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Mobile phone and brain cancer

After a long and careful study, which was conducted in 13 countries, experts from the world health organization made the following conclusions. That fans a long time to talk on a cell phone more likely to develop cancer.

The study lasted ten years, the cost of which were required for this study amounted to 20 million pounds. In result we found out that fans of cellular develop cancer 50% more often than other people. Also found that develop mainly three types of brain cancer and one of the salivary glands.

Modern mobile phones sent to the head of the person for 217 electromagnetic pulses every minute, this is what scientists say. Not everyone can withstand such an onslaught, therefore, Junior students, scientists recommend not to use cell phones in General, and students in middle school are advised to communicate with SMS messages. For example, in Sweden watched the health of a group of children who had mobile phones with 8 to 12 years. For 21 years these have grown children came in the category of those citizens who have a brain tumor 5 times more often in contrast to those who started to use phones after 18 years.

More recently, experts of the Federal Institute for medicine and Biophysics have come to similar conclusions. When using cell phones the irradiation of the brain, as a result in 8-10 years may develop a tumor. To date, the SES and the Federal service carries out control over the waves that come from radio stations. It turns out that the mobile phone itself remains an uncontrollable factor. According to statements of scientists, the main harm from mobile phone is that it is completely irradiates the brain, while warming it by a few degrees. Naturally, a child's brain is most susceptible to such radiation, in contrast to the adult brain. For this reason, in order not to harm yourself and your child, the researchers strongly advise to minimize the time talking on your cell phone, if this is not possible, it is possible to kind of move the tube about 50 cm, But it is best to use an optional headset: a headset or a Bluetooth system.

Review the employee's military Department, Lomonosov Moscow state University Evgeny Rodkin: without exception, all living beings having an influence of electromagnetic wave, but the degree of harm depends on the wavelength. Unfortunately the radiation from mobilephone has exactly the length that best resonates with the structures of the brain. For this reason, they are the most dangerous. Of course, the situation could be corrected by changing the wavelength. However, those waves that are less likely to harm and more are all available for mobile phones frequency is already disassembled television and radio companies, Federal security service and interior Ministry.