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Bursitis treatment of folk remedies

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People's treatment of bursitis

One summer, the reader felt that he was hurt his knee, and then there started to build up fluid. On the doctor his fluid pumped out, at first helped, and then the fluid accumulated again. This time that procedure did not help. Then the hospital said that it would be necessary to do the surgery. But his wife said that it is necessary to first try traditional methods of treatment of bursitis. Said that with a disease like his, that is, bursitis, need to be treated leaves of burdock and cabbage leaves.

The man had let it go and thought nothing. But then I remembered my distant childhood, when his grandmother had bandaged knees. And indeed, as she to a ripe old age was able to walk without a stick and crutch.

Should buy cabbage, to upholster the leaves with a rolling pin before applying cabbage leaves to the knee pre-knee anointing with oil. To change the sheet for the night and go all day. Just tie a sheet of something warm. He was treated for a month and the pain is gone. More liquid does not accumulate in the joint.

For three days the bursitis disappeared: Kalanchoe helped compress

I want to tell you one very good folk treatment of bursitis. This recipe we learned from a reader. She this disease was sick, one friend, and she was cured in the following way. Need to pick 3 large leaves of Kalanchoe, wash them and put before sleep in the fridge. In the morning they need to suppress a bit or just scalded with boiling water to give the juice. And then tape them to his sore knee. Compress in this case you need to change often.

She recovered literally in some three days, not a miracle is it? And then she did without the surgery, which really should be happy. All health, joy and happiness!

A balm for swollen elbow

Once a reader traumatized somewhere your hand and elbow appeared bursitis. Doctors are constantly pumped her out the liquid. The elbow was sick. She didn't know what to do. For the operation to go completelydid not want to. And she decided to ask grandma, neighbor, what can cure this attack. Girl and to this day very grateful to the woman that she told her wonderful folk remedy, which helped the girl to treat bursitis.

Two glass of alcohol you need to take one vial pharmacy of bile, also two glasses of the fruit of horse chestnut and aloe Vera crushed (about three sheets). Stir and set aside for a week and a half.

Treated ten days so you need to wet with tincture of linen cloth and attach to the sore spot, and the top wrap something warm. How will ten days, need a break, too, at ten days, and you can start all over again.

From bursitis helped cabbage

Once the woman saw that she had a very swollen elbow. The next day there was a lump. The doctor said it was bursitis. Had to do the surgery, but the woman did not want to, and she began to use folk remedies for the treatment of bursitis.

First, was applied to the elbow burdock leaf, but it didn't help. Heard on the radio that at this disease to the affected area it is necessary to attach the inner side of the cabbage leaf. And only for 4 hours, and then the sheet needs to be changed. She began to do so constantly. Even on the street, or came out with a bandaged hand. A month later the tumor is gone.

Source: Newspaper a healthy lifestyle, the all-Ukrainian newspaper-healer "Grandma"