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Tea benefits and harms

On the Internet and in the media, very often you can find different opinions about the dangers or the benefits of tea. Some studies contradict others.

We can offer you ten opinions about the benefits of tea and ten about the dangers of tea, and then you decide.

The benefit of tea

Tea relieves fatigue, stimulates metabolism, normalizes heart, heals the vessels, normalizes the digestive and nervous system.

Tea contains useful trace elements, which are almost not found in other foods, it's: copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, zinc, calcium.

Tea slows the growth of malignant tumors, significantly reduces the risk of degeneration of cells in cancer.

Even in tea there is a zinc which is very necessary for pregnant women.

Tea has a beneficial effect on the cells, slows aging, extends life.

The tea leaves have the ability to give the effect of rejuvenation, eighteen times the ability of vitamin E.

Tea contains tannin, which kills many bacteria, thereby prevents stomatitis, sore throat, enteritis and other intestinal infections.

Tea has the ability to reduce weight and improve skin condition. The most well-established tea-lung (Black dragon).

Tea inhibits the formation of fatty deposits on the inner surface of the blood vessels hence decreasing the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, hypertension and cerebral thrombus.

Tea is used in the prevention of cataracts.

Tea has the ability to cool. Noticed that a few minutes after drinking a Cup of hot tea, skin temperature is reduced by 1-2C, this creates a feeling of coolness and freshness. From iced tea this is not seen.

The harmful effects of tea

In addition, very hot tea, it burns the internal organs. Due to strong stimulation of the throat, esophagus and stomach can begin the painful changes of these organs.

Often the tea used is not pure water, from the tap.

In addition, the boiling water killed not only the harmful substances, but also useful, and the result is dead water.

Tea should be drink fresh, or after 20 minutes starts the oxidation process of aromatic components, phenol, lipid, and essential oils.

If often and for a long time to drink black tea, yellow teeth. And from green tea in large quantities destroys the enamel on the teeth.

In the strong tea contains a large quantity of theine and caffeine, so it can cause headache, or insomnia.

Also strong tea is bad for heart activity, stimulates the production of gastric juice in large quantity.

Green tea has a fastening property, so it should not be drunk by people suffering from constipation.

Do not drink tea at high temperature contained in tea theophylline good raises body temperature.

Green tea is contraindicated in those with hypotension, as it lowers blood pressure.

! Tea should be drink fresh, in 30 minutes starts the oxidation process of aromatic components, phenol, lipid, and essential oils.