in children.

Take seven hundred and fifty grams of honey – better if it is homemade, buckwheat. And also you will need one hundred grams of birch buds. They are sold in pharmacies.

Boil the honey and place the kidneys, so boil for seven minutes, then put in a sieve and remove the kidney. The resulting broth give your baby once a day, before he goes to bed. One teaspoon of honey mix with water, water, take as much as you can to enjoy your baby. To give the child the medication is necessary during the year daily.

Tar water to help

In the distant past our ancestors had no pill, no modern drugs, and all diseases were treated by using traditional medicine. Popular treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis, coughing sometimes better, than modern treatment, but at least they complement each other. For example, our ancestors prepared the tar water.

Pour in three-liter jar half a liter of tar medical, then add boiling water up to the neck of the jar. Well, close the lid and tie, otherwise the smell will go away. Put in a warm place for nine days. Take one tablespoon at night. And let's children one teaspoon. If you feel bad, then take three times a day this medication. Can vprikusku with sugar, candy, but do not drink water simultaneously.

Sometimes simply rinsing with water so the throat before bedtime and drinking into the morning, and the cough is getting better. Water no need to drain, and she will long be kept from you.

Plantain vs pneumonia

One woman became ill with pneumonia, the first few days hard was treated only with medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor. But nothing helped. Temperature and strong cough is still pestering me. And, besides, had severe chest pain. The woman thought that we need to try to treat pneumonia with folk way. Remembered that her mother and grandmother always treated such diseases one good way.

Woman's got a full plastic bag of the leaves of plantain. Washed it in three waters, gave moisture to drain. When the leavespsyllium slightly dried, laid on the bed long and wide towel, covered with plastic wrap, put on top of plantain leaves. Lay back and put on the chest and sides of the plantain. Tied on the breast with a towel and a woolen scarf, you can wear a sweater made of wool. The woman made such a procedure in the evening before bedtime. And in the morning woke up healthy. No signs of the disease.

Garlic inhaler

One woman's child got sick with chronic pneumonia. But the woman was able to cure him of a good folk remedy for the treatment of pneumonia. He was ill for several months, and conventional medicine just wasn't helping him. The woman read that garlic is very useful in such diseases and start to give him garlic daily at night before sleep (an important regularity), from September to June.

First you need to give the patient a crust of rye bread, grated garlic, and then you can give a slice of garlic. Garlic helps to cure the flu, colds, bronchitis, sore throat. Just take one clove of garlic after eating during exacerbations of colds.

The woman's husband built one device, in order to be able to make garlic, when it is for some reason impossible. Garlic is an inhaler.

Take a glass from ice cream or yogurt and make at its bottom a number of holes. This can be done with a hot awl. Separate the skins from the garlic or chop the garlic in small pieces and place on the bottom of the Cup. Breathe in through your mouth the air from the Cup, and out through your nose. This procedure need to do for fifteen minutes every hour when it's winter and flu attacks. Can the Cup tie with a rubber band. Thus it is possible to cure colds for three days.

And what is most important is that after such treatment there is no weakness, like when you use different medicines.

Honey wrap

I know a wonderful traditional recipe for pneumonia and bronchitis. I just tested this folk remedy for yourself. Lubricate the affected area with honey, place your napkin, which should be pre-wet with vodka. If you are treating a child, dilute the vodka with water in a ratio of one to three. Then put on top of polyethylene and tie. Compress do in the morning and evening.