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Infarction of the spleen

No wonder the spleen is located in the hidden area of our body, deep under left ribs. It is a very delicate organ and if it happens with a person of any incident (e.g. blow to the abdomen, a dangerous fall even from a small height, car accident), then the ruptured spleen, internal bleeding and this leads to its inevitable destruction.

But if the spleen is increased in volume due to some disease, it becomes even more vulnerable. In such circumstances, to damage it, just a friendly shoving with an elbow or pressed in crowded public transport. All such patients with a bad spleen you need to protect yourself from physical loads and impacts from the outside.

The main purpose of the spleen is to protect the body from the penetration of various infections. To remove reduced immunity, especially in children. Because of this, patients vaccinated before surgery from severe infectious diseases (meningitis, pneumonia). The effect of these vaccinations perennial, although completely protect yourself from infections don't work.

Such patients are not recommended to visit the place with a huge crowd of people (discos, stadiums, rallies) because there is a big risk of Contracting any infection. Patients it is preferable to visit home more often, and that he was smaller guests. And in the case of this patient should be carefully treated. The doctor should elaborate on the nature of the effects of medicines and how to take them.

After removal of the spleen almost all of its functions start to perform the liver and bone marrow. However, one function –depression of the bone marrow – make no one. This hormonal effect of the spleen, which controls the vital functions of the brain. Such operations significantly increase the number of platelet in the blood that causes the formation of thrombosis of small vessels and then leads to more serious diseases and consequences.

Specialists prescribed to patients substances that help thin the blood and reduce platelets from sticking together. For several months the number of platelets, mostly getting back to normal, however, certain patients have increased their number in the course of 2 years or more. Such patients require special attention and care specialists.

A list of the best products for thinning blood

Enlargement of the spleen is a natural response of the body to any infection. Also respond with an increase in pain tonsils, and lymph nodes, which are located nearby. When the penetration of any infection in the body white blood cells, produce antibodies, many times multiplied. The spleen can grow in 2-3 times. However, with good treatment it normalizes their sizes.

Also, one of the growth factors of the organ is a cyst of the spleen. Its appearance may be provoked by an elementary mechanical effects on the spleen (for example, strong squeezing in a crowded bus). After removal of the cyst in most cases, the spleen rapidly normalizes its normal operation.

There is such a serious disease as hemolysis (when the spleen is destroying blood). The body is in normal operation, regulates the duration of existence of red blood cells and destroys those that have been living for 4 months. However, those who have hereditary or congenital blood diseases are "sick" erythrocytes. And the spleen destroys them after two months or less. This condition is called hemolytic anemia.

From this dangerous disease to insure absolutely impossible. However, it should be mentioned that this is a fairly rare disease, however, it is well treated.

Also causes of enlarged spleen can be cirrhosis and hepatitis. Infarction of the spleen gives not very painful. In this case, disrupted blood flow in the modified disease the body and a certain area of the spleen in severely infected necrosis. A blood clot can block the flow of blood through the arteries. Also the reason this may be large colonies of parasites or typical atherosclerotic plaque. For small lesions of the spleen the patient feels minimal pain under left ribs.

When infarction a large area of injury of spleen is characterized by severe pain that comes on in the lower back or left shoulder blade. It is often aggravated by breathing, coughing, and every time you change the location of the body. When palpation of the abdomen appears almost always a sharp pain, significantly accelerates the heart rate, falling blood pressure. Many patients are observed retching. After some time the temperature rises, a fever.

When infarction of the spleen suffers and the adjacent region of the abdominal cavity, which during respiration responds to pain. At this signal, you should immediately consult a doctor. First aid involves the introduction of a specific analgesic. In other embodiments, the disease of the spleen revealed unexpectedly, for example, when passingUltrasound.