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High pressure

Causes, signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

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What is the pressure?

High blood pressure is a fairly common disease, especially among women after forty years. As the disease, high blood pressure manifests itself slowly. It all starts with the fact that the person feels weakness, dizziness, then there is poor sleep, fatigue, numb fingers, blood rushing to the head, it begins to seem that you get to see the little "floaters."

This stage can last for several years. Then in humans appear renal and heart failure, brain blood circulation. If at this initial stage not to take any major interventions and not to treat high blood pressure, the possible serious consequences, these include even a heart attack. Given these consequences, the body may completely stop working, that is, to function. In the last stages of hypertension , the person may even die.

Nowadays high blood pressure is found among many people. To this phenomenon must be taken very seriously because it increases the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, threatening disorders of consciousness, development of renal or cardiac failure. In addition, increased pressure leads to changes in the wall of blood vessels and the retina, which in turn can lead to blurred vision and blindness.

In our society today to high blood pressure as an indicator of health are very lightly, although daily from the TV screens and in specialized publications said that this is the most important risk factor for vascular and heart disease. Research data show that 40% of people in the world are high blood pressure, and the number is constantly increasing. Some men are more prone to this ailment.

The causes of high blood pressure

Cause of pressure is stress and constant worrying. Also hypertension can develop in peoplewho are genetically located to this disease. In the development of hypertension is not the last role plays and the environment.

The more a person will experience stressful situations, the greater the likelihood that he may receive hypertension. If time to pay attention to hypertension and begin to treat it, you can avoid serious consequences, but, as a rule, people do not notice symptoms of hypertension and do not cure it in initial stage. Even in a healthy person may be pressurized in certain situations. But they have not reached crisis point and is not dangerous to humans.

There are two types of hypertension. This hypertensive disease and symptomatic arterial hypertension. Hypertension is a chronic disease of the cardiovascular system. At the moment, and failed to accurately identify the causes of the development of this disease.

High blood pressure can also be provoked by high content in the menu of saturated fatty acids. For the most part they are present in palm and coconut oils and animal fat (cream, butter, etc.). To also, do not forget about hidden fats, which rich in cheese, sausages, biscuits, snacks, chocolate, cakes. These products are very high in calories, although at first glance may not seem greasy.

Another risk factor concerns the excessive salt content in food. In many products along with hidden have hidden fats and salt, whereby it is recommended to make a conscious choice of food products. Better to give preference to fresh products and not to abuse the partially cooked and Packed products. A conscious rejection of overly salty foods would bring huge benefits to human health.

The use of salt to excess leads to the deterioration of the vessels (they become brittle and lose their elasticity), the formation of structural changes in the arteries exerts a strong stress on physiological systems. Program for reduction of salt intake adopted by some countries at the state level, has shown very good results.

The pressure increases and excessive alcohol consumption. Mistakenly believe that alcohol helps to reduce the pressure. In very moderate doses it does not affect the pressure, but large quantities of alcohol provokes increased heart rate, which directly depends on blood pressure. In addition, alcoholic beverages may contain biologically active substances that can affect blood pressure.

Sedentary lifestyle, tension and stress can also cause high blood pressure. Inthe conditions of intensive work environment, dictated by the realities of our time, man must accomplish huge volume of work daily to overcome various difficulties. Many people do intellectual work, entailing emotional stress. The pressure increase may represent a physiological response to any stressful or tense situation.

To overcome daily stress without harm everyone should choose for themselves a unique way of relaxation, which would allow to regain emotional balance. Another adverse factor is Smoking. With regular Smoking blood vessels all the while staying in good shape, gradually lose their elasticity, are narrowing, calicivirus on stenochki precipitate and blood pressure rises.

High blood pressure can also be triggered by excess weight, diseases, physiology and other reasons.

Risk factors

The most important factors which may develop high blood pressure, include Smoking, alcohol consumption, overweight, heredity, and old age, production of human exposure, including noise and vibration in the workplace. Hypertension may develop in a person who has undergone kidney disease, emotional stress, traumatic brain injury. Also badly affects the body and becomes the cause of development of hypertension abuse of salt.

Arterial hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure. While a person occurs dizziness, headaches, reduced visual acuity. Also possible failures in the functioning of the heart, heart pain. Also at elevated pressure there is heat, redness of the face or other parts of the skin and limbs of the body acquire a lower temperature, coldness.

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Symptoms and signs of high blood pressure

People in most cases, may not feel increased pressure (in this regard, it is often called the "silent killer"). This is one of the main dangers of this phenomenon. This can seriously undermine the health of the patient and even threaten his life – in the event of a stroke or heart attack. Often high pressure is felt in the form of feelings of anxiety, nausea, interruptions of the heart, pain in the heart area, dizziness, headachepain. The systematic occurrence of these symptoms should consult a doctor.

The most important role in controlling the pressure of playing regular preventive checks.

High blood pressure is considered to be: children - over 130 in adults over 150 mm of mercury.St. Moreover, high blood pressure may cause headaches, dizziness, darkening of the eyes. You may feel pain in the heart, and also interruptions of the work. The pressure increase may also be accompanied by fever, facial redness and increased sweating. At the same time the hands, on the contrary, become colder.

If high blood pressure worried for a long time, the symptoms may be poor circulation, swelling, shortness of breath when working, and later even at rest.

Treatment of high pressure

High blood pressure, regardless of its severity, should be treated – high pressure for long time leads to serious changes in almost all organs. The necessary treatment in this case should appoint a doctor. He evaluates all possible risk factors, selects the necessary medicines and assigns the appropriate medical interventions.

Invaluable to human health will bring about a reduction in salt in the diet, quitting Smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, increased physical activity (after consultation with the doctor), the ability to relax and unwind after a busy day. For each person must be individual treatment prescribed by a qualified doctor.

Other ways to treat high blood pressure:

What to do at high pressure?

If You have high blood pressure, then in any case do not give yourself your own medication iscan only be done by a doctor. Spend time physical exercise (also after medical consultation). These exercises should be performed with pleasure. A daily walk in the fresh air, and if possible, it is better in nature. In any case, don't spend all my free time for the computer or TV.

Try to eliminate extra pounds (but without excessive fanaticism). People who have excess pounds there is an increased risk of disease hypertension. You should also reduce your menu salt content. From the diet is necessary to eliminate coffee, meats, sugar, fatty foods and especially fast food. Should eat fish, garlic, raisins, cabbage, bananas.

But first, of course, you must consult your doctor, who will prescribe appropriate treatment. Along with medication, can be the season to eat more tomatoes and strawberries, have daily salads from raw carrots (about two months) and to apply other allowed by your doctor means.

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Complications of high pressure

The doctors say that people who suffer from hypertension are more prone to atherosclerosis. Therefore, a heart attack, and stroke happen more often in people who suffer from high blood pressure.

The main problem of all complications is pressure on the heart. It is forced to work with the increased load. In this disease the heart cannot cope with increased load and changing the blood circulation in small and big circles. This is accompanied by shortness of breath, hemoptysis, edema of the extremities. These effects are usually lethal.

Another dangerous consequence of hypertension is cerebral complications. If high blood pressure hurts the patient for a long time, the retinal vessels will inevitably appear petechial hemorrhages, deposition of cholesterol. This leads to disruption of blood supply, resulting in degeneration, retinopathy. All this can lead to a darkening of vision or, in some cases, to blindness.