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Treatment of bad breath

Treatment of bad breath folk remedies and methods

Treatment of bad breath with herbs

Bad breath, annoying people, can be treated with traditional medicine. Use a variety of decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs.

For example, for rinsing use alcohol tincture on the basis of the herb St. John's wort. About thirty drops of this means add in a half Cup of water. For internal use perfect strawberries. Its leaves are in the amount of one tablespoon boiled in two cups of water or infused for a few hours. Drink the potion every day for half a glass.

It is also recommended to insist the grass Oxalis. Half a litre of boiling water three teaspoons of raw materials and leave for a couple of hours, after which the infusion of the tail through the gauze and rinse your mouth. For rinsing you can use the juice of the herb Oxalis, diluting it with water.

It is also recommended to rinse your mouth with infusion of wormwood (1 teaspoon per Cup of boiling water; brew for 20 minutes) and take decoction of the leaves of sorrel. The latter is prepared as follows: 500 ml of water add a tablespoon of leaves and keep on heat for 15 minutes. When the drugs the sauce to boil, it is removed from the heat and leave for two hours, then tsedyat and drink a quarter Cup. Make the broth four times a day before meal (for 15 minutes). Useful also to chew the leaves of sorrel.

To rinse also suitable infusion of peppermint, or alcohol tincture of celery (a couple of teaspoons of plants for two weeks insist in a glass of vodka). Before the procedure, dilute the tincture (20 drops) fifty milliliters of cool boiled water. The mouth can also be rinsed with infusion of the leaves of alder: 20 g raw materials brewed in half a liter of boiling water. Rinsing must be carried out not less than six times a day. Similarly used and a monthly infusion of Kombucha.

You can also use the gathering of oak bark, the herb St. John's wort, birch leaves, chamomile and nettle. Components take in equal parts and brewed as a tea.

Treatment of bad breath cleansing oil and berries

As you know, bad breath can be associated with various diseases of the mouth and teeth, and with certain pathologies of the organism as a whole. Eliminate it helpsold proven tool. Every person at home can take one tablespoon of any vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, linseed, rapeseed) and about ten minutes carefully rinse their mouths. It is noteworthy that after the procedure, the oil is white, cleaning the tongue, gums and inside of cheeks dead skin cells and plaque.

You can also drink sea buckthorn oil and odor will go away. To eliminate bad breath you can also use berries. Perfect cranberry infusion, tea from rose hips (dried fruits), juice of sea buckthorn berries and their water and alcohol extracts.

Insist can and strawberries (three tablespoons to 250 ml of water; leave on for four hours). Drinking should medication four times a day a quarter Cup. The effect will be better if taken before food.

People's tips for solving bad breath

1. If You need to quickly get rid of smell of onion and garlic breath, chew a little calamus root or parsley. These plants will reliably mask the smell.

2. Ordinary roasted seeds will also save you from embarrassing situations associated with unpleasant mouth odor.

3. Eat on an empty stomach a little anise seed, fennel or nuts – it will help make your breath fresh throughout the day.

4. A good tool for masking bad breath is the carnation. A hat lay on the cheek and allow to dissolve. Simple procedure can be repeated three times a day.

5. Fresh apples will also be indispensable in the fight against unpleasant mouth odor.

6. Fresh breath will ensure you daily use birch or maple of sweet juice.

7. Every morning spend this procedure: clean the wooden spoon to the root of the tongue, which accumulate plaque and toxins produced by the bacteria. After this, dissolve in warm water a bit of salt and rinse your mouth. If you do this simple action for a long time, you can not only get rid of unpleasant smell from a mouth, but also to prevent the development of certain dental diseases.

8. Remember: breath is directly related to your lifestyle and nutrition. Avoiding harmful habits and healthy food will guarantee fresh breath.