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Treatment of thyrotoxicosis

Treatment of hyperthyroidism with folk remedies

Treatment of hyperthyroidism with a cinquefoil white

The infusion of white cinquefoil well struggling with hypertension and gastric ulcer, heart attack, atherosclerosis and stroke. The plant is also used for rheumatism, low and high thyroid function, enterocolitis. Bloodroot helps the output radiation from the body, resorption of cysts and fibroids, lowers cholesterol, and helps to establish a normal monthly cycle. It has a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood, helps the heart, necessary for the treatment of uterine prolapse, anemia, liver diseases.

In our case, it has a decisive importance in the treatment of hyperthyroidism: the patient lost sweating, shortness of breath, disappears tachycardia plus strengthens and improves immunity.

Use broth quite simple: three times a day for thirty drops twenty minutes before eating, and so within thirty-one days, and then needed week of rest. This period will be the first stage of acceptance. For the treatment of chronic forms of hyperthyroidism need to drink this decoction three to five to six months.

Treatment of thyrotoxicosis-shell walnuts

For the treatment of hyperthyroidism folk remedies you need to mix one hundred grams of green shell of walnuts and three hundred grams of the crushed tops of the pine branches with two liters of water, put on fire, wait until boil, and then hold still for twenty minutes.

To all this we should add one kg of watermelon honey and ten leaves of the lemon tree, pre-chopped them. The composition must leave to boil for another ten minutes, then disconnect and remove the resulting broth to cool, to cool, pass through a strainer, then drink within three times a day one tablespoon for twenty minutes before a meal.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism with rose hips

Thyrotoxicosis, use the following drug charges. This solution can be drunk for a long time. It is necessary to take equal parts of dried and powdered berries of blackcurrants and rose hips and pour in two cups hot water one tablespoon of the resulting composition, and then allow to stand, decant through a strainer, and put the resulting sugar and drink half a Cup three to four times per day.

Receiving a second part of the calculated month. You need to take one part of Valerian root, mix with two parts mint leaves, add one part of hop cones. The resulting composition is required to take two tablespoons and add to two cups of boiling water, allow to stand for half an hour, and then drink three times a day half a Cup.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism hawthorn

For treatment, and in particular the reduction of the manifestations of thyrotoxicosis are used as an infusion of hawthorn, which, moreover, cures dizziness, reduces blood pressure, a person is insomnia and nervous excitement.

The recipe for the brew is simple: you need to add one hundred milliliters of alcohol to half a Cup pre-mashed berries of hawthorn, and then the resulting mixture pour into a bottle and infuse for three weeks in a place inaccessible to light. Periodically throughout the time the infusion is necessary to shake the bottle so the mixture was stirred. After this period you need to strain the resulting infusion through a strainer.

Treatment of thyrotoxicosis is necessary to continue this infusion for one month, then stop taking for about two weeks (a little less), and after repeating the treatment. General admission is from five to seven courses per year.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism with herbs

Modern conditions often have a negative impact on the human body. Phenomena such as the wrong food products of low quality, stress, nervous tension, poor environment, lack of stability and the fast pace of modern life lead to disorders in the body. The majority of patients with disruption of the functioning of the thyroid gland – the young or middle-aged people.

A woman for five years suffered from hyperthyroidism is a disease of the thyroid gland, in which the increased production of thyroid hormones. Nothing good in this disease as in any other, of course not. All treatment of thyrotoxicosis, whichdoctors suggest, boils down to more closely monitor their health, in any case not to give up. It is necessary, besides taking the prescribed medications, maintain a healthy lifestyle, significant role is played by a good mindset and positive attitude toward life, physical activity and total activity, and you also need to watch your diet.

Thyrotoxicosis is characterized by the fact that increases metabolism, which the body needs to consume more protein, you also need dairy products because they contain calcium salts. Plus the use of herbal medicine and, among other things, increase the immunity. You need to eat less those foods which have a negative impact on the cardiovascular and nervous system: coffee, chocolate, tea, if he is strong, various spices. I suffer from thyroid disease observed tearfulness and irritability, you may experience pain in the region of the heart to increase its beating.

To get rid of these phenomena will help plants such as motherwort, licorice root, root of Valerian and rose hips (or hawthorn).

There is also the infusion has a therapeutic effect: it is necessary in the course of a week or two to infuse a mixture of one hundred grams of vodka (it is better to take lemon) mixed with twenty grams of the leaves of the motherwort, it is necessary to pre-grind them. Obtained present the solution should be filtered and drunk three to four times a day for thirty or forty drops. This infusion, in addition to treatment of the symptoms of the thyroid gland, will also help to get rid of feelings of anxiety, that is, will have the effect of a normal sedative.

There are also infusions for overcoming the symptoms of suffering from the disease, "thyroid", which have a real effect and, moreover, have a pleasant taste. You need to twist the ten heads of garlic, add the squeezed out juice from ten lemons and one liter of honey and let stand all this during the week.

Make the tool out slowly, slowly and carefully, four teaspoons once a day. Another option is to mix with sugar, grated unpeeled lemon whole, and then three times a day for half an hour before eating, take the composition one teaspoon. There is this recipe: in a week you need to push a mixture of vodka (pre-filling it in a half-liter jar) mixed with clean shelled walnuts (fourteen pieces). The mortar shall completely fill the jar, which should then be covered with a lid. The infusion should be in a warm place, inaccessible to light. A week later the tool can be taken on an empty stomach one tablespoon. welcomeit is necessary to conduct to until infusion will not end.

Source: Newspaper a healthy lifestyle, the all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandma"