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The best ways to quit Smoking

Truth and fiction about how to quit Smoking

Is there a way to quit Smoking? Or smokers for life are doomed to "novel" with a cigarette? Doctors narcologists say that all depends on how strong the dependence in the smoker. Only 5% of cases Smoking can call... Read more

All the ways to quit Smoking

There are people who have great will power, and when they have a desire to quit Smoking, it is not difficult, and they can do without treatment. But, there are people who are deprived of such a gift, and desire is not enough to stop Smoking... Read more

Treatment Smoking anger management

Presented to your attention the exercises will help you to get rid of Smoking and of the accumulated negative energy. To complete this exercise, you may begin to "emerge" from the bottom of the various subconscious negativity that has accumulated inside... Read more

Lung cancer and Smoking

Lung cancer is a malignant tumor that develops from epithelial tissue of the lung. According to statistics, lung cancer mortality reaches 80% of all cases. And when you consider that according to statistics, 80% of people cases of lung cancer are smokers! It turns out that lung cancer only to die of those who smoke! Read more

Cons of Smoking

There are statistics of smokers in Russia, and, alas, it is far from disappointing, according to her, in our country, 60% of adult men and 40% of women are smokers. The majority of teenagers, especially boys, begin as early as 12-13 years. Read more

How to quit Smoking and notgetting fat

A lot of people, especially women, not to quit Smoking for fear that even more will gain weight. But it's not a given. Someone, after quitting Smoking, generally does not change, and someone can add a couple of pounds, and someone actually loses weight. On average, the possible increase in weight listed... Read more

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is known to be an alkaloid, which is included in all plants of the family Solanaceae, a large part contained in tobacco and in lower quantities in tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, green Bulgarian peppers... Read more

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