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How to get out of depression yourself

Depression is a frequent consequence of stress, lack of opportunities, the so-called emotional "discharge". For this reason, a person loses part of the energy and the ability to resist even the most insignificant experiences. All of this is a direct road to depression.

The task in such a situation can only be an accumulation of energy and rest which will help to forget about stress. Only get yourself out of depression. Further the 10 principles that are sure to help.

Depression works on 3 levels: body, mind, spirit

To effectively get rid of the doldrums, need to work on each of the three levels. This is because they are connected among themselves, strengthening or weakening each other. To start with the choice of a particular purpose in life that will push to the movement. The more significant will be the activities, for example, charity or community work, the more rapid will be the replenishment of energy reserves.

It is best to find a role that will help bonding between all three levels: body, mind and spirit. Excellent in this respect practice is yoga, which activates all the senses and awakens vitality. It is very important not to forget about the frequency of classes. So, the more time will be spent at yoga, the more rapid will be the way out of depression. The body needs to run, so he went into a certain rhythm and not out of it. It is recommended to do a favorite thing at least 2-3 times during the week.

The content of the article:

1. Physical activities are very important to cope with depression

There is nothing more important and more useful physical activities. They give the ability to activatethe body, which has a positive effect on emotional state. Because all these events are connected, forming a single organism.

It is desirable physical exercise to get out of the depression include:

  • Swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • Fitness;
  • Any dancing;
  • Yoga.

All these practices are good, that does not give you time to think about the negative side of life. In addition, they give courage, because push a person to constantly improve themselves and their opportunities. Thus, exercise is a great way to combine all three levels outlined above.

2. Depression occurs because of our negative emotions

Negative emotions are feelings such as envy, resentment or guilt. In varying degrees they are present in every person's life, but not all meet the doldrums. If they appeared, it is necessary to understand why it happened. Further, should deal exclusively with the given factor, cutting unnecessary layers of information. Of course, without the help of a qualified psychologist can not do here. However, in the early stages is quite impossible to deal with it yourself.

3. The most dangerous depression is sadness

The world around each of us is a reflection of our thoughts, desires and needs. When people believe that everything bad the depression is formed. It is in a prolonged form and is depression. The way to overcome discouragement only one to use will power, forcing himself to think only about good and to act constantly doing something useful.

4. Independent work with depression

Psychologists recommend daily, in the morning and the evening, only 5 minutes to wish each person happiness. Benevolence toward others, kindness and emotional openness will help to find peace of mind. This will help to get out of depression with minimal losses. Are people who are truly benevolent, never faced with such adverse condition.

Independent work with depression also involves a hobby that will be not only regular, but also give people the opportunity to develop. We can talk about photography, visit any of the courses, and more. Not less useful to the energy charge due to the fresh air outside the city.

5. Mind training as a way to get rid of depression and be happy

To train the mind is very important, because it depends only on the emotional state of the person. So, you need to configure yourselfa positive way, because it is only thoughts are the decisive criteria of psychological condition.

6. Perfectionism leads to depression

The man is demanding entity, confident that everything should be done in accordance with established rules. At the same time, it creates within each of us expectations that may not materialize. This creates a kind of psychological funnel: there is accumulating resentment, aggression, anger. All of this leads to depression or at least a permanent bad mood.

In order to avoid this, you must learn to act and live in accordance with simple rules:

  • To do your duty, no one without expecting anything in response;
  • All events and past and future should be taken with love;
  • To achieve their goals – necessary but to resort to extreme measures impossible in any case.

Thus, the guarantee of getting rid of depression is the rejection of the expectations of someone or something. Similar processes only spend mental energy reserves necessary to maintain emotional and physical health. The demands of life will not make it easier, because everything will happen the way it is regardless of the thoughts and feelings. Therefore there is no point wasting time and nerves on it.

7. To cope with depression, it is important to reevaluate your life

An effective way of getting rid of depression is redefining his life. You will need to do very much in this respect from the review of his life: the reappraisal to get rid of the load, pulling the man down. In order for this stage was much easier and faster, you can ask for help from a psychologist. Great is group therapy.

It is very important to pay attention to this stage so after some time there is a new energy that can be devoted to changing situations. Without this, the way out of depression is simply impossible.

8. The correct response to the world – the prevention of many problems

Without complying with this paragraph, the depression will return again and again. You must properly react to the world surrounding each of us. It is not only optimism, but also to realize their true nature. Must "sees in theroot" to see the essence of problems: psychological, career. This will help to cope with them and to soberly assess their chances.

I would like to mention that so many take antidepressants. It really saves some time from depression, but then she comes back because these tools treat only the symptoms, not the actual depression. In this regard, the use of antidepressants is highly undesirable.

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9. Learn to enjoy the little things

It seems that the joy has to come by itself, but in practice it turns out completely wrong. It's hard to enjoy a new day. New job at work – hence the depression. In this connection, you need to change yourself and your approach to life. It is necessary, and it is very important to learn to enjoy every detail, to pleasure of communicating and other things that seem everyday.

This is, perhaps, the most important thing is to enjoy what is already there or will be soon. We should not fall into an apathetic state due to the fact that something did not work, but throw this undertaking is not worth it. While the person is alive, he has everything in order to achieve their goals and enjoy not only the process but also result.

10. To establish food

It would seem, as the power associated with the mood? However, this relationship exists because the receipt of all the necessary components in the body (vitamins, minerals) through food is an essential component of health, and, means, and mood.

In order to avoid depression, you will need to include in the menu a significant amount of foods such as vegetables, fruits and fresh juices. For example, bananas contain a huge amount of endorphins responsible for happiness.


Thus, the way out of depression by yourself is more than possible. It is important to comply with each of the 10 the above principles and, if necessary, to consult a specialist.