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The treatment of stomatitis

Treatment of stomatitis at home

Treatment of stomatitis in a child

Almost all parents are faced with the fact that their children sooner or later POPs up this disease as stomatitis, and when you come to the doctor, you along with the usual medical drugs in pill form is always in addition to, offer some popular recipes in the form of herbs or supplements.

This is a folk remedy for treatment of stomatitis, which have already helped any child: the infusion of such herbs as chamomile, calendula, sage , and BlackBerry leaves. All of these herbs you can get at the pharmacy or at grandma's, which sells on the market. Grass should be very carefully stir and crush one tablespoon of this raw material will require one Cup of boiling water, then the tool need to insist for a quarter of an hour.

It is also helpful to drink infusions of strawberries or raspberries, make some compresses on the gums of a mixture of garlic and potatoes and kefir or yogurt. The obtained slurry to lubricate the gums. Also, instead of this pulp gums and sores on them can be lubricated in the usual honey. The effect in both cases is good. Very good help and this remedy, take a cotton swab and apply sea buckthorn oil on the gums and mucous membranes.

The treatment of stomatitis oil, honey, novocaine...

This recipe is quite old, which was used even by our grandmothers. This disease as stomatitis can be cured by the following mixture: one ampoule of novocaine, one teaspoon of sunflower oil, a spoon of honey and protein chicken eggs. All must be thoroughly mixed and lubricated ulcers on the gums and mucous membranes.

The treatment of stomatitis, herbs and fruit berries

There are some great recipes for the treatment of stomatitis is based on herbs. Here is one of them. You should take all the herbs, two teaspoons. The list of ingredients: calendula officinalis – flowers, black currants – fruit, raspberry – dried fruit, sea buckthorn medicinal fruits. Place all ingredients in a jar, carefully shake it , then pour three cups of boiling water. Treatment must be carried out within ten days by rinsing the mouth after eating.

Treatment sores garlic

Very good treats stomatitis garlic. As you know, garlic has antibacterial properties and is used in the treatment of colds, but it can also be used in the treatment of any ulcer diseases, such as stomatitis. Take a couple of garlic cloves and RUB them next to the garlic add a nice flavor to the yogurt. The resulting mixture should be slightly warmed and spread on the affected area.

The treatment of stomatitis propolis

If you saw that you start a disease like herpes, you can help in the treatment and prevention of propolis tincture. To how to apply propolis tincture, you should disinfect the affected area, for example, hydrogen peroxide, and then dried. To dry, it will be enough to breathe through the mouth. Then pipette drip propolis tincture on the affected area and then dry.