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Larch sponge

Beneficial properties and use of larch sponge

Useful properties of larch sponge

Larch sponge – this fungus, parasitic on the trunks of larch and other coniferous trees. It contains in its composition of fatty oil, organic acids, mineral salts, resins, phytosterol, glucose, polysaccharide latina and other nutrients. In medical practice using its fruit body, purified from the bark of the host tree. It must be white, young and not coarse. Are harvested medicinal raw materials in the spring and early summer.

The healing properties of the fungus known since ancient times. Another great physician, Ibn Sina around 1000 years ago pointed out the efficacy of larch sponge for medicinal purposes. He wrote that drugs from it helps with asthma and ulcers, soothe the nerves, effective for hemoptysis and useful in jaundice caused by obstruction in the liver.

The composition and properties of this mushroom thoroughly researched H. Hager in 1889, providing details in your application guide. In the late XVIII and early XIX centuries, larch sponge was used as a basic component for the preparation of "elixir of life". However, today it is one of the undeservedly forgotten medicines, the study of which modern science is not sufficiently engaged.

The use of larch sponge

In folk medicine preparations from mushrooms are used as a hemostatic, sedative, diuretic, sedative and laxative means. In the complex therapy of drugs effectively impact during chemotherapy, the treatment of diabetes and pulmonary diseases, including tuberculosis and asthma. In addition, tuberculosis patients decreases debilitating perspiration.

Decoctions of the mushroom is prescribed for overweight and metabolic disorders and it helps with fevers and increased thyroid function. They can be used during and after a course of deworming.

Broth: 1 tablespoon chopped fruiting bodies of the fungus should pour 350 ml of water, boil on a water bath for 20-25 minutes, let stand for at least 4 hours and strain. Decoction is taken orally for 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

Infusion: a teaspoon of chopped sponges should insist in a glass of boiling water, poured into the thermos. Usually to prepare enough for 2-3 hours, but if necessary you can leave it for the night.Dosage – 3-4 times a day 1 tablespoon of the drink before eating.

Larch sponge for weight loss

As the experience of Japanese physicians, preparations of larch sponge is able to restore impaired liver functions in terms of the digestion of fats, so they are widely used in the composition of diets for weight loss. During research scientists have isolated from the fruiting bodies of the fungus is a very useful polysaccharide and named it nanofilm. This substance normalizes the production of liver enzymes needed to restore the disturbed metabolism, which naturally leads to weight loss.

This has no effect, no diet, no hunger strike, or any other means. All known drugs for weight loss work on the result, i.e., splitting the already formed fat cells. However, subcutaneous fat is recovered very quickly in the liver in the former regime, so the main goal for losing weight is to get the liver to produce the necessary enzymes in the right quality and quantity. It is the effect on the liver a polysaccharide lanofil contained in larch sponge.

Contraindications to the use of larch sponge

Specific contraindications to the use of medicinal mushroom doesn't exist, except hypersensitivity to its components. Not recommended the use of drugs larch sponge during pregnancy and lactation. The abuse of this remedy and the failure to comply with the dosage may experience vomiting, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, feeling of General malaise.