Body cleansing bath

Many diseases are a result of the fact that over time the body accumulates toxins and waste products. This and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and serdechno-vascular system, etc. Affects everything from malnutrition, and ending unfavorable environmental conditions.

A great way to cleanse the body and to improve their own health is a visit to the baths. But not just a single trip to the institution, and focused system improvement. The right approach would be to saturate all the tissues with oxygen, allow the muscular system to tone and strengthen the lungs, improve joints.

Preparation for body cleansing in the bath

One should not expect that simply by visiting a steam room, you can get rid of health problems and effectively purify the body. To ensure that the process has been started, it is important to implement a number of measures aimed at training of all systems and organs to get rid of harmful substances.

Adjustment of the diet. At least three days before the first hike in the bath, it is desirable to abandon the use of fatty foods. Most of the professional attendant is recommended to switch to a vegetarian menu. The focus should be on light soups, steamed greens and fresh fruit.

It is important to minimize the consumption of protein products. This is because it stimulates the process of putrefaction in the intestines. Rich in fiber food, on the contrary, contributes to its purification. If you are not able to completely exclude from the menu eggs, fish and meat, you need to try to eat them in the morning.

The purging on the day of visit bath. To help the body cope with the excretion of accumulated toxins, it is best on the day of visit to the steam room to do a cleansing enema. The procedure is carried out in the morning, immediately after waking up. Simply clean warm water, without the use of any laxatives. As the latter along with harmful substances will be "clean" and useful microflora.

When you plan your system body cleansing in the bath, then an enema should be done only before the first visits. In the future will only heat treatments.

Drink plenty of liquids. Drink plenty of water is a requirement for a full cleansing of the body. It is preferable to use conventional non-carbonated pure water or unsweetened teas to dried fruits, herbal teas.

It is important to consume plenty of fluids a day of visiting the baths, it will help harder to start the cleansing process and save the bodyfrom dehydration and the skin from drying and premature aging. You should take care of that during a visit to the steam room always was the drink that can quench your thirst. Under the absolute ban sugary sodas and any alcohol.

Stages of cleansing the body in the bath

In order for the body was cleaned in the bath without harm to health, it is important to follow certain steps without missing one of them:

  • First the body must be prepared. Before I go into the steam room it is important to take warm, but not hot shower, without using cosmetics.
  • After bathing you can go to the bath, but do not spend much time there, enough to start will be 5 minutes. You do not need to take in hands a broom, just sit or lie on the shelf and wait for the moment when will start to work the sweat glands. The head need to cover with a handkerchief or towel. After the first 5 minutes it is impossible to rise sharply.
  • Coming out of the steam room you need to replenish lost fluid. This is best suitable warm herbal tea. Drink it in small SIPS, slowly emptying the glass.
  • 15 minutes later you can again go to the steam room, taking a broom. It must raise above the level of the head and several times to shake. This will help to heat it to desired temperature. Begin to use a broom to gently, without sudden movements, easily stroking the body in a direction from the feet, calves, thighs, back, and ending with the neck. Such strokes need to be repeated 3 times.
  • Now you can move on to the next stage – the rubbing and Pat. This will help to strengthen the heat transfer, to get rid of existing pain in the joints, to strengthen the work of sweat glands to heat the skin and begin an intensive process of cleansing the body. This broom is alternately pressed to the lower back, shoulder blades, knees. If a person feels pain or heat during grinding, it is necessary to moisten a broom in the cool water and continue the procedure.
  • The next stage is postukivanie. It is believed that it is a major factor in the cleansing of the body. Movement should be light, but at the same time intense. When will processed back and back of her legs, you need to roll onto my stomach.
  • The final stage of cleansing the body in the steam room is pohlestyvanie. Thus the broom need to press harder, bypassing the popliteal fossa. The fact thatthe skin there is very delicate and can be injured.
  • If visiting bath in addition to cleanse the body is hardening, that is after leaving the room to pour cold water. But this procedure has a number of contraindications, in particular, diseases of vessels and heart. So you can get acceptance of a warm shower. This will help to flush all the toxins which have been published since then to tighten the pores.

During the second call to the steam room you can use honey. They must coat the body. This will contribute to additional food, and also tightens the dermis, moisturizing and eliminate fine inflammation. Important after visiting the bath thoroughly wash off the honey from the skin. It is not recommended to use any means based on soap, because they contained alkali tightens the skin and tightens pores, and thus reduces the output of harmful substances out.

Drinks to cleanse the body in the bath

In order to ensure timely and after visiting the baths all the body's processes was launched with a vengeance, you need to choose the right beverage. Consume liquid during the breaks between trips to the steam room and after a must. It can be as ordinary water, and prepared teas and infusions.

Among the means of quenching thirst, which will encourage the cleansing of the body, are the following:

  • Green tea. But it must be properly brew. For its preparation it is best to use bottled water or put through a special filter. 200 ml will be enough 1 tsp. You should know that the best drink to be consumed in the bath is green tea a second and even a third infusion. Thus it formed tannins that will contribute to removal of inflammatory processes in the body.

  • In the bath is useful to drink herbal teas. However, there is one caution: people prone to blood clots, it is better to refuse a drink based on rose hips. According to some estimates it contributes to blood clots. The perfect solution is chamomile and peppermint tea and drink based on the leaves of currant and lime color.

  • Useful for cleansing the body is fresh juice that can be prepared at home and brought to the desired concentration. It will in addition enrich all tissues and organs with vitamins.
  • Another great way to replenish fluid, saturate the body with vitaminsgroup and strengthen perspiration is a brew but not store-bought and home-made with a minimum content of sugar.

A broom for use in the bath

Often to increase the efficiency of thermal processes in the steam room use the broom. The most popular are birch and oak fixtures. They have high strength and flexibility, have long-lasting pleasant fragrance, but also great to massage the skin. However, if you wish, you can always use other tree species, e.g. coniferous counterparts. The best option professionals believe the combined broom.

Perfectly clear pores, refresh skin color and to achieve disinfection will help juniper twigs. The effect is achieved due to the content of its needles, essential oils that go with the steaming of the branches. So before you start to use such a broom, it must be carefully steam out in hot water.

Looking to increase cleansing and massage effect, you can use the broom from nettles. But in order not to injure the skin, it must be soaked in hot water (not boiling water).

The result of body cleansing in the bath

First and foremost, the process of cleansing in the bath is due to the increase blood flow. Under the influence of high temperature dilate capillaries filled with blood even those that have long remained untapped.

The beneficial effects of hot humid air affects the respiratory system in General. Bronchi dilate, with a cough of them starts to go sputum. Particularly useful the visit to the baths at the beginning of colds, but at normal body temperature. But if there is such a disease as tuberculosis, from going to the steam room should be abandoned.

The kidneys and liver are the main helpers of the body in the removal of harmful substances. When visiting the baths they removed part of the load. Unloaded the gallbladder. But you should refrain from the beginning of the purification process, if there is nephritis, urolithiasis , or violations of water-electrolyte metabolism.

Bath – a great help in cleansing the digestive tract. Due to the high temperatures of the intestine free from toxins, in their place, with proper nutrition, is beneficial bacteria. This is an excellent preventiondysbiosis. But it is necessary to refrain from visiting the baths during exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease.

It is useful to go into the steam room for people with chronic diseases of the joints, but not at the time of their exacerbation. By increasing blood flow increases the regenerative function that helps to restore cartilage, relieve pain, the difference of edema.

The positive side of cleansing the body in the bath

Among the main advantages of cleansing the body in the bath, are the following:

  • The removal of swelling, discharge and exercise the cardiovascular system.
  • Detoxification through increased sweating.
  • Accelerating the metabolism.
  • Getting rid of excess weight, reducing cellulite.

  • Increase skin tone and muscle.
  • Deep pore cleansing due to the strengthening of their work.
  • The lifting of immunity, hardening of the body.

Contraindications to the baths

Using the bath can effectively purify the body, but there are a number of contraindications, which a visit to the steam room is prohibited. They can be both temporary and permanent.

It is not necessary to go to the institution, if aggravated any chronic disease or fever of the body. It is impossible to be soared to people with cancer, with a diagnosis of thrombophlebitis , or with headaches of uncertain etiology. You should consult with your doctor if you have hypertension, angina, heart failure. You should not start the cleaning process during pregnancy. To refrain from entering the bathing area is necessary for children under the age of 4 years.

To the absolute prohibition to begin cleansing the body are the following States:

You should not start the process of cleansing after a hearty lunch prior to a party with alcohol, before the night's rest.

Although bath is a great place to maintain your own health and ridding the body of harmful substances, nevertheless, to visit her it is important to exclude the presence of any contraindications. If you suspect any of them, before cleaning, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.