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Stone oil

Properties and application of stone oils

Properties rock oil

Stone oil is an oil which is able to positively affect all the sick man's place and heal them. In China's history says that in ancient times stone oil was considered a food of immortal people. In this country there is a village which produces a white stone and eat. People in this area live to be ninety years old.

With stone oil can cure even cancer and infertility. The composition of stone oil includes all of the elements of the periodic table. Even silver, gold and platinum.

This wonderful medicine can beat cancer, prostatitis, also has antibacterial properties, can strengthen human immunity. At the first receptions of stone oil to be careful to use it in small doses. And maybe you should check how the body will react to it.

Application of stone oils

Application of stone oils is reduced to a simple rule. To prepare the solution, take a little less than half a teaspoon of stone oil. Dissolve this quantity of rock oil three litres of warm water. For a start take only one teaspoon of the medicine after a meal. And the next day to watch his health. If your health condition has not deteriorated, it is possible the dose of oil gradually increased. Thus, you would bring the dose to three tablespoons. Medication to use after a meal.

Later you can use one tablespoon of the solution three times a day thirty minutes before meals. Watch his health.

If you suffer from any skin diseases, do lotions. For such lotions make a solution of three grams of oil to three liters of water. Do lotion twice a day from five minutes to half an hour. Follow the state of your health.

Treated with stone oil for thirty days, then take a break for two weeks. With stone oil can also take baths. For that half a teaspoon of oil, spread in fifteen milliliters of water. Follow the procedure about ten times, take these baths in a day. Then the skin dry with a towel, and lightly DAB.

If you have a malignant tumor or acute inflammatory diseases, then eat five hundredmilliliters of water three grams of stone oil. Thus, you will increase the dose of oil that will not be harmful when such serious diseases.

The compresses. The compresses will help with mastitis, neuralgia, headache, thrombophlebitis. In order to make a compresses, make a solution of three grams of stone oil. This is approximately one teaspoon. Dissolve this amount of oil in the stone one hundred and fifty milliliters of boiled water at room temperature. There also add one hundred milliliters of rubbing alcohol.

Fold the gauze in six layers and wet it in the solution, wring out and apply to the place that hurts. Then put on top of polyethylene. Leave the poultice on all night. If you're very sick, you can make a compress in the morning and keep all day.

Do not use these packs if you have liver disease, pancreas and kidneys. Or if you have open wounds. For such diseases it is necessary to apply here the solution: three grams of stone oil is dissolved in one glass of boiled water at room temperature. This solution need to do the same compresses. As was described above. Apply these packs are about fifteen times.

Remember that at a time when you will be treated with stone oil, you will in any case not to take antibiotics, alcohol, lamb, pork, goose, duck, coffee, cocoa, strong tea, radish, radish, chocolate.

When else can you use stone oil?

Diabetes. There are many life stories that rock oil has helped many people from diabetes. You need two liters of boiled water at room temperature to dissolve three grams of stone oil. Drink this remedy three times a day for half an hour before meals for one hundred milliliters. The course of treatment is three months.

If you have a weakened immune system, it can be added to the solution with a stone oil and a little honey. Stone oil can be successfully combined with herbal treatments or pharmaceutical drugs.

Many people who suffer from diabetes, was finally convinced that I will never be able to recover, and life will be depend on insulin. And this convinces them of traditional medicine.

Kidney stones. If you are concerned about kidney stones, expel them with the help of such a solution: three grams of stone oil to dissolve in one liter boiled water. Drink this solution before meals for one hundred milliliters three times a day. You also need to take one teaspoon of madder root dyecrushed, filled a glass of cold water. To give this solution to stand for one night and in the morning boil for twenty minutes. Then drain, add more boiling water to return the same amount and drink this solution throughout the day. If the solution was correctly prepared, the urine will become pink.

Pyelonephritis. Those who work at a computer or pyelonephritis sick, we can recommend rock oil with honey. Take three grams of oil, pour boiled water at room temperature. Water should be one liter. Add in a solution of one tablespoon of honey. Take this composition one hundred milliliters three times a day. Due to this treatment can restore the immune system after surgery.

After the surgery can be recommended instead of mineral water without gas or boiled water with lemon. Drink the dissolved stone oil. Three grams of the oil dissolved in one liter of boiled water. Take the dose that your body will feel good. If after surgery you removed the sutures and bandages, apply to these places compresses. These wraps are recommended to those who have had surgery on the Breasts and abdomen. Or the uterus. Thanks to compresses the joints heal faster. Leave adhesions.

From chondrosis, dissolve three grams of stone oil one hundred and fifty milliliters of water at room temperature. Add to this a solution of one hundred milliliters of rubbing alcohol and twenty-five drops of iodine. Add a pinch of ground red hot pepper. If chondrosis is sharpened, then lie down on the warm saline bottle. But not on hot. Lie down for so long.

Burns, wounds, bites. It is necessary that the house was always stone oil. Because it well helps with burns, wounds, tick bites. But if you are bitten by a bee, then you need to immediately attach to the site of the bite stone stone oil. Then the pain will go away tumors will not arise.