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Treatment vessels: how to improve elasticity of blood vessels?

Human circulatory system consists of a huge number of large and small vessels, which enter the oxygen and nutrients. A healthy vascular system running smoothly, allowing the body to cope with any stress and stress. When violations in the system supply to the cells deteriorates, it leads to numerous problems.

Strong blood vessels are very elastic. They adapt to the needs of the body and provide it with the necessary resources. If vasodilation increases blood flow, which prevents the increase in pressure. In winter, in cold weather they, on the contrary, are narrowed, it helps to retain heat. All of these unique abilities to actively manifest only in a healthy vascular system. If the vessels become thinner and lose their natural elasticity, the body starts pathological processes. Deteriorating appetite, sleep and mood. The person feels malaise and constant fatigue. These symptoms are on an upward trajectory. If time does not intervene, the disease will progress. Failures in vascular tone can cause serious diseases such as varicose veins, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

The miraculous tools that are able to return the vessels of the previous shape and elasticity, does not exist. To fight with disorders and disabilities can need to have a good prevention that includes a range of activities. However, if the medical card already appears the diagnosis of VVD (vegetative vascular dystonia), have to be more drastic ways. (See also: dystonia – causes and symptoms ) They exist, their effectiveness is tested and proven. Consider the most popular and affordable.

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Treatment of vessels with a tincture of red pine cones

Thanks to the healing properties of pine cones, they cure many diseases, including pathology of the vascular system. In the composition of the cones are suchvaluable components, such as phytoncids, tannins, bioflavonoids and essential oil. Experiments proved that drugs based on red cones do an excellent job with circulatory problems. A large number of unique trace elements relieve vessels from bad cholesterol, restores their elasticity and prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots.

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For therapeutic purposes, take a tincture of the cones. This is the most common and accessible form, the product is easy to prepare at home. It is best to use young cones with seeds, they are harvested in the spring. This is the time of ripening of the fruit of the pine, when the amount of tannins reaches the maximum level. Summer camp is not recommended. Starting in June, pine cones gradually loses its medicinal properties. Under the sun of the resin evaporate, they are washed by rain, in the end, the fruits become useless for the treatment of blood vessels.

Cones removed from the tree, collect from the ground is not recommended, as they may contain harmful toxins and poisons. Uses only whole fruits, not damaged by insects and rot.

Infused vodka

The recipe is simple, can be done independently and quickly. Enough to stock up on raw materials. Cones placed in a quart jar, fill it to the brim and pour vodka. Insist the mixture for at least three weeks, definitely in a dark place and at room temperature. Readiness is determined by color, as soon as the contents of the jar will turn dark red color, medicinal tincture can be used.

Take remedy of a teaspoon 2-3 times a day for 3 weeks. After doing a week break and continue use for an additional three weeks. The course should be repeated 3 times a year, this will allow to achieve a stable positive result.

Water decoction of

If alcoholic solutions are contraindicated, there is a good alternative. You can prepare a decoction, which according to its medical characteristics is not inferior to the infused vodka. To prepare pine cones cut and 5 minutes boil in water on slow fire. 5 cones will need 500 ml of water. The broth is drunk after a meal 1-3 times a day for a quarter Cup.

Treatment of blood vessels garlic

Great seasoning and the cure, these characteristics of garlic are known and used for a very long time. Among the means is able to strengthen, restore and increase the tone of blood vessels, garlic is considered one of the best.

Belowto protect the vessels against the negative effects of age-related changes and it is better to take fresh garlic. Let's say the option of taking the extract capsules. Lower your cholesterol this way are unlikely to succeed, but biologically active ingredients of garlic let it be deposited as plaque on artery walls. It is a good prevention of atherosclerosis. According to the latest studies of complex disease can be prevented, and a daily dose of garlic can play its positive role.

Garlic has the amazing property that it can thin the blood. It prevents blood clots and significantly speeds up the dissolution of pathological clots. Proven this product and in managing blood pressure. This is a great treatment for hypertension, garlic is recommended to anyone suffering from high blood pressure. Regular use will reduce the dosage of chemical medicines.

Universal recipe

Normalize blood pressure and to improve the condition of vessels using garlic in different ways.

We offer universal, the simplest and most effective:

  • Two medium cloves of garlic cut into slices, place in a glass and pour water. This is done in the evening, in the morning should be infusion to drink. Again cut into slices, fill the glass with water and drink the solution the next morning. Regular admission to be followed for a period of one month.

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Training vessels

Blood vessels in need of training. It should be regular and carried out competently. If serious deviations are not present, to stimulate the vessels of the house. Better suited for this douche.


Sharp change of temperature is a kind of gymnastics, which activates the vascular system causes the blood vessels to shrink and expand. As a result, they are purified, become more flexible and strong.

Reasonable exercise assume first of all as comfortable as possible for vessels temperature. This procedure is easy enough to get used to. Even if the first session was a test, all the following will be given easier and over time, this useful procedure will bring only pleasure.

The sequence is easy to remember. Before taking a contrast shower is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, this will reduce the likelihood of a sharp rise in pressure. Such a phenomenon is undesirable, the head can begin to spin even in a healthy person.

Alternating temperature gradually. First the body warm up hot, butnot scalding water. Cold start pouring from the top, face and base of the neck. The best option - session 2 hot and 3 cold. Always finish with cold douche. After a shower the body is rubbed with a towel. On the day it is recommended to conduct at least one such procedure. Suitable for showers morning and evening. Its invigorating action will not prevent sound sleep and pleasant awakening.

If it is difficult to decide on a training vessel with a cold shower, you can use a contrast foot baths. The principle is the same, cold and hot alternating with cold water, and then feet pounded carefully with a towel.

Turpentine baths

Another tried and true method of training vessels and the recovery of capillary blood flow are considered turpentine baths. Turpentine produced from resin. It's pine SAP has many medicinal virtues. The value of the natural components were claimed in the days of Ancient Egypt. Turpentine was used to treat wounds, bleeding, gout, rheumatic pains.

In 1937 it was proved that turpentine baths will not only expand the blood vessels and even increase the number of blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, dilate the coronary vessels, improves metabolic processes in myocardium. The result of their application was the reduction of the risk of development of acute myocardial infarction by 30%. Restored blood circulation gradually normalize heart rhythm and strengthens the heart muscle. Increases the effect of essential drugs by improving the delivery of drugs directly to every cell of the heart muscle, thereby possibly reducing the dosage of the used drugs.

The main component of turpentine - turpentine oil. In the middle of the last century it was proved that this substance accelerates blood flow and increases the number of blood vessels. When receiving turpentine baths was 30% lower probability of the development of such severe diseases as myocardial infarction. The reason for the normalization of heart rhythms and strengthen the heart muscle becomes restored circulation.

Turpentine is sold in the pharmacy, the dosage specified in the instructions. The water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees. During cooling the hot water pour. Better to start with five-minute techniques of the tub so the body was used to. More on the rise, adding 3-5 minutes per day. The procedure should not last more than half an hour. Turpentine is a substance quite aggressive and active, so before you try this method of strengthening blood vessels, consult your doctor.

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Treatment vessels fresh juices

About the benefits of fresh juice known to all lovers of these delicious beverages. Juices are rich in vitamins and minerals, instantly digested and saturate the body with nutrients. Some of them act as a solvent, that is able to break down cholesterol plaques. Simultaneously, dilutes thick blood. Proven beneficial effect of fresh juice on the kidneys, gall and bladder. To normalize blood pressure and strengthen blood vessels completely, it will take several months and at least two of the treatment course. Natural sources of b vitamins will help, but will have to wait.

For therapeutic purposes for the recovery and purification of the vascular system often use vegetable juices:

  • The beet juice. This healthy drink helps lower blood pressure. Enough to drink 500 milliliters of drink per day. Due to the conversion of nitrates of gut bacteria to nitric oxide, the blood vessels relax, dilate and the blood starts to circulate freely. Pectins, organic acids, betaine, fluorine, potassium, copper, manganese, iodine and many other useful components are present in beet juice in large quantities. This is a great healing set for hypertensives. Beets purifies the blood and clears the human body from small blood clots, lime and plaque. Beet juice requires careful application. Drink it gradually, in small portions. If nausea or dizziness dose it is desirable to reduce. If effects persist it is better to stop taking. (See also: Benefits and harms of beets and beet juice)

  • Carrot juice. Carrots - vegetable a leader in content of plant pigment called beta-carotene. It includes more than 20 trace minerals, rare minerals and organic acids. The main value of the vessels are flavonoids and volatile. These natural antibiotics improve the immune system and stimulate production of enzymes, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. (See also: the Benefits and harms of carrot juice)

  • Cucumber juice. Useful at high pressure and weak blood vessels and cucumber juice. There are so many valuable substances that help maintain the acid-alkaline balance. The main advantage of cucumber juice in its cleansing effect. It perfectly displays the body of toxins and wastes, which contributes toimproving circulation and elasticity of blood vessels. (See also: the Benefits and harms of cucumbers, and useful properties of cucumber juice)

Celery juice contains iron and magnesium, these substances have a positive effect on the quality of the blood.

Parsley juice is indicated for high cholesterol, fragility of capillaries and blood vessels.

Juice of spinach is indispensable for high pressure.

Kiwi juice is famous for its large number of fruit acids, which makes it useful for purification of blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

The value and usefulness of fruit juices no less important to improve the functioning of the vascular system, however, the high content of fructose and glucose can trigger the development of some serious diseases. One of them is diabetes. It's a big risk, so to cleanse and strengthen the blood vessels preferably vegetable juices.

Recipes juice blends to cleanse the blood vessels

For the production of juices are used exclusively high-quality fruit. Vegetables should be firm and meaty, these will give a lot of juice. Squeeze it using the juicer or manually rubbed on a grater and squeeze through cheesecloth. Store drinks in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Longer shelf life deprives the juice of all useful properties. Its use is not only useless, fermented, overexposed drinks are not safe for the stomach.

To lower blood pressure you can try the following mixture:

  • Recipe # 1: carrot + celery + spinach + parsley. Carrots this vegetable ensemble must prevail. The taste is unusual for an Amateur, but the benefits for blood vessels huge. This drink used to it gradually. Usually begin with one-half Cup a day. If within a week of disorders in the stomach and intestines was observed, the dose can be increased up to a liter a day. A cleansing treatment should be no longer than a month. Done after a two-week break.
  • Recipe No. 2: carrots (10 PCs) + beets (3 PCs) + cucumber (1) + kiwi (1). This juice mixture is perfectly cleanses the blood vessels and activates krovoobraschenie. All the ingredients are crushed and mixed. The resulting cocktail take first 3 tablespoons a day. Over time, the volume can increase to half a Cup of.

Precautions in the treatment of vascular juices. With samolechenie need to be careful, especially people with chronic diseases, weak immune system, disorders in the gall and urinary bladder. Before use it is advisable to visit a doctor and get the right recommendations for the use of vegetable juices for cleansing vessels.

Three very useful Supplement in the treatment of blood vessels

When narrowing of the blood vessels and the appearance in them of plaques doctors diagnosed as "atherosclerosis". It interferes with the circulation of the blood, which leads to the failure of all body systems. There is a possibility of complete blockage of blood vessels, this condition is very dangerous for health. Atherosclerosis can be prevented, there are many effective preventive measures, observing that you can protect yourself from the disease and its complications. When diagnosis help medications and a special diet based on mandatory inclusion of some products and exclude others.


When atherosclerosis is disturbed lipid metabolism. This failure leads to the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol. This concept in medicine characterizes the overabundance of low-density lipoprotein. If this process is revealed, the inevitable appearance of plaque that is deposited on the walls of blood vessels. The vessels become brittle, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. To avoid these serious complications, it is necessary to adjust the mechanism of release of cholesterol. This can help lecithin. Due to the chemical properties of this complex lipids, the cholesterol levels can be reduced. One molecule of lecithin outputs 3 molecules of cholesterol.

Lecithin is used as a building material for cells. It must be present in the human body in sufficient quantities, deficiency is always possible to replenish its reserves. There are many foods rich in lecithin. Their use is necessary, especially if there's an increase in cholesterol. In the list of Champions on the content of lecithin are:

  • Soy products;
  • Seeds, legumes;
  • Meat, liver;
  • Nuts;
  • Fish;

Lecithin can be produced independently, but with age, this function is reduced. The body needs to help cells lecithin can saturate a competent diet.

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The condition of the blood vessels can influence the useful components contained in fish. It includes a lot of polysaturated fatty acids omega-3. They have amazing health benefits: reduce cholesterol, indicators of blood viscosity and normalize blood pressure.

The Peoples Of The Far Northin large quantities use frozen and raw fish. Steak is a product that is not subjected to heat treatment. Eskimos who fish like this every day, signs of atherosclerosis are absent. Their vessels in perfect condition. This is a unique discovery was made during routine clinical examinations, and gives reason to argue that the use of fish products for vessels huge.

Omega 3 is contained in trout, mackerel, salmon, halibut, tuna, sardines, herring. There are plant sources of these acids: walnuts, flax and hemp seed, canola, olive oil, soybeans, the germ of the oats.

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Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba refers to the relict trees and has a unique composition. The intake of Ginkgo biloba shown in atherosclerosis, hypertension, syndrome of vegetative dystonia. Drugs improve the condition of blood vessels, they become more elastic and stronger.

The interest in this tool is growing significantly, as the drugs have virtually no contraindications and proved its effectiveness. Today, the Ginkgo biloba preparations are available in pharmacies. If it is possible to get or purchase the leaves of Ginkgo tincture can be prepared at home. Leaves pour vodka (alcohol) in a ratio of 1/10. Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, always in a glass container. Take before meals 15-20 drops throughout the month.

A list of the most useful products.

When you revealed the weakness of the vessels and reducing their elasticity is very important to pay attention to the diet. It needs to be balanced with a predominance of vegetable products.

Nutritionists say that eating foods which are growth hormones and preservatives that have a negative impact on the vascular system. Nutrients are not, but contain components that depressing effect on the blood vessels. It is recommended to use only natural products and prepare meals. It is desirable to waive such processing methods like frying, roasting and Smoking. To better handle products in other ways: stewing, boiling, roasting, steam treatment.

Proper nutrition can be an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.

There are many products that promote good health and cleansing the arteries from cholesterol. Select the most effective and affordable:

  • Green tea;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Apples;
  • Oliveoil;
  • Spinach;
  • Chickpeas;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Salmon;
  • Beet leaves;
  • Grenades;
  • Garlic;

The list can be supplemented in healthy oils, different types of nuts, spices and herbs. To strengthen weak blood vessels effective berries, seaweed, broccoli, lemon, corn, asparagus, onions. To help the heart and blood vessels can be the seed of grapes. It is a source of resveratrol, the main defender against parasites and high cholesterol. Squeeze the juice from the seeds using a screw extractor.

Flint water improves the elasticity of blood vessels

Silicon participates in the formation of epiteliya and connective tissues. This is the most important macronutrient in the body, which is provided in the form of different compounds. Silicon supports arterial flexibility and is one of the main participants in the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Many serious diseases, including atherosclerosis, arise from metabolic disorders of the silicon compounds.

The body needs the amount of silicon people can get with food. For the identified deviations of the cardiovascular system is the need of this element increases and requires additional intake. The disadvantage is always possible to compensate for the introduction in the diet of silica and water. It is possible to prepare yourself.

Recipe silicon water

The water on the flint insisted in antiquity. Flint laid at the bottom of the wells and boreholes, many gardeners do so until now. This is a unique water purification method, silicon activator, decreases the amount of bacteria and viruses, and improves the microflora of the water. Due to the presence of a mineral in water form colloids. These substances deliver the liquid from pesticides, heavy salts and other substances harmful to the body.

To cook fresh, crystal clear silicon water is easy, just place a stone of silicon in a glass bowl, cover and put in a bright place, protected from direct sunlight. After 2-3 days the water is ready to drink, but the more valuable properties it will be after a week of exposure.

Be sure to pour the ready water into another container, the sediment better pour it accumulates too many heavy metals. Its properties silicic water saves a few months, you can drink it every day without restrictions.

Silicon water there are contraindications, before use it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Food sources of silicon

Do not forget about the available food sources. Useful for vessels silicon is found in many foods and beverages. This element is in the mineralwater, beer and wine. It is present in foods of animal origin: eggs, caviar, sour milk. Leaders on the contents of this element are vegetable products, among the Champions barley, brown rice and oats.

  • Fruits: apricot, pineapple, bananas, apples, pears, melon, plum, peach, grapes.
  • Vegetables: beets, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, onions, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, squash, pumpkin.
  • Berries: black currants, sea buckthorn, cherry, mountain ash, blueberry, cherry.

The list is impressive, it can replenish the so-called nutty nutrition. Nutritionists advise to do it with a deficit of silicon. You can use hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. Any nuts (200 g) crushed, add raisins (200 g), dried apricots (200 g), lemon and honey. Components are mixed, put in a jar and store in the fridge. If food allergies not to take this tasty and healthy product at any and in any quantities.

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General recommendations for strengthening blood vessels

In order to avoid violations and deviations in the work of blood vessels need to take care of health all year round and throughout life. This applies not only to proper nutrition. It is proved that the condition of the vessels is dependent on the psychological state of the person. Avoid stress and repetitive loads. Neurosis is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular disease. Life is not supposed to be just their usual Affairs and events. Changing experience and travel has a positive impact on the health of the nervous system. Keep calm allows diverse positive activities: nature walks, trips to the theater and cinema, yoga, socializing with friends and family, etc.

To increase stress resistance help sports. If time to exercise is not enough in the morning to do exercises. Very helpful water treatments, especially bath. In the absence of contraindications, heals in the steam room. Broom is a wonderful massager stimulates blood circulation and restoring elasticity of blood vessels. The same effect from swimming in the pool. Regular attendance will benefit the vascular system.

The weakness of the vessels is often observed in people who do not get enough sleep and tired. The body can not cope with stress, this affects the health and condition of the vascular system.

Treatmentvessels and strengthening - long-term process. It is impossible to get rid of problems once and for all, no matter how effective the described means and methods. Taking care of yourself and vessels should be constant, it is better if in your quest for perfect health participating doctors who know all about the cardiovascular system.

okolova Nina Vladimirovna, doctor-naturopath, herbalist