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Treatment of bitch udder

The bitch udder treatment folk remedies

Bitch Tits is a threat of a purulent inflammation of the sweat glands, which in most cases occurs in people in the armpits. In some cases, the disease is localized in the umbilical region, in the perineum, near the labia, scrotum and anus. It is these places you sweat the most.

Possible causes of the disease is the General weakening of the body, hypothermia and minor injuries of the skin. The disease can also occur due to excessive sweating, wearing synthetic clothes, the sharp decline in the immune system and increasing resistance of some pathogens to modern pharmacological drugs.

In addition to the modern treatment of bitch udder surgically, incredibly effective and various folk methods. A to prevent the primary occurrence of the disease and prevent recurrence, major measures are considered to be hardening and personal health. People who are prone to bitch udder, it is recommended to take a shower at least two times a day. The area of armpits should be thoroughly washed with soap and water and after drying apply any anti-microbial solutions.

It happens that the disease is caused due to staphylococcal or streptococcal sticks. In rare cases it appears on a background hormonal failure or serious disorders in the endocrine system. After the correct diagnosis and identify the causes of the development of bitch udder, you can start the necessary treatment.

It can be noted that the fuck up is developing quite slowly, but the bacteria time to cause enormous harm to the human body. As a rule, immediately prior to the occurrence education on the affected area the skin is slightly compacted, with pressure felt pain. Deep under the skin you can always find a small knot, which is a source of inflammation. Usually its diameter is less than 4 cm Any treatment can begin when the disease progresses to the second stage, when he is detected.

Usually after the discovery of the bitch udder, painful area begins to swell, redden and fester. In the third stage is the formation breaks and the pus drains out. When not treated, the disease inevitably progresses to an advanced stage. Alone it is never cured. It is shown modern treatment pills and various antimicrobials.We offer several techniques and methods for the treatment of bitch udder folk remedies.

Treatment of bitch udder tortillas

These unique methods are among the most effective.

Recipe No. 1. Mix a little flour with three egg yolks, then add a little lard and honey. In the end, the dough should look not very steep. Put this cake on the affected area and change it every 9-12 hours.

Recipe №2. For the preparation of a popular Tibetan band-aid will need 50 grams of soap, the same amount of rye flour, 1 tbsp sugar and regular vegetable oil, and one Cup of warm water. Mix all ingredients and put on a slow fire. During cooking, add a little wax from Church candles. When the mixture is slightly cooled, this cake can be applied to painful abscess overnight.

Recipe No. 3. Take 2-3 tbsp of thick cream and the required amount of rye flour. Mix until a dense pellet and apply it on the affected area. To do this compress can be once a day before sleep.

Treatment of bitch udder herbs and vegetables

Recipe No. 1. The leaves of cabbage and a simple lilac is also effective in the treatment of bitch udder. They must be applied to the painful skin of the internal part of the abscess. Don't forget before using them thoroughly clean and rinsed.

Recipe №2. Wonderful poultice of plantain should be done several times throughout the day while he's abscess burst and pus will come. Plantain leaves is recommended to be added alternately with the onion to enhance the breakthrough process, after which the healing process will be much faster. Once the pus drained, the wound should be treated with ointment or plain streptocidum solution. after the beginning of the healing should not stop applying plantain leaves.

Recipe No. 3. An ordinary solution of calendula can be easily cured bitch Tits. To prepare this miracle solution you need to mix a simple pharmacy tincture of this plant equally with water. A tincture of calendula can be replaced with a solution of yarrow or other ten percent solutioncalendula.

Recipe No. 4. Incredibly effective folk healing methods are packs of regular onions. Need medium-sized onion bake in the oven, after which it should be carefully divided into small plates, which are then applied to the affected area. Can on top of onions put a little cotton wool, and then to fix the compress with plastic.

Recipe №5. It involves mixing onion with plain soap. To prepare a poultice, grate the soap in quantities of 50 grams and mix with finely chopped onion. Then add a little lard and put on low heat for 10 minutes. Then give the tool a little cool. a lot can be stored in the fridge for 10 days. Applying a compress to the place of the boil before bedtime.

Treatment rabbit skin

This method of treatment often used in the villages of our grandmothers needed to get dressed rabbit skin, lather it on the smooth side. Apply it as a compress to the affected area for the whole day. several times a day the skin is a little to podpilivat.

Treatment of bitch udder herbal decoction

This excellent herbal decoction ingested. For its preparation it is necessary to take simple plantain leaves and leaves of eucalyptus, marigold flowers, elderberry and clover. All components good grind and pour boiling water, after which the mixture should boil, and then keep on fire for about 5-7 minutes. Next, the resulting broth insist in a warm place for about two hours. The dosage is no more than a quarter Cup three times a day. To taste you can add a little honey.

This herbal decoction can be applied externally as it has excellent antiseptic.


In the treatment and to prevent recurrence it is necessary to conduct regular sanitation possible infectious foci. In identifying the recommended to cure cholecystitis, carious teeth, cystitis, epididymitis, otitis media, abscess, and others. Since any pyogenic germs can easily penetrate not only in different organs of the body, but in the glands of the armpits, they are extremely dangerous.

If the inflammation has arisen again, if you have already started to form an abscess, then quick recovery is possiblebe advised to use Vishnevsky ointment or Ichthyol ointment. In rare cases, traditional methods do not help, then surgical intervention can not be avoided. It is not necessary to delay the operation, otherwise the pus may spread throughout the body and serious complications avoided, the patient will not succeed.