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Treatment of facial paralysis of folk remedies

Treatment of facial paralysis with elderberries

The facial nerve has connections with the artery and nerve plexus. Many of the nerve plexus from the ear canal, temporal artery, to rug of the mouth, head and so on go to facial nerve. Often it is women who in adulthood suffer from disease of the facial nerve. This disease occurs abruptly. Just one day you can feel strong pain on the side of the face in the area of the facial nerve. You can for the first time to ice, the pain will subside, but in any case will return to you again and again. And this pain becomes increasingly manifest.

If you have facial paralysis, you will be cured elderberry. All that is needed is to puree the berries of the data. The method of mashing is quite simple. You need before you begin cooking, to steam the berries, then grind. Use it as a compress, to do so in the morning and evening.

Japanese Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is very popular method to treat facial nerve. It removes the heat and fatigue of the nerves of the face, you don't need to buy anything or to drink. There are eight points on the face and neck, which should be wiped with pieces of ice, in order to take the heat off of the main branches of nerves. Before you wipe the face with ice, wear gloves. Massage the point of order.

The first point is located above the eyebrow.

The second point is located above the eye.

The third point is under the cheekbone.

The fourth point – where the wing of the nose, edge.

The fifth point is between the lower lip and the chin.

The sixth point is located at the temples.

The seventh point is located in front of the ear.

The last and eighth point on the neck, more precisely, on the reverse side

Massaging the neck with the two sides of the spine, need to fall below to do rotational movements of the ice. In the eighth and last point, stop for ten seconds. And don't forget that for each point the average need the same amount of time. Once done the ice massage, you need to take the gloves off and already warm hands to touch to the cooled points. And then massage your each point of the ice in gloves for ten seconds. And again let these points. So you need to do about three times – and then you will feel relieved, because just a sharp change from cold to heat help with the pain.the Treatment of facial paralysis

With the defeat of bases of the facial nerve may be paralyzed what part of the face. If you want to treat facial paralysis, you can help such folk recipe. By the way, this remedy treats not only facial nerve, but a stroke. You will need dates and chopper.

Enough ripe dates clean, remove the seeds from them, and then mince. To use this medicine to three times a day for three teaspoons. If you have difficulties with the use of this medication, rekommenduetsja: dilute it. For example, you can dilute the milk. The course of national treatment of the facial nerve is thirty days.