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Treatment abscess

Treatment of abscess of folk remedies

Treatment of abscess aloe

Abscess refers to the surgical diseases and often requires surgical intervention. Advanced abscess can lead to serious complications, therefore, before treatment, consult a doctor.

Traditional medicine knows many recipes that can cure mild forms of superficial abscesses or facilitate the flow of this disease. But in any case it is impossible to open or squeeze an abscess.

For the treatment of abscess of skin and subcutaneous tissue is often used for the juice or paste of crushed leaves of aloe Vera in the form of bandages and lotions. For these purposes often use the lower leaves of the plant. Before you cut the leaves, the plant is recommended not to water for several days. Cut the leaves crushed and the juice squeezed through cheesecloth. After this, a bandage soaked in juice or porridge from the leaves laid under the bandage. Naibolee for effective treatment it should be changed every 10-12 hours.

Aloe Vera juice fast clears the local inflammation. Treatment abcess in this way often ensures rapid cicatrisation of the wound and, as a consequence, its healing.

Treatment abscess onions

To abscess rather ripe and burst, in folk medicine, onion is often used.

You can use fresh onions. For this purpose it is rubbed into a fine pulp, wrapped it in cheesecloth and apply to the sore spot. A poultice is changed every 4-5 hours.

Also practiced cook the onion in the milk, or bake it in the oven. Do not wait until the onion has cooled, apply it to the abscess and bandage it. Alternatively, baked onion ground and mixed with grated "Children" soap (1 piece). Of received, calici make pellet and apply to the wound, replacing every 5 hours.

Sometimes in this recipe instead of onions use grated garlic, potatoes or beets, changing the bandage every three hours. Sore spot in this pre-steamed in hot soapy water or aqueous solution of iodine.

Treatment abscess honey

For treatment of an abscess you can use the ointment, which is easy to fabricateself.

For its preparation you need to take equal proportions of honey, Vishnevsky ointment and alcohol. In any case, you cannot use vodka. All the ingredients are mixed until complete homogeneity.

The resulting ointment is applied to the location of the abscess and leave the bandage on all night. It quickly relieves inflammation, and the seal dissolves in a few days.

Treatment abscess propolis ointment

Folk medicine is well known for the therapeutic properties of propolis in the fight against abscesses. For this purpose, propolis ointment, which is easy to make at home.

For the preparation of ointments need 100 g unsalted animal fat. It is melted in an enamel pot and bring to a boil. Then, cooled to 70-80°C, the fat add chopped propolis (approximately 10 g). Stirring constantly, the mixture is cooled and then purified by passing through a gauze filter. Thereafter, the ointment is ready for use.

It can also be used to treat a variety of wounds, burns, frostbite and ulcers.

Treatment of the abscess bread

For the early ripening of the boil, you can use rye bread. For this purpose it warm steamed and applied to the wound. Cover top with cabbage leaves, wrapped in paper and tape up. The poultice is not removed for days.

This method is also effective for the treatment of newscritics boils.

But do not forget that even a broken abscess it is impossible to squeeze. It needs to be cleaned with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and then within two days, apply hot compress to the wound.