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Treatment of sciatica folk remedies

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Garlic relieves pain with sciatica

One woman suffered from sciatica, she had a month to go to the hospital. One woman said that garlic has healing properties and helps to cure sciatica.

Three large garlic bulbs should be put in a pan, pour 0.5 liters of water and boil, after crushed, the resulting slurry, spread on cloth, and on the lower back.

Then cover the poultice with plastic wrap and something warm. With this wrap you need to walk all day and in the evening to remove. After you use this folk remedy – forget about sciatica permanently.

Treatment of sciatica fleece

You need to bring a jacket out of fleece and cut a piece of fabric, the fabric to soak in salt water for an hour and dry it, then sew two elastics in order to wear, to wear.

It turned out that the back of the hair close to the lower back and front torso tightly covered elastic band. It was quite noticeable under a skirt or pants. The coat of salt draws out the pain.

After a week the pain goes away.

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The best remedy for sciatica – bath

The method consists in the following. You need to go to the bath, much to steam the loin and RUB it with a broom. Then lie on your stomach, and someone rubs the back of black soap for five minutes, then the back of his hand rubs at first easily and then with force.

After a bath, immediately go to bed. The next morning you will have no symptoms of the disease, will be able to lift weights and make sudden movements.

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Treatment of sciatica with a tincture of garlic

There is a very good folk remedy for treatment of sciatica. As soon as someone will bring sciatica, you must immediately RUB the affected area with tincture of garlic, then wrap up the patient and put him to bed. The next morning, and no one remembers about what was sciatica.

But you need to prepare a tincture in advance. And she did: in a glass jar to the top is the garlic, compacted and filled with alcohol. You can also take moonshine or vodka. Then the Bank needs to put in a dark place for one month, then strain and pour into bottles. Medication stored in the refrigerator.

Treatment of sciatica ointment of rosemary

One woman every six months hurts with sciatica in the neck. So much so that the head turn could work. And it so happens that the tips of fingers numb. The woman is very good at helping one thing. It's an ointment for rubbing from bog rosemary.

You need to put in a small pan with two tablespoons of dried rosemary, pour five tablespoons of sunflower oil to heat up, but so that the oil does not boil. Quite a bit to cool, pour into glass jar and tightly close it . Let the mixture steep for ten hours, then strain through cheesecloth and RUB into the affected area morning and evening. After five days you can safely turn the neck and not feel any pain.

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Treatment of sciatica with clay

When sciatica twisted man, we need a bucket, half filled with clay, dilute with water to test, pour a Cup of kerosene, received from clay to sculpt the cake and applied to the affected area, from top to put a warm bandage.

A day you should do some compresses. For example, morning and evening. Even the strongest attack you have will disappear after several applications. Just one more thing: between clay and skin you will definitely have to put a sheet of waxed paper.

Treatment of sciatica by cinquefoil

The recipe is as follows.

Take 120 grams of minced root cinquefoil, divide and put equal parts in different half-liter cans, all cans should be three. Then the raw material should pour vodka, insist 21 days exactly, after which strain and take a tablespoon 30 minutes before eating. After such procedures on the sciatica altogether forgotten.

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Tincture from sciatica for a "Triple"Cologne

Many of you know, in so much pain the person who suffers from sciatica.

We must take the "Triple" Cologne (bottle) and pour in a bottle of dark glass, put 5 pods of red pepper, add 3% iodine (2 vials) and tincture of Valerian (two bottle), all stir and leave for a day.

When night falls, you need to put this ointment on their sore spot, but also you can do the following: take a brush and apply this ointment on the sore spot. And then to wrap a woolen scarf. Usually the attack takes place in three days. This medication is good and helps with inflammation of the knee.

Treatment of sciatica sage

Here is the recipe of it:

You want to take 5-7 tablespoons of dry, crushed in a coffee grinder, powder the sage, and pour it into 1/2 liter of boiling vegetable oil, which should immediately remove from heat. You then mix the powder, oil to put in a water bath and keep at least half an hour, then remove the tool from the heat, wrap a warm scarf, so it cooled slowly over 2-3 hours to drain.

Treatment of sciatica with butter and radish

Grate the black radish. Soaked in sunflower oil linen napkins attach to the sore spot, and then put the radish.

And here's another simple tool, good help with radiculitis. If you became ill with sciatica, take a medium size beet, grate it on grater, resulting slurry pour a tablespoon of kerosene. All this is wrapped in a bandage or gauze. The resulting mixture is applied to the back – where you have pain. And you immediately all will pass.

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