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Causes and symptoms of pain in the spleen

Definition of the disease

Spleen - organ of the human body that are essential because it helps to normalize the metabolism of the person. It performs hematopoietic function, forming lymphocytes and red blood cells and is a natural filter, as is well cleanses the blood from harmful substances, viruses, bacteria, and form immune.

Rarely think about diseases of the spleen, until she remind yourself of the pain. Ailments in the area of the body suggests that a disruption of normal work. Since the spleen has no pain receptors, its pathology can be identified only with the full inspection specialist. Malfunction of the spleen is always fraught with some loss of the human body to fight many diseases.

Why hurt spleen?

There are a number of significant factors that are the causes of pain in the spleen. Direct organ damage due to external and internal exposure. Such impacts can be attributed to a gunshot wound, incised, and stab wounds, a strong internal injuries, and fractured ribs on the left side. The most dangerous injury of the spleen is often accompanied by a threat of internal hemorrhage, with fairly intense pain and possible traumatic shock.

Causes of pain in the spleen

The cause of pain in the spleen may be the presence of parasites. One of the most common is considered as single-chamber Echinococcus. If you do not start timely treatment, likely dangerous ruptures in the spleen. Record the presence of parasites is difficult, therefore, the use of modern methods of ultrasound and MRI.

It is possible the existence of tumors benign or malignant type. Unfortunately, at an early stage is quite difficult to find out, so when muted pain on the right side and the severity should immediately go to the doctor.

The symptoms are pains in the spleen

About the damage to the spleen signal serious pain on the left side of the hypochondrium, the pain is able to capture the area from the shoulder to the scapula. Also about an abnormal operation signal nausea and vomiting, tremors, reduced pressure, bloodless and constrained breathing. In the presence of the above symptoms he must lie on your back orrecline on the left side.

A variety of infectious diseases of other organs are the result of damage to the spleen. Is a serious consequence of typhoid fever, anthrax, sepsis, infectious lymphocytosis and mononucleosis, malaria, hepatitis, syphilis and other ailments. The existence of clots of arteries can cause a heart attack spleen. Atherosclerosis, a diffuse disease, leukemia, lymphosarcoma, individual infectious diseases often cause the appearance of blood clot. As a rule, signs of thrombosis of the spleen identified during its inflammation.

Abscess of the spleen aktiviziruyutsya under certain consequences of infectious diseases. The causes of abscess can be salmonellosis, post-infarction, post-traumatic infection. The first signal of an abscess of the spleen is a fever. In addition, many patients complain of severe left-sided pain. Tuberculosis of the spleen there is a strong increase in volume, accompanied by an incredibly intense pain.

When enlargement of the spleen, there is a tight ledge in the left side, pale skin, in particular facial part of the head. Cough, any movement, even lying on his left side accompanied by a stabbing pain and a significant pressure. The observed fatigue of the whole body, decreased immunity and pain in the umbilical region. The lymphatic system of the person, in this case, always impressed with poisons and toxins. Most likely they are a result of germs that have remained with us in the body because of untreated infectious diseases.

To deal with these serious illnesses can be different methods, the main need to warm places that are affected by the infection. You can use the capsicum plaster, or warm compresses.

What to do for pain in the spleen?

Initially the disease of the spleen does not manifest itself by pain, they often occur after a substantial increase. Therefore, as soon as there is the slightest discomfort in this area, visible above symptoms, should immediately consult a therapist. After examination of the patient, the doctor will be able to establish the condition of the body using standard palpation during the period of inhalation. A doctor must confirm also the results of modern tests, necessary studies, ultrasound and MRI.

Curing is the very cause of the disease, to avoid repeated failures in the spleen. Setting the preliminary diagnosis, the therapist will direct you to the appropriate professional:the infectious disease specialist, a hematologist, surgeon, surgeon or oncologist. If the treatment does not give the expected results, the problem is solved with the help of surgical intervention. Many doctors recommend to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent such serious consequences.

To quickly normalize the functioning of the lymphatic system, it is necessary to correct breathing. With a deep breath and exhale the muscles that are responsible for the movement of the lungs, stretch, put pressure on the lymph vessels of the intestine, than speed up the movement of blood through the vessels. The spleen is also improved, thanks to regular exercise, special exercises and walking. There is frequent and deeper breathing.