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Treatment of streptococcal

Treatment of streptococcal folk remedies

Treatment of streptococcal lotions

Traditional medicine knows many recipes for a variety of lotions that can help in the treatment of streptococcal and other skin diseases (rashes, ulcers, etc.).

For example, widgets can use a strong infusion of herbs camel thorn trees. If streptodermii sick young child, it can be redeem in this infusion, diluted with water in the ratio 1:3.

It is also recommended to make lotions from the fresh pulp of the fungus-slicker. Suitable he and for powders. In this case, use the powder.

In severe cases of streptococcal you can apply a lotion from the leaves and green acorns oak, twisted with the help of grinder. You can use and infusion of oak bark. As you know, this tree has strong antiseptic and healing effect. Secure the compress with a bandage and replace after a couple of hours. Usually after two weeks of streptococcal rash if you are.

From a mixture of garlic juice and black pepper, combined in a 1:1 ratio, you can also do compresses and lotions. The tool will help with weeping erosions and ulcers with streptococcal.

Chop the leaves of the Oxalis until the consistency of porridge and make lotions for ulcers. This tool has a extremely fast effect and also helps ulcers and diathesis.

A quarter teaspoon of alum powder diluted in half a glass of warm boiled water and moisten purulent rashes if streptococcal.

Treatment of streptococcal ointments

Ointments prepared on the basis of various medicinal plants are also able to assist in the treatment of streptococcal. Effective is an ointment made of honey and juice of the pomegranate is not ripe, mixed in a ratio of 1:1. Purulent rashes, you need to lubricate several times a day (minimum – 3 times). Keep the medication should be refrigerated.

On the basis of honey you can also make an ointment with the powder of a root of Cistus. The ingredients should be mixed in equal quantities. In a similar way and prepare a mixture of honey with the juice of a radish seed.

A kind of natural "ointment" is pine resin. Ulcers with streptococcal it is recommended to lubricate the turpentine pine. Wash it carefully with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or vodka.

Cook the cream on the basis of Dubrovnik garlic and honey. The ingredients are mixed in equalquantities and evaporated in a water bath. Lubricate the rash if streptococcal can be trapping oil. It is suitable for compresses.

Treatment of streptococcal powder

Baby powder is also widely used in the treatment of streptococcal.

To grind to powder the dry oak leaves and sprinkle on the spots. Suitable for such a procedure and the horsetail herb, which can cure even long festering sores.

A strong and effective folk remedy for the streptococcal and malignant ulcers are also powders of hieracium pilose. You need to use the whole plant (leaves, flowers and root), dried it and rubbed to a powder.

In addition to the powders, you can also do poultices. For example, it is useful to float the affected streptodermii place in the decoction of ripened brown alder cones. The day should be 2-3 treatments, and purulent rashes will disappear.

When the patients had weeping eczema, they can be sprinkled with powder of malachite.

Treatment of streptococcal charges

Special attention deserve medicinal fees, help you quickly to cope with illness.

For the preparation of the first drug you will need to connect the interior of pork fat powder with spruce gum and propolis. All components take in equal parts. Mix them, boil in water bath, then cooled and smeared with purulent lesions of streptococcal. Rinse the wound should of burnt lime (1 tablespoon) mixed with two liters of warm boiled water. To insist means to about three days, after which use water that is under the lime film formed on the surface.

The second camp is prepared from the roots of nettles, sorrel tupolistnaya and inflorescences of yarrow. Dry plants take in the ratio 3:3:1 were mixed and ground into powder. Mix with milk (1 l ) and boil on low heat for 25 minutes. You then add in the broth, 4 tablespoons of honey and cook, stirring constantly, for another ten minutes. While medicine is still hot, its tail. Chilled drug you need to lubricate the affected places on the skin. Keep the refrigerator no longer than four days.