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Causes, signs and symptoms, consequences

Signs and symptoms of headache


Headache is one of the most common in medical practice, symptoms of different health conditions. Consider the possible signs and symptoms of headaches.

Dizziness and fainting-headache

The wrong condition of blood vessels often leads to various manifestations of the studied disorders. Because of this, often dizziness and fainting headaches that occur in appropriate circumstances. Among common diseases with similar symptoms – a migraine. This is not its main manifestation. It often learn in pulsing attacks, which are becoming more frequent with age. Consider the manifestation of the characteristic long abstinence from food, because the vessels can't do the necessary amount of blood and other nutrients.

Nausea and headache

Dizziness occurs more often in people suffering from low or high pressure. Before loss of consciousness the patient falls pressure level. The state compared with drowsiness. Symptoms of pain occur in the forehead if at the same time set the reduction of vision – so the cause of pain in overweight. Often fainting and dizziness are after injuries, much less – cerebral edema. Usually dizziness in the latter case is expressed in clumsiness. After leaving the state of fainting, nausea and headache. In this category, the symptoms associated with the decline of well-being, the appearance of dots, spots before the eyes, cold extremities. Feel like same as with a bandage which was tied around the head. At the same time may experience hearing loss. If the causevertigo is the intoxication, the headache will appear, most likely, not immediately, is a sign of intoxication of the blood cells in the body.

Should the headache is accompanied by weakness? This is another manifestation of diseases for which headache. With varying degrees of difficulty, the patient loses the ability to do even the simplest things.

The weakness with headaches

Strong symptoms can be a sign of meningitis, an infection of the tissues that serve as the environment of the brain and spinal cord. At the same time temperature increases, which causes weakness. Starting to get the chills. Adults suffer from similar symptoms, when the blood vessels in the head are exposed to inflammation. Thus, it seems that people place a lot of pressure. Often a weakness when the headache coincides with the injury, or is its consequence. In such a situation usually deteriorates metabolism, and the patient feels the symptoms:

  • tingling feet, hands;
  • numbness;
  • a feeling of heaviness of the head.

There are a number of associated symptoms – for example, depending on the reasons for the attack, begins nausea and vomiting, etc., often a combination of these manifestations is caused by stroke, intracranial effusion, subdural hematoma. If the cause of the attack is frontal sinusitis, the pain of the forehead, goes to temples, neck. There is simultaneously a weakness of the muscular kind. Often in combination with other diagnostic data, it is a witness of giant cell arteritis. Similar symptoms are characteristic for children and adolescents during periods of growing up. But in most cases, headache in children appears for the same reasons as in adults. Weakness may be a consequence of the General weakness of the body. Most of the complications detected using standard tests.

Headache and temperature

SARS and the flu – colds, causing the temperature. The appearance of heat in the first place, the suspicion falls on them. The infection often causes the temperature. Occurs intoxication. Stable is the temperature of 37.5. If these two symptoms are the same, so the patient has an infectious disease. In meningitis pain is very strong. In this case, headache and temperature are other manifestations. The muscles of neck are very tense. At appearance of the third symptom – vomiting – should not hesitate to call an ambulance.

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The flu, the headache is less pronounced. It covers:

  • Eyes.
  • Whiskey – one or both.
  • Forehead.

This disease is easily distinguished by characteristic manifestations are usually headache – the most harmless of them. The increase in temperature leads to changes in the blood, the organism changes its actions. When the body of bacteria, he begins to fight them. One of the consequences of the struggle – the temperature. After 38 degrees is recommended to take antipyretics. Then the need for a reserves of the body disappears, the virus begins to destroy the drugs.

In such circumstances, a pain like pressure. It can begin in different areas of the head. The neck loses mobility. If symptoms occur during the menstrual cycle, they can be eliminated by taking pain medication, together with the resulting abdominal pain. Often it is a manifestation of treatment, which was not passed completely.

When the nervous system suffers from a significant illness, will say a few symptoms:

  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.

Headache and vomiting

With flu in the beginning are too similar symptoms. At the same time there is pain muscle. But the headache and vomiting - just once. The disease is treated at home, without going to a specialist.

This is the only case where is not necessary to consult a doctor. In other situations, consultation is required. Meningitis is easily recognized by sudden and severe attacks of nausea with vomiting, headache, and very strong, diffuse. It is a constant state of expansion, as if head would burst inside. This is due to the brain edema. The secretion of cerebrospinal fluid increases. Intracranial pressure increases. Pain receptors irritated. When intracranial hypertension pain becomes unbearable, the patient is not restrained, moaning and screaming. Especially there is no possibility to hold back when psychomotor agitation, delirium, hallucinations. The scalp becomes very sensitive, the muscle tension becomes toxic. The pain starts from the first hours, according to statistics, usually accompanied by vomiting.

Often the consequences of a head injury. If it observed a concussion, bruises, swelling, contusion occur and symptoms such as vomiting and nausea, pain in the head. Such manifestations speak about traumatic brain injury, including:

  • compression
  • rupture of the vessel walls,
  • fracture of bones, etc.

Subarachnoid form of bleeding also often causes vomiting, and the outcome is often fatal. This is a characteristic symptoms of increased intracranial pressure.

The noise and pain in ears with headache

Many well-known symptoms of a disordered vestibular system. This system of the body is particularly responsive, if suffers from a lack of blood supply. Headache is bursting, which is activated when the implement turns heads, eyeballs. This is a symptom of early hypertensive syndrome. Appears when the noise and pain in ears, with headache, talking about increased intracranial pressure. They are accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Their duration is about 2-5 h. This type of headache – the consequences of pressure arterial and venous systems in the holes of the intervertebral region. This significantly impedes the venous outflow of blood from the head. In the skull occurs venous stasis, hypertensive evolving phenomenon. Inside the skull increases the pressure level.

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Often due to cervical degenerative disc disease, there is a "cervical migraine". It is incomparable to a classic migraine. Just the pain starts with neck, and one of the halves of the head. Symptoms "cervical migraine" is a headache that originates in the cervical-occipital part, extending towards the parietal and temporal lobes, eyes one half of the head. Paroxysmal sensations find. Accompanied by vomiting. Attack duration – 6-10 hours the Patient lay down, turning his head in the direction opposite to the location of pain.

With cervical osteochondrosis sometimes manifest violation of the activities of certain parts of the brain. This applies to diencephalic or hypothalamic part. Headaches combined with palpitations, chills. Such symptoms last a total of 20-30 minutes of Their normal completion - excessive and frequent urination.

Pain in the neck and throat, with headache

Sore throat appears due to infectious and non-infectious causes. A very common syndrome in sinus. Sinus infection or sinusitis is a disease of an infectious kind, necessary for it to develop pyogenic microbes. Okolonauchnyh inflamed mucosa of the sinuses, manifested the characteristic symptoms. In this period there is pain in neck and throat headache blocked sinus passages. Pain striking the area above or under the eyes where okolonolya sinus. The headache that occurs whensinusitis, usually covers one half of the head, in which there was lesion of the maxillary sinus. Pain is described as bursting, pressing. There are very strong attacks. The patient is not able to cope with it. Under the eyes appear edema , usually under the eye, on which side occurred lose.

Cervical spine with the weakening condition causes corresponding symptoms. The three upper cervical spine region affect the state of the back of the head with her starts to hurt and neck. Usually, when the patient complains of headache, first of all pay attention to the cervical spine. Improper mobility occurs spasm.

To verify that damaged the spine – you need to understand where the pain manifests. She felt the slightest pressure on the crown, if you pull the head up and the feeling will decrease.

Due to whiplash injury of the cervical spine appears stretch and tissue damage of the neck. There is not only a headache but a migraine. Syndrome is spasm of the neck muscles. The attack appears suddenly in the evening. The usual localization - in the rear region of the head, perhaps at the top of the skull. Recall that a similar combination of pain occurs after receipt of the injury when he was involved neck and head.

Strong throbbing pain often occurs when the complication of passage of blood through the vessels. It also occurs when mastoiditis, when inflamed the cells in the mastoid region of the temporal bone. Pain spreading to the occipital or parieto-occipital, on the side of the patient with otitis media of the ear. There are other symptoms - purulent discharge, unbearable heat, location of pain swells.

Throbbing headache

The pulsating nature of the standard for excessive stretching gipotonicakih vessels. This is due to the pulse volume of blood often occurs during vascular dystonia, hypertensive encephalopathy acute type. The most painful throbbing headache marked by the opening of arteriovenous shunts of a pathological nature. The contents algogenic substances in the arterial system increases as in the surrounding tissues.

The kind of illness bring mastocytosis, carcinoid syndrome, hormone-active tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. Provocateurs are the alcohol, the appearance in the body of histamine, adrenaline.

This kind of pain appears for colds, because when they increased blood pressure. It is similar like in the temples, something is knocking, there is a clear ripple. That is, push inthe vessel is felt after some period of time. Often this symptom is acquainted with migraines, but usually the disease manifests itself in a different sense. There are times when such a condition justifies nervous stress. Theoretically, all blood failures attributed to this type of stress. When inflammation of the nerves serving the signs that are given to the different parts of the body, using the development of the human nervous system.

Oppressive headache

In some cases, pressive headache comes as the most common variant. For example, it is typical for the so-called tension headaches. It affects more than 90 percent of the population. It appears at any age. The most dangerous period of 25-30 years. More often headache stress affects women.

When psychological stress gives rise to some feeling on the injured part something pressure. The feeling is compared to the stretched helmet – they cover the temporal, frontal, occipital region. The spread goes from neck to neck, temples, eye areas, captures one or two sides. The attack is monotony. Similar feelings arise from those who at least once tried on a hat that he is small. Mental stress, it occurs as an interfering factor.

A similar symptom cause abscess of the brain. This is a consequence of the ingress of pyogenic bacteria into the cells of the brain tissue. If it arose on the background of inflammation of the ear, its localization will be the temporal lobe of the brain. Its location directly affects the symptoms. When the location in the brain, the pressure in the skull rises, covering, including, eyes.

In addition, tightness may occur with encephalitis. Its appearance depends on what areas of the brain are affected by the disease. She felt constantly, often accompanied by vomiting.

Causes headaches

Headache with pressure

Hypertension is becoming more dangerous. This disease is easily recognizable by this symptom, like a headache with pressure and hypertension. With the help of special surveys, it was found: about 30% of people whose diagnosis was high blood pressure, decided to go to the doctor, only realizing that they have the typical manifestation is headache, which almost does not pass. During the first inspection failsput the appropriate diagnosis. One third of cases occurs with other symptoms.

In this case, it is of great importance remains for the arterial vascular tone. If conditions are normal, the temporary increase in blood pressure the vessels dilate, and Vice versa. Disturbed oscillatory movement to defective vascular walls, their increase becomes a cause of irritation system the sensitive nerve endings. The feed pulses are accumulated in the Central region of the nervous system, and when the pulses are summed, the pain becomes constant, stupid. The blood pressure reaches high numbers, increasing the arterial, intracranial pressure. The meninges are stretched, causing hypertension and headache.

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In the achievement of different degrees of tone, feelings change. The initial period brings irregular pain, they are dysfunctional factors. When they disappear, the status seems normal. In further stages the pain is vascular. The people of such a symptom is called pulsating. In poor condition they will be accompanied by vomiting, nausea.

Headaches osteochondrosis

Changes related to the spine are becoming more common. With them come all sorts of headaches. The most common source of headaches is the cervical spine. Between the vertebrae are formed from the nature of the cartilage pads known as intervertebral discs. If the disk is not sufficiently high efficiency of the damping force falls. The elasticity of the nucleus pulposus decreases. This process is based on proper metabolism. Standard headaches osteochondrosis can be seen at the initial stage. First, they differ with diffuse, are most affected cervical-occipital region.

In the morning sensations. When you attack, often dizziness, in one ear and worsening hearing. Compression of the vertebral arteries under the influence of bone and fibrous growths leads to the development of headaches. Head turns are perceived as pressure. Feeling like bursting, they are enhanced even during movement of the eyeballs. It is also an early type of syndrome hypertension type. The pressure in the skull increases, leading to nausea and vomiting. The attack lasts about 2-5 h. This type of headache is the result of pressure on the arteries and veins, growing in the intervertebral holes. From the head departs venous blood.

In addition to the syndrome of "cervical migraine"and its negative impact, there is radicular syndrome. And whenosteochondrosis is expressed especially clearly – heard"crunching"motion,"snap". At the first sign of cervical degenerative disc disease headache is continuity. It is enhanced with time, for example when the patient long sitting in one position.

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Headache harmful

Dystonia – one of the diseases of the century. Its prevalence depends largely on psychosomatic medicine. It is believed that the disease is formed when the psychological stress and due to some other problems. Change the heart, it is deteriorating. The symptoms of this disease is the signal that starts developing hypertension or coronary disease. The first thing that a patient complains headache at the IRR, which brings a strong concern. It is different in nature, localized in different departments.

If we talk about varieties of hypertension, the pain most often occurs in the temples, in the fronto-temporal region, or in the temporal-parietal. Her seizures start in the different time of the day. Her character is:

  • stupid
  • bursting,
  • aching.

Simultaneously, there is pallor of the skin, come dizziness, weakness General nature, malaise. The basis of pain - increasing the level of a tone of arteries and anterior, while simultaneously increasing resistance to blood flow. Often the pain occurs unilaterally with simultaneous asymmetry of the pulse.

The onset of pain may be pulsating, in the case of hypotonic type. Her place of occurrence – temples, neck, crown. When the pressure rise increases. Can occur at any time. The tonus of arteries need to see that he was normal.

Headaches in tumors

Shrinking the brain tumor forms a special kind of pain. It is strong enough, and when it appears the patient visits the idea of the need to visit a doctor. Unfortunately, often this is a belated decision, but to help you still can. The etiology of this phenomenon, as headaches when tumors are not clear. If we talk about percentages, all suffering from headaches, swelling happens in 0.1-0.5 percent.

This feeling is one-sided type slowly progressive. The pain occurs after sleeping, when bending, at least – when you cough, sneeze. There are cases of its occurrence during defecation. Similar symptoms occurs in other neurological diseases. The symptoms are the result of damage of nervous structures of the organ of the Central nervous system, and the pressure of the tumor on the brain of different severity.

The symptoms are sometimes immediate, but in somecases it comes very late. When the disease of a brain tumor headache has become one of the most common manifestations. You need to remember that there are many other diseases associated with this symptom, and not to make premature conclusions. In this case, the headache will have some differences.

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The attack is strong and constant, it begins upon waking and ends only after the expiration of a few hours. Also, during sleep occurs its constant amigransa kind, combined with other manifestations. Characteristic throbbing kind, with double vision, numbness of the skin, with severe muscle weakness. Also headaches, worse when you cough, a variety of physical activities.

Headache after alcohol

Even the drink, which men call "child" affects the condition blood cells, the condition of all vessels, including the heart. The main reason for which there is a headache after alcohol, is oxygen starvation. It destroys the bark of the organ known as the brain. Red blood cells, the blood must deliver oxygen to tissues, but they can't act like before because of alcohol. Blood created clots that get stuck in the capillaries of the body. They are withering away. Brain without the necessary amount of oxygen in the morning begins to experience all the consequences of rejection. The body is forced to raise intracranial pressure, it is necessary for the conclusion of dead cells from urine. This provokes a headache. With a large number of dead cells pain increasing. Often there are cases when the missing memories of what happened the day before is the consequences of the death of the cells responsible for memory.

A headache in the process of a hangover – a characteristic indication that the patient has consumed more than 12%-containing ethyl alcohol. Recall that the majority of alcohol-surrogate a lot more than comprises ethyl alcohol. The headache is a result of ethanol exposure, the Central nervous system is weakened. There is pain of a pulsating character. It seems that now the head will crack. There are additional sensations – heaviness, nausea, mild swelling.

Headache when tilted

Movement can cause severe discomfort. If there is a headache during the tilt is a signal of different disorders at once:

  • in the cervical spine (with subluxations, sprains, and spondylitis),
  • due to cervical spondylosis (osteophytes deform the edges of the vertebrae),
  • arterial hypertension – itsick people with limited mobility or patients with hardening of the muscles of the cervical, it arises due to improper posture, drafts, stress-mental stress, the effects of long-term stress, long stay in an uncomfortable position,
  • cervical migraine.

When the pain occurs when you tilt, it seems constricting, and covers the nape, crown, forehead. This kind of attack is weak, perhaps srednevyrazhennymi. Strong it is rare. This is the consequence of tension-type headaches when it gets long, up to weeks. When the patient himself notices not tangible, but rather a long – term seizures, he knows from what it arose, as this type is fairly easy to description. We have already described the types of diseases, when the tilt of the head there is pain. It is typical for a certain stage of brain tumor, or diseased vessels, migraines, and also this is often a consequence of the trauma.

Headache with loads of

More in this category common headaches tension (or muscle contraction). As the name implies, this tense muscles of the head and neck. In different age periods headache with loads accompanies 90% of all attacks. Sometimes 2 types of pain stress acute (episodic) and chronic. It is a disease that is difficult to control. It can occur for a few hours, or several days, up to weeks. Headaches are quite tangible, although their main causes - depression, stress, mental fatigue, emotional stress.

Signs of muscle tension in the head and neck occurs when a strong concentration over a long period. The whole head seemed to split, the force is the same on both temporal sides. But particularly affected the head, neck. The pain is described as monotonous, dull, pressing, but not pulsating. At any time of the day or night the patient feels the beginning of an attack. Night it occurs rarely. The head seems to be pulled very tight bandage, a Vice, as if it wore something tight on several sizes smaller.

This type of attack similar to the kind that occurs on exertion and cough. There is the concept of "weightlifters headache". It throbbing. The attack lasts from several hours to two days. It is in the heat and often goes into "tension migraine". As we have seen, the pain of physical and emotional stress is very different.

Headache in the heat

The sun is not recommended to be a long time. Usually the person himself is able to determine when sunbathing it is necessary to stop. Manyoften there is a headache in the heat, it has a definite character, is pulsating. Do not confuse it with a migraine that occurs due to the light. Especially dangerous headache in the heat of the sun, if sunbathing is not in compliance with security measures. Such a variant is also referred to as solar. Sun headache will respond to treatment, if time to install it.

According to studies, the increase in temperature of only 5°C provokes the incidence of a kind of headache, up to 7.5%. Often, this symptom says about the dehydrated body. At a certain water deficit starts a noticeable decrease in blood supply to the brain, that starts the headache. Also the intense heat in the body expands blood vessels. When it comes to the receptacle trigeminal nerve, the nuclei of the nerve are activated. Then the person who has the tendency to migraine, suffering from a headache. Recall that high temperature occurs not only in summer but also in the premises. This is particularly dangerous if the room is stuffy, no ventilation.

Headache from orgasm (sex)

Such pain may be associated with an increase in sensitivity of all organs during the climax or a sharp inflow of blood to the brain. I want to say, usually such a headache short-term and should not be confused with simple headache.

The reasons of headaches in the morning after sleep

To identify the diagnosis of the disease can be narrowly technical grounds. Headache is common. Even some of its manifestations occur in different disease States. To determine the causes of headaches, insufficient survey data. You need at least the initial examination. Let's try to briefly examine them.

  • Diseases of the brain. These include acute and chronic trauma, tumors, meningitis, and so on. 5-10% of patients belong to this category.
  • Vascular headaches (migraines, hypertension).
  • Psychogenic, which includes, for example, TTH, and this causes headaches in the morning after sleep due to stress, lack of sleep, prolonged concentration, etc., the pain intensity mild or moderate. Definition there is no localization, and the relative duration of the experience.
  • Internal (reminiscent of the signs of intracranial pressure, bursting signs "from the depths"). Possible rapid loss of consciousness.
  • Extracerebral causes (diseases infectious and viral in nature, side effect of drugs, alcohol;disorders metabolic kind; pathology in the skull, neck, eyes; osteochondrosis). Infection bring acute pain, approximately 40% of patients.
  • Strong, sudden attack is a sign of the dangerous disease.

If you change the intramuscular pressure important rest periods. In this case usually have pain upon awakening. They also arise as the result of a hangover. After a NAP the pain is caused by an increase in cerebrospinal fluid is the fluid which is washed by the brain.

Effects headache

It is believed that the neglect of a number of diseases there are certain consequences. Among them is a headache. In some cases, eliminate it as a symptom. However, it is advisable to treat it from the common disease, otherwise it will be back again, with gain.

Still, this is a common symptom pathogenesis. Any pulse stretching of the arterial pressure, which is transmitted to the thin-walled cerebral veins. Of them blood cells is extruded into the sinuses. The capillaries of the brain are working in a sparing mode. This helps the cerebrospinal fluid.

Hypertension begets pain paroxysmal character. When excessive inflammation of the arteries, there are other symptoms:

  • a feeling of oppressive gravity,
  • constant dull pain,
  • the feeling of pulsation in the head.

Feeling pain every time is enhanced, when all of a sudden increased blood pressure. It occurs in the morning, when sneezing, coughing, with excessive excitement. To overcome the pain, lowering blood pressure, for example, or reserpine raunatin, oxygen therapy. A feeling of heaviness of head and sometimes in people with normal blood pressure. Then, most likely, we have a patient with atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, anemia.

After the reading there is often a kind of headache. It explains the defect in the adaptation mechanism of the eye. If you do not take action, at risk vision. Pain in the frontal lobes – symptoms of glaucoma.

Headache is an objective symptom of disease of all kinds. By learning to understand it, in time it is easy to understand why there is an attack. This, in turn, will help to cure a dangerous disease on time.