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Green tea

The benefits and harms of green tea with milk and how to brew it?

Green tea is a perennial evergreen shrub, reaching 10m in height. The plant has beautiful, long, dark green leaves that are oval in shape. Leaves contain in its pulp reference skleraina. In the axils of the leaves are fragrant flowers, collected in 2-4 pieces or alone. Totalistic and bracts are arranged in a spiral. Fruit green tea – capsule, slightly flattened, consisting of three folds. Inside the fruit are seeds rounded, dark brown.

From late summer until the last days of autumn lasts flowering period of this plant. From October to December, the plant bears fruit. Green tea plantations are located in China, India, Japan, South America and Africa.


The composition of green tea:

This fresh, strong drink contains a lot of chemicals, which explains the beneficial effect of tea. More than five hundred components found in its leaves, including much-needed calcium, fluorine and magnesium, phosphorus and many others. It is found several hundred complex compounds of organic origin and most of the known vitamins. A particular utility of green tea due to the presence of the following compounds:

Caffeine is the main alkaloid, it is his presence in the tea gives strength and energy to our body, invigorates and activates the brain. However, with regular tea contains no caffeine, and its counterpart, called theine. The action of theine somewhat milder than caffeine, while it also activates the energy of the human brain, improves mood, and with it the capacity and activity.

The mineralscontained in green tea, promote the correct functioning of all our organs. Preventing an imbalance of minerals, it strengthens the immune system, promotes the excellent state of nails, hair and teeth.

Catechins - the flavonoids are great antioxidants. Their impact is much higher than the effect of the vitamins. Drink a Cup of green tea during the day and your body will get all the necessary amount of polyphenols. A similar effect was detected in catechinsother natural products like carrots, spinach, strawberries and broccoli. Being an effective antioxidant, this product suppresses the free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of cancer. Natural tea improves the immune system, kills germs, so it is recommended in dysentery.

The benefits of green tea

The usefulness of green tea known for a long time. And this fact is recognized not only by folk healers, but also formal institutions. The most venerable pharmaceutical companies along with manufacturers of cosmetics use in their products is the unique miracle plant. Useful properties of green tea actively used in nourishing creams and dietary supplements.

Experience for yourself the effect of this wonderful product – wash in the morning and before bed freshly brewed beverage, you will experience improvement of skin tone. Very useful to wipe your neck and face with pieces of frozen green tea. Repeat this process regularly and you will be provided with a vigorous and cheerful mood. Green tea will help to get rid of unhealthy lesions on your skin, as well as other similar negative symptoms on the face and body.

Green tea can make you beautiful. If tonight you have ambitious plans, it will help you become simply stunning. The beauty of your skin Wake this composition. Mix about 20 g plain flour, egg yolk and strong brewed tea. Apply for 15 minutes this paste on the face, rinse well with water afterwards. Your skin will get nice color, straightened and tightened. Enhance this effect by using ice cubes of green tea.

Don't ignore the black tea, its benefits are also apparent. Our mothers in the days of his youth without tanning to make the skin brown. To do this, pour a little water to the black tea, put on fire and bring to a boil, and then insist, waiting for the liquid to cool. This infusion twice a day RUB the skin. You will become tan without sunbathing.

But back to green tea. This drink normalizes the process of digestion. Constantly consuming green tea, you will make work faster their internal organs – liver, intestines and stomach. You will also notice an additional effect – healthy gums and teeth. You don'tterrible stomatitis. All contribute to this surprisingly useful components, which are full of tea. Antioxidants that are present in tea are awesome preventive measure against a real trouble cancer. In the tea beverage present in the required amount of known antioxidant – zinc. This element is necessary to strengthen the nails, hair growth, and it contributes to the prolongation of wounds, such as cuts.

Drugs green tea have a diuretic effect, but due to the exciting action of the plant it cannot be used as a diuretic.

Green tea is the best remedy for fatigue. The infusion of green tea used as an antimicrobial agent in dysentery. This tea is a means of prevention of urolithiasis and gallstone diseases. Green tea supports body tone and relieves the feeling of hunger.

Due to the content of vitamin C, green tea helps cope with many cancer. The vitamin e contained in green tea makes the blood vessels stronger and more elastic.

Useful properties of green tea due to the fact that in its composition also contains various bioactive substances, minerals and vitamins. In the production process the leaves undergo full oxidation (fermentation), whereby they retain their green color. Through the gentle drying the nutrients and vitamins in the leaves are not destroyed, unlike black tea.

Useful than green tea? This healing drink has a tonic effect on all systems of the body. There are caffeine and tannin, stimulating mental activity of the brain. It is useful to drink to prevent blood clots, it reduces the level of blood sugar, protects the liver from toxins and relieves the symptoms of stage two diabetes.

This drink is recommended to drink after suffering colds for a more rapid recovery. It is said to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns. Regular consumption of the infusion from the tea leaves relieves the symptoms of some skin diseases.

The harm to the green tea

The composition of green tea includes substances that have both positive and negative effects on the human body. In addition, green tea contains theophylline and theobromine that have a stimulating effect on the human nervous system. That's why the infusion of tea leaves is not recommended for people with increased excitability and insomnia.

Strong drink is clearly harmful when:

  • When unstable nervous system and diseases of the cardiovascular tract. Of course, theine harmful to them. But tea is rich in theine than one, there are substances that actively influence these systems, which causes its harmful effects, for example due to theobromine.
  • During pregnancy. It prevents the natural breakdown of folic acid which is vital to the developing brain of the unborn baby. All this is due to the high doses of chemicals with unpronounceable name "palatability". Again we mention caffeine is contraindicated for pregnant women. Does black tea in the breakdown of folic acid is not proven, but the caffeine in it still, contains. Just a few cups of any tea per day can cause the birth of a child born with low weight, stimulate premature labor with possible fetal death.
  • At a temperature of. Is present in tea, theophylline, able to raise the temperature of a person. So sick with a temperature, drinking green tea will further worsen their condition.
  • Ulcer of the stomach. Tea is contraindicated rather than really harmful. Strong tea, green in particular, increases the acidity of gastric juice, and this, in turn, prevents the natural healing process. As a result, the patient's condition may significantly worsen.
  • With the unhealthy liver. It should be noted specifically green tea. Some compounds contained in tea are extremely tax the liver, especially if this drink is to drink a lot. But in black tea these compounds very little.
  • Leaching of useful minerals. Tea from the body removes metals. Again, because of Teina.
  • For the skeleton and bones. The tests set by scientists on animals have shown unexpected results. It turns out that tea affects the skeleton and, in particular, on the density of the bones. In fairness, we note that in humans, such studies have been done.
  • Formation of urea. Any tea is rich in purines that are in the process of learning is synthesized urea. She is known to be poisonous, and is removed from the body with difficulty. Its salts are synthesized by the crystals developing gout. In additiongreen tea affects the state of people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

  • For the teeth. Although it was said to the contrary effect, but there is evidence that tea detrimental effect on the enamel of the teeth. What to believe? Definitely not the answer, but it is hardly necessary to rinse tea teeth when brushing.

  • The absorption of iron. Caffeine prevents the absorption of necessary iron.

Tea damage from misuse:

  • It has been said that old tea harmful. During long storage, it builds up a lot of purines. Although at the time of welding, they have already formed, but over time the processes of their formation are growing and after thirty minutes the tea should not be consumed.
  • Joint consumption of tea and alcohol causes intensive formation of aldehydes that are harmful to the kidneys.
  • Excessive drinking causes intoxication, headache, , nausea, dizziness.

  • Extremely hot beverage should not be consumed in large doses. So if you constantly eat excessively heated tea, inevitably there are burns to internal organs. They are deformed, painful cringe on the tissues crack. Such burns will certainly increase the risk of cancer. It should be noted that this does not harm the tea itself.
  • Brewing with boiling water of tea makes it virtually useless because it destroyed the most valuable substances. But the harmful elements significantly increase, the same purines, for example.

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The use of green tea

Green tea is used in atherosclerosis, hypertension , and various poisoning, even alcohol. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight obesity, weakness and fatigue. And preparations of green tea is used for diarrhea, burns from sunlight, free from dental caries and different diets. Green tea is able to absorb about 90% of the isotope, not letting it affect the human body. Due to its medicinal properties of green tea stops the growth of cancer tumors.

Caries – the most common problem many Teens and adults. Green tea quickly and effectively destroys bacteria in the oral cavity,are not allowed to form tooth decay.

Green tea reduces cholesterol in the body and makes blood vessels more elastic, normalizes the lipid metabolism, accelerates fat metabolism and prevents the body quickly grow old.

Green tea is an excellent diaphoretic. But if it mix with the lemon, then the effect will be even better. In addition, green tea removes from the body toxins.

Infusion of green tea atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Take 3 grams of dry green tea and rinse it with boiling water – this need to reduce the caffeine content. Then pour green tea 100 ml of boiling water and insist 10 minutes. Take this tea Cup at a time, three times a day. But given the fact that a person takes green tea a day should drink no more than 1.2 l of fluids (it is given 3 cups of tea).

Green tea infusion in dysentery. Take 25 grams of the crushed material plants and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Leave to infuse for half an hour. Then put the composition on low heat for 1 hour. After that, strain the finished infusion. This drink is stored only in the refrigerator. Infusion take 2 tablespoons 30 minutes before eating 4 times a day.

Tea for upset stomach. Many people suffer with this malady. Help it will cope with green tea. This plant contains antibacterial substances that destroy pathogens in the intestines and stomach. To get rid of indigestion, it normally takes 2-3 days in the morning, afternoon and evening to drink strong green tea – and the illness will pass.

Infusion and vitamin deficiency. Take 3 grams of crushed tea and pour 100 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Then in it add 1 teaspoon of syrup of wild rose. Every day after a meal like this infusion take 100 ml three times, only in the form of heat.

How to brew green tea?

To green tea has been useful and has given the effect which is expected from it must be properly brew.

Serious consideration should be given to three factors:

  • The most important of them – water temperature and quality.
  • Serving brew tea.
  • The duration of the welding process.

The optimal combination of these three parameters gives an excellent drink. Let us dwell on it.

  • 1. How to determine the optimal dose of tea? Here it is necessary to take into account the size of the tea leaves, andalso, the thickness of welding you want to. The average is taken one teaspoon in a full glass of water.
  • 2. What is the duration of the brewing process? This parameter depends on the size of the tea leaves, as well as the desired toning effect - intensive and a little slow. Keep in mind, theine, causing the much desired tonic effect, is dissolved in the first minute of brewing. Then there is the predominant saturation of the welding tannins. Just behind them, our body assimilates himself theine. Consequently, when you expect from the tea ceremony intense energy boost, tea should not be kept in the welding of longer than one - half minutes. On the contrary, if you want not too intense tidal forces, but a long time, soak the tea leaves a little longer than indicated in the instructions. But note that the tea will work in this case is slightly bitter. Experimenting with this indicator, you will find options that are acceptable for each specific case.
  • 3. What should I use water for welding? As with most drinks, the best option is water from a spring. Because not everyone lives near a spring, you can use filtered water. Even when there is no such, then at least give the tap water a little time to settle. Purchased distilled water is not suitable for welding. Also, do not water for tea to boil again. In General, water is unacceptable to paricipate as to brew tea fresh boiling water is in any case unacceptable!
  • It is recommended that the temperature of the brew water at around 80-90 degrees. Not having a thermometer to determine the temperature quite simple. It is necessary to open the kettle lid and when steam begins to rise, you bring a hand to him. Couples should not burn the hand. Such temperature would be optimal. Understand once and for all – boiling water destroys most of the nutrients in the tea, making the drink worthless!

  • 4. How to choose utensils for brewing green tea? The best cookware is that which long retains heat. Well suited clay or porcelain teapots. Connoisseurs of tea the Japanese have been using kettle made of enameled cast iron, but the Arabs prefer the silver. Utensils should not have odors. This will be very helpful to pre-rinse dishes with boiling water. Still it is necessary to cool the kettle is collected in the warmth of the water itself, which was designed for welding.

    When after a few treatments brewing on the inside of the kettle appears yellowish plaque,remove it take your time. This film is a kind of protection against adverse external factors. Maybe this will alert guests who are not familiar with such intricacies of the tea ceremony, but I think you'll find a way to explain the situation to them.

  • 5. Direct the brewing procedure. Used for this purpose, the kettle must be heated over an open flame. Only then add the tea. The spoon should be dry and clean. The teapot is wrapped with a soft cloth. Gourmet tea ceremony is used for that special beautiful things. The kettle is kept warm for a few minutes. The brew poured a third of the container with hot water. Incubated another 2-3 min., then topped up the kettle to capacity.

    Cup, preferably also made of clay or porcelain, designed for the tea ceremony, rinse with hot water before use. After all, poured into a cold Cup of hot tea cools down quickly. The total duration of the procedure of steeping – 3-4 minutes Pour the drink into a small Cup, the same amount, so it turns out the same taste of tea for all guests.

  • 6. Sometimes the tea is prepared in the Cup (there are such fans) imposes no more than one teaspoon of welding. This drink is infused for about 2 minutes. The appearance on the surface of the kettle foam yellow-brownish tint indicates the correct cooking mode. To remove the foam is not required, it simply stir the spoon in the Cup. Also, don't forget to warm up the very Cup in which the tea is brewed.
  • 7. How many brews is allowed and what tea to drink? It is considered that sugar is the enemy of green tea. Better to eat for dessert, the honey, and in the absence of the dried fruits. Again high quality tea brewed up to seven times. However, more than two times better not to. Take a tiny mini teapot, brew it once, and then repeat. Secondary welding increases. Initial welding has the most pungent aroma. Then begins to unfold the actual taste of the tea.

Is it always possible to drink green tea? Many people use this healing drink, thinking it a good thirst quencher. For example, in Central Asia drink it hot at work in the field, however this is very misleading. The brew from the tea leaves is a powerful diuretic and drinking it in the hot season, a person thus dehydrates your body. In addition, excessive consumption of welding can lead to the deterioration of the nervous system.

Caffeine in green tea

A small dose of caffeine with a moderatethe consumption of infusions made from leaf green tone, help relieve fatigue, enhance physical and mental activity of man. However, with all the beneficial effects of this noble drink on the body it is impossible to forget and about its dangers. Because caffeine is not recommended the abuse of green tea for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This can lead to various complications.

Green tea with milk

This healthful drink is mixed with milk perfectly cleanses the kidneys, strengthens and tones the body. This "cocktail" is very fond of Chinese centenarians. Milk neutralizes the effects of caffeine and other alkaloids, and therefore, this drink can be drunk without fear for their health. Although a high-calorie product, but the extra calories it kompensiruet calcium. Was held an interesting study in which several women were drinking a daily glass of milk. Oddly enough, in the end, all the advantages of such a diet, in the form of nails, teeth and bones added another weight reduction subjects. According to the organizers of the experiment, this phenomenon is associated with calcium deficiency. Subsequently, scientists have developed a special diet based on green tea with milk, and its effectiveness was already proven empirically. Cleaning processes in the organism caused by use of tea, combined with the milk diet, rich in micronutrients, promotes weight loss without any harm, associated with exhaustion of the body.

What is the essence of this diet? It is possible to note two ways – soft and radical. When you strive for accelerated results and have no problems with the stomach, apply strict measures. You should eat only a few fruits per day, refusing all other products. Drink green tea with milk. Sugar if it need to be insurmountable, change on a spoonful of honey. In addition to tea with milk, you should drink one and a half litres of plain water. If it is still very difficult for you, then you are indecisive in their efforts to lose weight.

But suppose you set a goal only to be cleared of toxins. Then a cleanse is what you need. This measure, of course, is much softer – just one day can bear. About regular food but still have to forget such a day, in order to give tea to accomplish its impact.

Let's see how to use miracle drink. They are also just two, and that's what.

Method one: Gourmets claim the highest effectiveness of the tea and the dairy diet will be achieved if the welding is to cook directly on milk. That is, water is not used at all. The dry tea is poured into the heated milk. In this case, plain water to drink only, separately from the beverage.

Method two: This option is more simple, but not very helpful. Boiling water and milk mixed in equal parts by volume, and this mixture is filled to the welding. Such tea greener color, but the taste is not so milky.

Note also that the use of green tea with milk and possibly hot and cold. Less useful it becomes. Very popular green tea is enjoyed by athletes. Relying on the miraculous properties of tea, drink it is necessary not only after exercise but also before it. Range of beneficial effects of tea are enormous. Include it in your diet lovers of bodybuilding, fitness and people active lifestyle. But low blood pressure is a significant reason to abstain from green tea. Indeed, one of its most important functions – that struggle with hypertension.

Green tea for weight loss

The medical community has still not adopted a unique solution, does green tea for slimming, although many people believe in the effectiveness of weight reduction using this product. And this way of losing weight in recent times in Vogue. It is believed that this infusion enhances metabolic processes in the body and accelerates the elimination of fat, it is a powerful antioxidant and helps to strengthen blood vessels, increasing their elasticity.

If you feel slight hunger, then instead of a snack it is better to drink a Cup of infusion of the tea leaves without sugar. Regular use can throw 2-3 kg, and in combination with a diet achieved stunning results. Remember the main tea connoisseurs of Chinese and Japanese. To find among them the fat man is very difficult. What is the ability of tea to get rid of excessive weight? It turned out - from a number of useful qualities of green tea are dominated by the ones that can cause weight loss. The drink is perfectly cleanses the body, improves the work of stomach and bowels, removing waste products, it increases the metabolism. Proven positive effects of tea to accelerate fat breakdown. This drink allows you to forget about hunger.

Let us further consider how to more effectively use the useful qualities of greentea people who want to get rid of excess weight.

  • 1. For half an hour before meals just to drink some tea (note, however, that green tea to drink before meals bad for stomach. If you decide to use it before eating, it is only for 15 minutes before eating). This is a great way to lose weight. For a single dose of a teaspoon brewed in 300 g water, infused for about two minutes and drink without sugar. This technique will reduce the feeling of hunger, but it will speed up the processes responsible for the digestion of food, burning fats. It may be advisable to add the usual tea plants which also contribute to weight loss. They include, for example, hibiscus, characterized by its mild laxatives and diuretic effects. Suitable hawthorn fruit, resolving the fat, reducing cholesterol. Another additive is a finely ground cinnamon. Her tea gets a refined, pleasant taste, and your metabolism will increase considerably. Finally, even appetite suppresses spoon of flax seed, eaten with a Cup of green tea.
  • 2. Add green tea to the dining table. There is one recipe that will probably seem original and even somewhat strange. Try to grind tea to a fine powder with a coffee grinder. A spoonful of this powder in the process eat any of his meal. Drink it with water. You don't even have powder in pure form and, say, sprinkling it with cold snacks such as salads, cereals, Olivier. Do not just add it to different soups or smoothies, containing a lot of liquid. In such dishes, the powder just dissolves and its impact will be significantly lower or simply weakened. This recipe came to us from China. And in this country people know how to keep the shape.
  • 3. If you are already sitting on a diet it is ideal tea for better effect. All the best nutritionists recommend for weight loss to drink as often as possible green tea. Quick to get rid of excess weight promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reduce at the same time in your diet the amount of sweets, flour products. Replace your grilled meat using fat, cooked. Try not to add in food salt and sugar in particular. But all kinds of cereals – buckwheat, rice should be welcome at your table. Of course, too, in reasonable quantities. And remember, drink regularly green tea as for weight loss there are no restrictions on its reception. Now let's talk about the most successful combinations dietary rations and green tea.

What is the effect of green tea on weight loss? Accelerating the metabolism is not the only factor influencing the weight loss in the Arsenal of tea. There are several usefulfunctions in this direction, here they are:

  • mild diuretic properties that promote, respectively, the conclusion of excess fluid. Although the number of products typically used in conjunction with green tea, milk does not appear, in order to lose weight ceremonial, this can be avoided. Adding tea is a little bit of skim milk, you can dramatically enhance diuretic effect, the output of the liquid will be more. And this tool is a good prevention of swelling of legs and feet.
  • polyphenols, in excess amounts contained in tea, increase the heat exchange of the body through efficient processing of deposited fats. Drinking a few cups of tea a day, according to scientists, it is possible to increase the mass burning of fats nearly in half.
  • reduction in blood sugar also conducive to weight loss, because it helps not to feel hunger ahead of time. Just drink a Cup of tea before meals, and lunch will seem much better fed, so it is possible and less to eat. Those such large meals, as usual, is also an ally in the fight against excess weight.

The question may arise, how long you can hold a mandatory component of the diet green tea? This will be enough for literally two weeks, the result of the tea diet will be the habit of the body to a healthy diet, a moderate diet. You will get double benefit – first, will getting rid of excess liquid, and then disposed of the fat. Habituate the body to a healthy diet, you will be able occasionally to indulge myself dietary products, without fearing that it will lead to unnecessary kilos.

Green tea extract

This extract is made from green, unfermented leaves of the plant. It is used in food and cosmetic industry. In cosmetology based on it are produced masks, creams, shampoos and much more. Such widespread use of this product is due to the fact that preparations of tea leaves are beneficial for keeping skin youthful and her beauty. In the cosmetology field extract used as a preservative, antioxidant, stabilizer, natural colours and as a deodorant.

Green tea extract nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves and strengthens the structure. It also prevents aging of the skin, increasing its protective function, and at the cellular level have an overall positive impact. In the food industry green tea extract is used as natural antioxidant to prevent oxidation of oils and fats. He is the stabilizer of some unstable and quickly oxidized compounds.

Contraindications to drinking green tea

Despite the fact thatgreen tea has many useful properties, it cannot be applied in excessive quantities. People with hypotension it is generally contraindicated, as green tea reduces blood pressure. Ulcer is also better not to use products from green tea.

People with insomnia are also advised not to fond of green tea because it has caffeine, stimulating the nervous and cardiac system.

If you've been drinking, forget about green tea! If alcohol and green tea to drink at the same time, formation of aldehydes, and this would negatively affect the kidneys. It is undesirable to use products from green tea on an empty stomach.