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Causes and symptoms of urinary tract infections

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Inflammation of the bladder

Inflammation of the urinary bladder is a quite painful disease, since it the patient has very unpleasant symptoms. But that's not all you can happen. Don't forget that you have a sore inner part of the body, and therefore, the situation could become worse: for example, the disease will go up. Therefore, those who are sick with this disease, as soon as you feel the first symptoms should immediately go to the doctor.

According to statistics, women suffer from such diseases more often. The fact that we have different structure of organisms. So, in the female body structure of the urinary tract contributes to the delay of different infections.

Causes of bladder inflammation

The cause of inflammation of the bladder most often infection – Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli etc and it could go either outside, or, conversely, from the inside – for example, from the kidney. It all depends on your lifestyle.

But still why do you hurt? But initially the bladder of any human being is resilient enough not to be subject to various infections, it is covered with a special mucous membrane.

Here are some of the causes of inflammation of the bladder: due to the fact that you were long in the cold for a long time sat on a diet, which is great exhausted you, as well as chronic stress and extreme fatigue. The disease begins when you hardly go to the toilet and experiencing discomfort.

Also, this disease can appear when there are various kind of damage from the inside. Damage can be applied, such as stones that can be found in the bladder, and also chemical substance (these may include and drugs), when incorrectly performed surgery or burns of different kind.

Signs and symptoms of inflammation of the bladder

Acute inflammation. The danger of this disease is that it starts suddenly after you froze. Symptoms of inflammation of the bladder is a frequent trip to the toilet, while the urine not coming out until the end, you are very hurt, and even with a strong urge to urine comes out smalldrops, the toilet you hardly leave. Might just be pain in the abdomen and a burning sensation. If you take a urine test, it is a sign that you are sick, will serve a very large number of white blood cells. The danger is that these signs can also abruptly ends as it began. This can happen in just a few days, even without treatment. If after a week your condition will not improve, so it was not only in this disease, for example, can be a prostate adenoma.

Chronic inflammation of the. This is very dangerous, chronic inflammation may begin from the fact that you are wrong to treat inflammation, and also due to belated treatment. It will be clear if it will be a month or less and you will start again. Chronic inflammation may not be the end, you can root them incessantly.

Complications of inflammation of the bladder

This was discussed a bit earlier. Complications are chronic disease. Also a complication is that it is primarily an infection, so the inflammation can go either above or below and hit other organs – such as kidneys and liver, since the bladder is directly connected with them. If this happens, then you will have, in addition to pain during urination, and even fever.

Treatment of inflammation of the bladder

Bladder inflammation (cystitis) is either a consequence of infection caused by bacteria in the rectum without causing harm to the body, but becoming the cause of cystitis in contact with the urethra and bladder (infectious cystitis), or occurs due to irritation of bladder mucosa chemicals (non-infectious cystitis). In the first case, treatment is necessary to address to the gynecologist, and the second to the urologist.

  1. As soon as you feel a fit coming on, drink a pint of water, to decreased acidity of the urine and the pain when urinating has decreased. Then, within three hours, every 20 minutes, drink a glass of fluid, weak tea, diluted juice. If necessary, take an analgesic.

  2. To relieve pain when urinating, you will need to take a warm bath, also can soar feet, drink certain drugs which relax the internal organs, thereby allowing the urine to pass more freely.

  3. Lie down in bed with two heating pads, placing one under his back and another holding his feet, so to warm the urethra. For morerapid removal of inflammation, in parallel with the warming, it is recommended to use a number of drugs intended for the treatment of cystitis.

  4. There are many medicinal plants that helps with cystitis, for example, you can take an infusion of leaves of a cowberry, bearberry, goldenrod, etc. a Wonderful remedy for cystitis is cranberry. You can also take a sitz bath decoction of chamomile.

  5. Of course, be confined to self-medicate with this serious disease is unacceptable. At the first opportunity should go to the doctor. If there is a suspicion of cystitis, you should make a urine test, and the morning portion, as night accumulates the greatest number of microorganisms. If the diagnosis is confirmed, prescribe a course of antibiotics and other drugs.

Treatment of cystitis will certainly need to finish in order to prevent its transition into the chronic form, which is dangerous in such a serious complication such as pyelonephritis. Usually the cystitis is cured in 2-3 weeks. During treatment it is recommended not to consume alcoholic beverages, fatty, spicy foods, give up in sex and, of course, is not SuperCool.

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