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Asthma – not an excuse to be lazy!

People with such diseases as bronchial asthma, live in an endless state of stress, since it seems that even a harmless laugh in some situation can cause a terrible choking episode. It is not surprising that people who are suffering from bronchial asthma, try to avoid the various physical activity, because simply afraid to choke.

This opinion is shared by quite a number of doctors who, in turn, advise their patients not to engage in any sports as this can be extremely dangerous for their health. However, not everything is so "one-sided" as it may seem. Scientists who for a long time, for many years engaged in research relating to respiratory diseases, claim that abstinence from physical activity in bronchial asthma now misleading.

One of held scientific conferences Professor Kristin V. Carson, said that sports people suffering from bronchial asthma, simply necessary for life and nothing else.

The report, which was presented by Professor Kristin V. Carson at the conference, said that when a sick person refuses physical activity, this leads to the fact that the result of disorders in the cardiovascular system, as well as a decrease in muscle tone of the person. But such deviations can be the main cause of asthma attacks. According to the statement of Dr. Kristin V. Carson, if a patient of chronic bronchial asthma will regularly engage in moderate physical exercise, it would do him only good. Kristin V. Carson said, even it's for patients just need.

Thanks to the numerous investigations and experiments, scientists were able to determine precisely the time needed physical activity for sick patients, namely physical activity during the week they must do twice for 20 minutes. The scientists also found which the physical exercises in patients with chronic asthma most useful. First, it Jogging, but only in the fresh air, and secondly, riding a bike and also outdoors.

The scientists also suggest all the sick people with chronic asthma to yoga. And not just to perform some asanas, but also enjoy the great diversity of yoga.So, you can start with breathing exercises, and be sure to adhere to the nutritional guidelines that suggest yoga.